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    Base Game AI Powerful

    How can one exploit the Generals Base game AI? I have been playing Zero Hour for 13 years and I am still amazed on how the AI in the base game just creates so many units that its not even funny. When I play Zero-Hour the AI seems to me its more laid back and annoying where as the AI in the base game plays like I insulted it's mother. Could anyone give me advice on how to exploit the AI and get the 5 Min Victory on the Brutal AI?
  3. Brute-forcing with extra characters added in the dictionary entry list ( ! . - _ ? , ) gave some matches for the bibs one, but nothing plausible. F7867BF0 = "!GEARECLEANUP" F7867BF0 = ".BUSHELSJOULING" F7867BF0 = ". DENOTE HAJJ" F7867BF0 = ". KERNED YACCA" F7867BF0 = "- COMBY OVERFEE" F7867BF0 = "-DEFUNDSFARAD" [edit] Apparently, in the RA Play Codes, "ANTHRAXROCKAWAY" is a somewhat plausible match for Paul Mudra's code; he was a sound guy, and Anthrax is a thrash metal band from the 80s. It's quite long compared to all the other ones though.
  4. Interesting! Yea, the special #8 and wchat ones do seem pretty plausible. I uploaded my code now, in v1.0.7 of the tool. Though note that it's not very polished; some of the controls don't disable as they should while the operation is in progress. I'll probably release a soon to fix these small details. The tool can accept a list of hashes, so that tends to speed things up a bit, since the result of one hashing operation can be compared to all of the values. Though in that aspect, the command line parameters and ini options still need to be treated as separate categories, of course, since the ini ones can contain spaces.
  5. I modified the wiki title filtering program to extract all n-grams. This increases the size of the candidate word list to 138 million, and finds a couple more reasonable preimages: 0x10B9683D PARM_SPECIAL #8 "ISITCLEAR" 0x72A47EF6 WWChat "DOTHISMYSELF " No luck with PARM_BIB or PARM_CHEATDAVID. It seems to be hard for any input to hash to these values. Even with the whole n-gram candidate list, only one preimage is found for each, neither very plausible: 0xF7867BF0 PARM_BIB "6C50-97F-9C02-EDD1." 0xBE79088C PARM_CHEATDAVID "EYETOO..." I suspect that one reason some hash outputs are more difficult to achieve than others is a bug in the "unroll" step of Obfuscate. The code looks like it is trying to shift the lower 8 bits of temp into the upper 8 bits of code. But the code>>8 is an arithmetic (signed) right shift, not a logical right shift. If the most significant bit of code is 1, the shift operation makes the upper 8 bits become 0xff, not 0x00 as expected. After a few more iterations code becomes 0xffffffff, which makes the second half of the buffer often be filled with 0xff bytes. The lack of variation in half of the buffer increases the probability of collisions in this intermediate step of the hash computation. I noticed that too. This code looks like it is trying to compute the "CRC"s of the forward and backward buffer and XOR them together: long code = Calculate_CRC(buffer, length); long copy = code; strrev(buffer); code ^= Calculate_CRC(buffer, length); code = code ^ copy; strrev(buffer); But the XOR operations cancel out and it becomes equivalent to the "CRC" of only the backward buffer: strrev(buffer); long code = Calculate_CRC(buffer, length); strrev(buffer); This can be optimized further (eliminating the two strrevs) with a specialized reverse-CRC function that byteswaps each 4-byte chunk and iterates over the chunks in reverse order. cnc_obfuscate_20231121.zip
  6. The tool I used was something I wrote before in C# with the original intent to brute force hashes from mix files. When we started digging into these secret password hashes, I added the obfuscate algorithm into it. http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/project_stuff/2014/CnCMixNameFinder/ I'm not sure if I got the latest version of my tool uploaded (it's possible that the uploaded version does not contain the dictionary attack support), but anyway, it's a rather unoptimised C# desktop app. It doesn't have any kind of special way to distribute loads; it's plain CPU-powered, without multi-core processing or anything like that. To do parallel hacking, I generally just started it 8 times, assigned each instance to another core manually in Windows Task Manager, and gave each instance another range to go over. I mean, it was originally just meant to brute-force hashes from mix files, which means pure ASCII filenames up to 8 characters of which the extension is generally already known. So yea, for that purpose, it was good enough Note that the Obfuscate algorithm I use was partially rewritten by Tomsons26, with findings which I think were based on earlier reverse-engineering. Toms noticed that certain operations cancelled each other out, and have no effect on the end result. So the c# code I have is in fact more optimised than the version in the original code, and thus, more suitable for brute force operations. [edit] Ugh, seems the whole Obfuscate method isn't in the currently released code yet. I'll upload it asap.
  7. I'm glad you replied. I knew you had worked on reversing the hashes, but I did not know the extent of what you had already found. I also did not know about the hashes in Red Alert. After reading your explanation, I agree "OBWAN" is right for PARM_CHEATJOE. I don't have many more ideas, other than trying a dedicated password cracker, for example John the Ripper. It obviously doesn't have support for this custom hash algorithm, but you can run it in with --stdout and pipe it into another program (--stdout is desirable anyway, because it will keep finding additional inputs for the same hash). The below john.conf file implements variation rules that are basically equivalent to what I had in my custom program: [List.Rules:Wordlist] # the original word : # add various suffixes : $[.?!] # strip whitespace /?w @?w /?w @?w $[.?!] # replace whitespace with other characters /?w s?w[_\-] /?w s?w[_\-] $[.?!] # strip punctuation and symbols /?p @?p @?s /?p @?p @?s $[.?!] /?s @?p @?s /?s @?p @?s $[.?!] # add dash prefix if otherwise ok for command line /?w /?p /?s ^- [Incremental:ASCII] File = $JOHN/ascii.chr MinLen = 0 CharCount = 95 After hacking my earlier program not to apply its own variations, it can be run as follows: john --wordlist=wordlist.txt --rules --stdout | cargo run --release The incremental mode finds other preimages, not using a wordlist: john --incremental --stdout | cargo run --release I did not find any plausible-looking preimages for the remaining hashes this way, however. Any progress by this method will require a different wordlist and/or different variation rules.
  8. Oh wow, a lot of these are unknown. I brute forced on these a lot, but I never thought of including underscores or exclamation marks, because the algorithm just substitutes them for alphanumeric characters anyway. Never made the obvious realisation that that didn't mean they didn't use them. I found JURASSIC, FUNFUN, GONEWILD, CHOMPCHOMP, and a few others you got as well; basically, purely alphanumeric dictionary stuff. The #2 one you're missing matches "RAPATTACK", but I have no clue about #8 either. #4 actually has a lot of fun dictionary matches, but none seemed very plausible. I like the "ANKYLOSAURTOWEL" one though "OBWAN" is completely confirmed. First of all, it's obviously a Star Wars reference, and secondly, It's Joe Bostic's developer password, and Joe has always used "Joe B Wan" as online nickname. In fact if you look in the Petroglyph Discord, "Joebwan" is his nickname there. PARM_EDITORERIK (0xC2AA509B) matches "SUPEREDIT", so that seems extremely plausible too. Red Alert also has a bunch of hashes like it. I got a spreadsheet on which I keep track of everything found and confirmed so far: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EnkKM28eDt1VbhtFKHnD1PCm-FmboygiuIyehFfSudo/edit#gid=0
  9. I also tried using the Z3 theorem prover to find inputs that hash to the desired codes, with limited success. It does find working preimages, but it's slow and the preimages it finds are obviously random hash collisions, not the inputs intended by the developers. The only one I saw that looked remotely plausible was "OBWAN" for 0xABDD0362 (PARM_CHEATJOE), but that's not as clearly correct as known cheat strings like "SUPER" and "WIZARD". I'm no Z3 expert, so maybe the program can be improved. The source code is attached. The program actually finds the right answer for some already solved codes like 0x59E975CE (PARM_EASY), 0x5D9F6F24 (PARM_6PLAYER), and 0x6F4BE7CA (PARM_CHEAT), as well as collisions of different lengths. "unsat" means there are no solutions of the given length. 0x59E975CE 1 unsat 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 'EASY' 5 unsat 6 'Y%KZJ`' 7 'F9H]JC-' 8 '&76FX=$"' 9 '||MQL6K:]' 10 '-K#?S132:L' 11 '9E#}3T{((__' 12 'N.HZ}FC^V~_{' 13 '`!=A["$M99|\'%' 14 '`OX_:^N~{S@<M|' 15 '9B}81"^B""V0A)8' 16 '^}^L%2JERWJ^C{|{' 0x5D9F6F24 1 '6' 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 '2E0~' 5 '>@!,\\' 6 'V9J>\\+' 7 '`7~^1#3' 8 'X2D*@+WD' 9 ">.0|1PC&'" 10 "20MO:'^'BA" 11 '8:#3;~%(?`=' 12 '-:,81?^DR=~(' 13 '(JW01VX[*EB2G' 14 '=~3OX0*~"E~)U1' 15 '^`~NY.)#$;~RTLH' 16 '3[~]<4H=3\\Q)|B7}' 0x6F4BE7CA 1 unsat 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 unsat 5 'CHEAT' 6 'Z##T4I' 7 'XTVJAV/' 8 '1!,"%CV\'' 9 'S|Q.4"@AM' 10 '}<N_6{K42.' 11 'U>;LE|FT=]*' 12 'W(V/{O}N#{MG' 13 '{LA6T%FG~"1FJ' 14 'GW0/C{~{QAFZ`8' 15 ';%Z79T0R2\\^({}~' 16 '+"$_AS-|$""}]$"<' But for the unsolved codes I tried, it just finds random collisions. "OBWAN" for 0xABDD0362 might be plausible, the rest are definitely not the intended strings. 0xABDD0362 1 unsat 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 unsat 5 'OBWAN' 6 '/*5<F^' 7 "1U_T=U'" 8 '2D[Y@".&' 9 '`N01IX?TQ' 10 ',`51%/FLOP' 11 'V:7D.Y.J88"' 12 'P=![(,&MLFQ}' 13 ',}=1|0$0MR!O}' 14 "C.Y(6~G'({O+#$" 15 'Y}^!|QU?JB_F1{{' 16 "E,^6@A18EP(0'%=!" 0xBE79088C 1 unsat 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 unsat 5 'MS"Q_' 6 ']SFY~(' 7 'M7PH7,@' 8 '%/@.:*^:' 9 "'UY9P,GE." 10 '`}7)&FE3?}' 11 '9B}~1`^&NN?' 12 '+OI?FC+;U6VN' 13 '^UF12WF;L?.S,' 14 'OW\\"+0$1#0;?D{' 15 'IB`]Q"|@R1P]`@[' 16 '8K0=&B!T-+`W$\\Q`' Restricting the input to alphabetic characters (rather than the full isgraph character set allowed by the hash algorithm), the discovered solutions are still not meaningful. 0x63CE7584 1 unsat 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 unsat 5 unsat 6 unsat 7 unsat 8 'BEJSVLBD' 9 'UPPBHLNVD' 10 'HTFXNEVSCB' 11 'YSJKBROQCWG' 12 'XCHGECOCIZJF' 13 'EEYODOQOHSLDH' 14 'WMHGPUIBMCJYFC' 15 'LHYFDQPQIWXOCYW' 16 'KBOEMFKNMFYXCLXF' 0xBE79088C 1 unsat 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 unsat 5 unsat 6 unsat 7 'CWNUNHO' 8 'UQHZIWBM' 9 'HKBIDGEDV' 10 'POHEEEXMUA' 11 'EUEJHDXZJXB' 12 'GIJCGTNWWGNM' 13 'IKHJTZQMRDKDC' 14 'CWWKBBDFKJTFDO' 15 'LMMMJUXDYWHTXXF' 16 'GXTTNVXSTLWTYYWX' 0xE0F651B9 1 unsat 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 unsat 5 'QEPOT' 6 'IYTMPD' 7 'UTAMDKK' 8 'WPZEYWLH' 9 'QFFEYFYOM' 10 'JLZHNNLSDC' 11 'LWZKHYJVDEX' 12 'BRZFFZVDEZBA' 13 'AEFLMWRBAEJJM' 14 'AEHZPMQEGENLHJ' 15 'QVEZCRMTARMXEBG' 16 'CMXGQWXUKSNTKEXX' 0xF7867BF0 1 unsat 2 unsat 3 unsat 4 unsat 5 unsat 6 unsat 7 unsat 8 'BFNEYHMI' 9 'YUOWEELIL' 10 'PVDILKVDND' 11 'EFVQLUYXBDT' 12 'MLDDWBNDWBDD' 13 'IVAJGNJCNTDGF' 14 'HKZGTFIQSVSYFB' 15 'CTZUXWQLPVVDEUV' 16 'JJFENREYWBNUADFY' cnc_obfuscate_z3.py.zip
  10. CONQUER.INI supports a number of hidden options activated by key phrases. The key phrases themselves are not stored in the game, but only the 32-bit codes that result from hashing them with a custom hash algorithm. Plausible preimages have been found for most of the hidden options. (Because the output range of the hash algorithm is limited, many inputs hash to the same code, but there is usually one that is obviously the intended one.) Using a list of about 50 million page titles from English Wikipedia and Wiktionary, I found a key phrase I have not yet seen documented. To activate the "Combat" option (PARM_COMBAT), use the key phrase "CHARGE!" (including the exclamation point). Besides the CONQUER.INI options, the same hash-based obfuscation is used for certain command-line options ("FUNPARK" is an example). There are also some commented-out codes for PARM_SPECIAL (i.e., unused synonyms for "FUNPARK"). Using the same wiki title list, I was able to find plausible preimages for many of these as well. Here are preimages for the PARM_* codes in DEFINES.H that are not already documented at TCRF (in a list maintained by Nyerguds) or in the source code: 0xDC57C4B2 PARM_COMBAT "CHARGE!" 0xDFABC23A PARM_CHEATADAM "ADEN" / "ADUN" / "ATEN" / "ATUN" 0xB5B63531 PARM_CHEATBILL "BLUB" 0x9F38A19D PARM_CHEATERIK "SUPER" 0x00532693 PARM_CHEATMIKE "NADE" / "NATE" 0x39D01821 PARM_CHEATPHIL "WIZARD" 0x2E7FE493 PARM_CHEAT_STEVET "BOLLOCKS" 0xD18129F6 PARM_SPECIAL "JURASSIC" 0x2E84E394 PARM_SPECIAL #1 "FUNFUN" 0x85F110A5 PARM_SPECIAL #3 "WHAT_THE" 0x7F65F13C PARM_SPECIAL #4 "ITS_ABOUT_TIME" 0x431F5F61 PARM_SPECIAL #5 "LOST_IN_TIME" 0xE0F651B9 PARM_SPECIAL #7 "GONEWILD" 0xEE1CD37D PARM_SPECIAL #9 "CHOMPCHOMP" That leaves just these codes whose preimages remain unknown: 0xF7867BF0 PARM_BIB 0xBE79088C PARM_CHEATDAVID 0xABDD0362 PARM_CHEATJOE 0xC2AA509B PARM_EDITORERIK 0x63CE7584 PARM_SPECIAL #2 0x10B9683D PARM_SPECIAL #8 To reproduce these results: Download and extract the attached cnc_obfuscate.zip source code. Download the wiki titles: https://dumps.wikimedia.org/enwiki/latest/enwiki-latest-all-titles.gz https://dumps.wikimedia.org/enwiktionary/latest/enwiktionary-latest-all-titles.gz Filter and deduplicate the wiki titles: (gzip -dc enwiki-latest-all-titles.gz | ./filter-wiki-titles.py; gzip -dc enwiktionary-latest-all-titles.gz | ./filter-wiki-titles.py) | sort -u > wordlist.txt Then run the program: cargo run --release < wordlist.txt cnc_obfuscate.zip
  11. ApornasPlanet

    26 Years And Counting

    That's too bad! It would be interesting to know how trademarks in gaming really work in practice. What do you think about C&C Legion? Who's the target audience and will it be more successful than Rivals? What's their reason for developing it do you think and can it be related to keeping the C&C trademark or do they actually believe they will make money on it?
  12. 5 years isn't the case in practice, at least not for most publishers. EA still holds a LOT of IPs and trademarks that they haven't done anything with in decades, but still have valid copyright to them (Wing Commander, Nuclear Strike, early Firaxis titles, Lands of Lore, Nox, etc. etc.)
  13. ApornasPlanet

    26 Years And Counting

    I still hope for an official Tiberian Sun & Red Alert 2 remaster before 2030. EA have to release C&C titles in order to keep the trade mark and that's why we get the occasional mobile games every now and then. I don't know much about that legal stuff but a remaster would also count towards the trade mark right? Here's a bit about that from Wiki:
  14. bleachdrinkinghaha

    Command And Conquer Game Files Does Anyone Have Them

    Yes its me you can't play it anymore ea shut down the servers Generals 2 F 2 P : EA : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  15. can you pm me a link to them or something? + is there a way to play it rn?
  16. Nmenth

    26 Years And Counting

    I don't think official C&C will come back in any acceptable capacity. C&C only lives on in its community now, but Kane lives.
  17. SetfallAS

    26 Years And Counting

    Hopefully there will be new CNC RTS games to play, the classics are relying on mods to keep the heat up.
  18. Posting anniversary posts is bittersweet these days. On one hand, I've received some feedback in the past few months from game researchers who are glad that a center of information for the Command & Conquer franchise still exists, but on the other... the community is just not there anymore. A few long-standing mods get updated, a few memes circulate here and there, but the days of Command & Conquer's peak community activity seem to be long gone, so there is little to follow in terms of news. However, the multiplayer charts on the cnc.community website still show a blip of life, meaning people continue to play the more popular titles with their friends at the very least, so it's nice to see the series itself is not forgotten - it's just not spoken about as much. The only """official""" activity we got in the past year was EA licensing the franchise out to an yet another mobile game studio, with the punching bag du jur being called Command & Conquer: Legions by Yorha Studios and Level Infinite, shown at this year's Gamescom. Except it would have been a punching bag if the community at large wasn't so used to being offered proverbial poison that is presented as a delicious cake, so hardly anyone could even bother with an angry reaction, just a quiet but firmly cold shoulder. As eyes of RTS fans turn to upcoming titles like Tempest Rising, Stormgate, Homeworld 3, ZeroSpace, DORF, Dust Front and others, and while the current RTS torch is firmly held by the resurrected Age of Empires franchise, I suppose I can't blame people for wanting to move on. I'd just like to take the opportunity to shout out all the people in the community who are still, despite the aforementioned lull, maintaining the graphics renderers, multiplayer servers, modding communities and toolsets, tournaments and the other surviving websites, as well as all of you who keep streaming, posting let's plays and making fan art/animations. The very fact you still support this very franchise instead of a more active one shows that you do it out of love for the series. I may not have shared the space with you as long as this site has, but I'm glad that I have done so regardless, and will continue to do so.
  19. ApornasPlanet

    Tempest Rising

    Frank Klepacki! Yes!
  20. I cope the AlienPlanetaryAssaultCarrier specialpower to test,modify five files,Only the name and ID were changed, 1:UnitXML's Behavior <!--Deploy Ion Storm Special Power--> <SpecialPower id="ModuleTag_SpecialPower_ChangeNODPLANE" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_NODPLANEHELD" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="true" /> <SpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_OCLSpecialPowerSpecialPower_NODPLANEHELD" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_NODPLANEHELD" UnpackTime="0.1s" ChainedButton="Command_AlienAssaultCarrierDeployIonStorm" /> <OCLSpecialPower id="ModuleTag_OCLSpecialPowerNODPLANE" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_NODPLANE" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="true" OCL="OCLPlanetaryAssaultCarrierIonStorm" CreateLocation="USE_OWNER_OBJECT" /> <OCLMonitorSpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_NODPLANE" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_NODPLANE" StartRechargeOnExit="true" /> <!--End Deploy Ion Storm Special Power--> 2:LogicCommand <LogicCommand Type="UNIT_BUILD" id="Command_ConstructNODPLANE"> <Object>NODPLANE</Object> </LogicCommand> <LogicCommand Type="SPECIAL_POWER" id="Command_NODPLANEHELD"> <SpecialPower>SpecialPower_NODPLANEHELD</SpecialPower> </LogicCommand> <LogicCommand Type="SPECIAL_POWER" id="Command_NODPLANE"> <SpecialPower>SpecialPower_NODPLANE</SpecialPower> </LogicCommand> 3:LogicCommandSet <LogicCommandSet id="NODPLANECommandSet"> <Cmd>Command_StanceDrillDown</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_NODPLANEHELD</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_AttackMove</Cmd> </LogicCommandSet> 4:SpecialPowerTemplates <SpecialPowerTemplate id="SpecialPower_NODPLANEHELD" TargetType="NONE" ReloadTime="60s" /> <SpecialPowerTemplate id="SpecialPower_NODPLANE" TargetType="NONE" ReloadTime="60s" /> 5:UnitAbilityButtonTemplates <SpecialPowerButton Id="Command_NODPLANEHELD"> <State Image="Button_AbilityIonStorm" Title="NAME:AbilityIonStorm" Description="DESC:AbilityIonStorm" /> </SpecialPowerButton> But i cannot see specialpowerability button in game, Do I need to modify other files
  21. ApornasPlanet

    RA3 New WorldBuilder

  22. Due to the forums's file limitations, I have to post it here as a zip rather than a raw audio file. gunitpra.zip
  23. RA3 New World Builder by me with many powerful functions. https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-red-alert-3/downloads/ra3-new-world-builder Main Features load mod directly by selecting mod when starting new worldbuilder WorldBuilder will not crash due to unregistered AI Strategy in mods WorldBuilder will not crash due to fixing neutral assets in mod Suppress dump file generation when wb crashes auto download required big files and install them (no longer requiring manual installation of old world builder) Import and export of XML format wb scripts Object selection image preview Object classification (customizable) repair missing textures and cloud maps, macro maps Add Skirmish Player Button will directly add 6 players Mini Map Generation Map creation size range modification, current range is 10-2000 Script conditions and actions can be searched by inputting key word or numbers, with UI optimization search Object in Object Selection Opts Dialog by inputting key word Translation of Object in Object Selection Opts Dialog to their names in game for Any Mod The built-in automatic saving map can be turned on or off at any time Mini map preview when opening map The object item dialog defaults to displaying all objects on the map, which can be redirected to the corresponding object with one click Script box UI optimization for easy viewing of script content New map creation process, default new map comes with 6 players 2 neutral, terrain height of 210, sea area with reflection, and random terrain creation option Change the post effects selection to list selection Launch game debugging
  24. Haven't touched the game in years, but to start with - are you running the disc, Steam or EA App version of the game? EA App (ex-Origin) in particular is missing necessary registry files for the RA3 WorldBuilder for example, so depending on where you bought it might give a clue. _____ EDIT: So this topic continued in the C&C Discord. Turns out you're using version 1.00 and not 1.03 (supplying a screenshot from this exact video from 13 years ago when asked to show what you see), most likely pirated. The WorldBuilder explicitly needs the game to be patched to version 1.02 or 1.03, which would have been done automatically if it was a legitimate copy. Thread closed.
  25. afternoon ! download cnc4worldbuilder here : https://cncnz.com/downloads/tiberian-twilight-downloads/#utilities _moving "CC4TiberianTwilightWorldBuilder.exe" setup in Command & Conquer 4 root install directory _installing as administrator _launching "WorldBuilder.exe" as administrator _"Accept" user aagreement _loading _crash with following error in attm : "<<< DID YOU REMEMBER TO BUILD DATA??? >>> Type hash mismatch for type 0x1fd451bf in asset LargeGroupAudioMap:AirplaneLarge_Group_AmbientLoop. Expecected hash: 0x8d020dbe but got: 0xbb6b87ee 256 addresses: (unknown)(0): WorldBuilder.exe+1000395 Debug::PreStaticInit+3147 (unknown)(0): WorldBuilder.exe+1000395 Debug::PreStaticInit+3147 (unknown)(0): KERNELBASE.dll+1220034 CharLowerW+4130 (unknown)(0): KERNELBASE.dll+1220471 CharLowerW+4567 ........" https://pastebin.com/PE0VuJ1s waiting for your support specifically from @Plok @Plokite_Wolf if there because apparently at the origin of this upload on moddb too but inactive (last connection 2021)
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