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  2. A kludgier but easy methods: raise the price to $99,999.
  3. Looks pretty interesting. I dig the oil painting effect. I'm not sure whether I preferred this over crisp pixels, but I'd like to see this in action on a large display.
  4. It's a bit smug and judgemental to go "No, you don't really like this game" isn't it? A better question to ask would be what games have a good reputation even among folks who never played them.
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  6. So I'm pretty satisfied with the capabilities of TibEd. Although I'm still learning and there are a lot of things I don't quite know about. I stumbled upon a 'problem' though: So I want to make an explosion radius larger from a weapon, for instance let's say the impact explosion of a Orca Bomber shell. I found in the -Warheads- section there is this factor 'Spread' to be modified. No matter how large the number I fill in this parameter, the effect is always the same. the explosion radius still is exactly the same. So my question is, where can I modify a weapons or warheads explosion radius (and I mean the damage radius). I have a few other questions as well: 1) I made a base defence (artillery, so it lobs its shells), but nothing happens when I adjust the speed of the projectile (weapon speed), the speed from the projectile is afaik still the same. I want to make it go slower, so that there's a big time delay between firing and impact. and last question 2) Is there any way to make my own explosion (animation) in Tiberian Sun? Thanks in advance, TheBlackHandElite
  7. Kane_Lives

    Original Stomp

    After reading about Frank Klepacki's development of the TS Soundtrack, and watching one of the original promo trailers, I have a sudden crave to listen to the full version of the original TS Stomp. Apparently, it was released on the Westwood website prematurely, and there was a download link on this website, but that is gone now. I have done a bunch of searching for this track, and it has brought me here. So here's my question: Does anyone still have the original Stomp still downloaded, and if so, are you willing to share it?
  8. How about try to add some antenna on its head for the propoganda effect?
  9. Soon next video is ready for release stay tuned! Kinda funny to watch this one.
  10. Chieftain is like the Overlord in Generals. Its essentially a redeemer, but with propoganda tower effect; healing everything around it, hence the name. :3 I do plan on giving it a new weapon though to match its unique name at some point however.
  11. Wonder what is the Black Hand Chieftain Will need to check. Congrats on releasing your mod though xP
  12. Hi everyone, Just a thread for my new Mod C&C Tiberium Dusk! It tries to be a culmination of everything classic C&C, with various soundtracks from the older games, older sound effects and voice lines and new special effects like the "classic" ion cannon. https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-dusk The gameplay is quite a bit different, but its pretty fun for those that want a new take on C&C3 / Kane's Wrath. Economy is slower whilst attacks are generally more effective, a few well placed units can easily lead to victory. There's also a lesser emphasis on Epic Units despite Epic Units being buffed, which is an oddity lol; Epic Units are more cool "show-off" units now rather than useful (unless you're using the Mastodon or Black Hand Chieftain). Thanks to all those who check it out.
  13. PurpleGaga27

    Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    Braveland is free to get on Steam for 24 hours: https://store.steampowered.com/app/285800/Braveland/
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  15. PurpleGaga27

    AMD & Nvidia Desktop Graphics Cards Thread

    A 16 GB video card only for crypto mining? Who needs that when mining isn't profitable as of now: https://www.pcgamer.com/sapphire-says-gpu-mining-is-making-a-comeback-outs-a-16gb-radeon-rx-570 Also a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti has been rumored: https://www.pcgamer.com/nvidia-is-rumored-to-be-readying-a-geforce-gtx-1660-ti-graphics-card/ Well video cards are getting more expensive with each new generation, thanks to a weakened US dollar value, cryptocurrency and better features. Probably the next low-entry level GeForce card may exceed $100 USD and lowest mid-range GeForce card may exceed $200 USD.
  16. 55:05 I seriously nerded out here. *normal voice* Psychic? Okay. So psychic? Okay. *Slips into Yuri voice* Perhaps I can explain, Mr. President SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!
  17. It free-to-play and has high production values (for a mobile game) as well as little competition in the mobile RTS/RTT field, so I expect it to stick around for quite a while.
  18. Yep. Still alive and kicking..... and so is Tiberium Alliances.
  19. Is this game still alive?
  20. Hello Dear Modders. Before i start the modding, i was need the good ai mod like this one https://www.moddb.com/mods/jonnys-superior-ai/downloads/superiorai108 I was changed AlliedBarracks.xml for the testing purposes and added into this folder. Then changed Mod.xml and added AlliedBarracks.xml But after the build, game is closing while trying to opening. After i encounter this issue, i have deleted AlliedBarracks.xml ve Deleted DATA:AliedBarracks.xml from Mod.xml (i have reverted) But still game is closing after i build. Is there a problem with the source code?
  21. Pretty soon it's RIP Windows 7 (2009-2023?). While free security updates to Win7 will end on Jan 14, 2020, paid security updates for Win7 Ultimate/Enterprise will extend three years longer. I mean, who wants to pay for future security updates as if they are DLC? https://www.pcgamer.com/this-is-the-last-year-microsoft-will-dish-out-free-security-updates-for-windows-7/ After 2020, all future C&C remastered games released by EA may run on Windows 10 and 64-bit..... and so will all other future games. I probably won't go full Win10 64-bit just yet unless Nvidia, Steam, Origin and all other cloud apps no longer support Win7, and Win10 is significantly improved, and I need a new PC.
  22. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    Yes i have contacted Gunship_MK_II and he replied and told the same like you, so i have installed bieber's tools. Yes Bibber is not answered yes. Here is the 5 screenshots that failed during the build. One of your UrsaMajor, one is the samplemod installs with software, 3 of them are sourcecodes i have found it on internet. All of 5 mods giving the same error. https://imgur.com/a/iUJKSrM About helping me, you are already helping me actually. I cannot ask "install it and build my mod" because i find it is rude. Besides, instead of taking fish, i prefer how to caught fish. About the threat you mentioned there is no hyperlink but i assume you are refering this page Yes i have read but i believe (not guarantee) i am failing during the build studio part and i couldn't found any guide, or video about that I can open the mod folders and share with you if needs.
  23. Another PC Gamer article Q&A of the week. For everyone's mind to answer this question, it could be any game with lootboxes. For me I have two answers, Half-Life 2 and Bioshock. Why..... Bioshock --> full of leftover bugs unpatched except for the remastered version Half-Life 2 --> settings and designs are less exciting than the original... plus it used to have DRM in Steam
  24. PurpleGaga27

    Noob question from newbie

    Well I think you could have been more patient. Have you read the RA3 Mod SDK FAQs thread in this RA3 modding page? I don't know if I have the time to help you, and I need to reinstall RA3 with the ModSDK in order to help. I bet Bibber has not answered your request. How about giving Gunship_MK_II a PM request in ModDB? He's the only RA3/HL modder I could think of who's active at this time and he has done a lot of modding for quite some time (like I used to): https://www.moddb.com/members/gunship-mk-ii
  25. New C&C 3 Tiberium Wars competitive 1v1 maps available, including 4 maps with non-TW textures from PurpleGaga's ultimate texture mod. https://www.gamereplays.org/commandandconquer3/portals.php?show=page&name=commandandconquer-tiberiumwars-new-competitive-maps-2019
  26. PurpleGaga27

    Rivals isn't that bad

    Sorry but the remastered C&C games will STILL be better than this game. Strange now the average rating for this game in Google Play is a 4-star.
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