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  4. Could it be the same issue that affects the Worldbuilder, where a mistake in the registry files breaks compatibility? https://www.cnclabs.com/forums/cnc_postsm142499_World-Builder-and-a-Steam-install.aspx#post142499
  5. I have some very important news to announce about my friend and retired C&C community member Zee Hypnotist / Rabbit, who many of you already know a lot about. Please read up on the news over here: https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/444819-important-news-about-zee-hypnotist/ Moderators feel free to move this topic elsewhere if more fitting. Take care of yourselves. And thanks.
  6. Doesn't seem that the SDK installer supports the steam version of the game (need the no installer version). Keeps saying the game isn't installed. As for a download active download link for the Mod SDK I managed to get it from cnclabs.
  7. Finally I was able to fix the issue today by following the instructions from lancerevo790 mentioned in the comments section of the mod db post. Below are the excerpts for the benefit of others who face the same issue. lancerevo790 Nov 11 2018 /Guys if you are using EALA program to build MODS just check in 4 option boxes: Build global data; Build static data; Copy additional files; Create big and skudef files; and after press create mod P.S. don't forget to update mod version as you add additional changes.... !!!Never forget to add '.xml' to all files listed 'Include' in 'Mod.xml'!!!
  8. Plok

    CNC 3 Tiberium Wars Media

    Physical copies haven't been sold in over a decade, especially as the industry has moved to all digital. You can only get them from third-party sites like eBay and Amazon these days. The game is on sale often on Steam (every 1-2 months, usually 75% off), and you can even contact EA Help to give you a free copy of the game on the EA App if you show them a photo of the game you own.
  9. Does anyone know where I can purchase either a physical copy of CNC 3 Tiberium wars or download it? I do own it but my disc is in about 10 pieces ( grandkids... :( ) I have my original doco and Keycode if needed for proof. Thanks for any help
  10. Nmenth

    Hola, Everybody!

    You're late this time, you should have made your pronouncement in 2023. Your love for C&C may be dwindling. 2007 2011 2015 2019
  11. señor Scatman

    Hola, Everybody!

    Our predicament might be insurmountable and utterly non-delectable by that which may in fact truly be... yet I am here to declare my affection for C&C and that I am still very certainly a complete GAYLORD!
  12. https://www.moddb.com/mods/cnc-3-original-campaign-balance-patch
  13. Hi Folks, I am struggling to go through the Tiberium Wars GDI campaign. Are there any recommended mods that reduce the brutal attack frequency, or reduce the cost of GDI units/increase the unit strength?
  14. kakkutta

    Start of moniding

    I am also new to this. I was trying the below two. https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-tiberium-wars/tutorials/cc3-beginning-modders-guide-coding https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-tiberium-wars/tutorials/beginning-coders-guide-2
  15. kakkutta

    Start of moniding Tiberium Wars

    I am also new to this. I was trying the below two. https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-tiberium-wars/tutorials/cc3-beginning-modders-guide-coding https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-tiberium-wars/tutorials/beginning-coders-guide-2
  16. Hi Folks, I followed the instructions from https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-tiberium-wars/tutorials/cc3-beginning-modders-guide-coding and tried to do a sample mod by reducing the GDI unit costing. I was able to generate the .big and .skudef files. However, upon invocation, I still don't see the unit costs getting updated in the campaigns, even after restarting the game. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help is appreciated. Attached the mod files for reference. FirstMod.zip
  17. ToddHoward

    C&C 1 Documents

    yes this is what I was talking about although it was C&C 2 documents Confidential Top Secret Tiberian Sun Dossier Uncovered - Command & Conquer News - CNCNZ.com Forums late reply but I finally remembered what it was called on this site.
  18. https://web.archive.org/web/20160505204608/http://www.cncnz.com/_files/CC_TS_DADossier.pdf
  19. The link to the Tib sun document is broken anyone got a back up?
  20. SadPencil

    RA2/YR Language Pack

    After checking the Chinese Cutscenes file, I believe "movmd03.mix" file (CRC32: 9ABF67F1) is most likely extracted from "Command.And.Conquer.Red.Alert.2.Yuris.Revenge.CHT.iso" file, where, unfortunately, the corresponding file is corrupted. It causes crash when playing the intro movie to the end in Yuri's Revenge. As far as I know, the Chinese version should have exactly the same three movie mix files, as same as the English version.
  21. Hi I'm playing Zero Hour and am on the fourth China mission. Once I have defeated wave 2, a few seconds later I lose the mission because enemy forces have escaped to the north. There were no enemy forces on the map. I restarted the mission from scratch and the same thing happened again. I'm stuck and this feels like some sort of bug. Has anyone else had problems?
  22. This normally is the case, but not for C&C. We already got C&C Rivals without a proper game being planned at the time. Petroglyph themselves aren't aware of any TS/RA2 remaster plans, either.
  23. ProfileName097

    26 Years And Counting

    Even if the community isn't as active as it was, I hope this site will still be around. C&C was one of the first games that got me into PC gaming and this site was a good source of news and info for anything C&C related. Still can't believe I haven't made an account here. Maybe I did, but I forgot a long time ago. Oh well. Only other C&C related fan-site I frequented back then was Renegadeskins. Was looking for mods that weren't available in more popular sites like moddb for Renegade. Sadly Renegadeskins is also another dead C&C community site. At least it's still around, but there's something sad visiting the site knowing i'm probably the only visitor there. Even with the upcoming C&C Legion being another mobile-slop. I hope its a signal that another major C&C project is in the work. Maybe a remaster of TibSun and RA2? Hell, before we got the remastered collection, we had that C&C mobile game and we thought that really was it for C&C. It'll be funny if them making mobile games of C&C is actually them trying to secure funding to make the next big game.
  24. ApornasPlanet

    Real Command & Conquer

  25. MrFlibble

    Silica - FPS/RTS hybrid. Renegade-clone?

    Looks like this is heavily inspired by Dune of all things. And, uh... StarCraft? Looks sort of nice.
  26. Nyerguds

    Real Command & Conquer

    Already saw it on Reddit, but, yea, cool stuff
  27. Hi, I've always wanted to make real physical models of the digital assets from our beloved C&C. I'm now older and have access to programs & skills to make them a reality. BUILDING!
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