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  2. Video of the day

    Star Wars The Last Jedi should be out on digital this week and I decided it's time for another spoiler parody: Also in wake of Tomb Raider's reboot of the movie, the sins have come out:
  3. EA finally decided to make the return of micro-transactions via cosmetics only in the controversial BattleFront 2 remake: https://www.pcgamer.com/battlefront-2-progression-update-premium-currency-crystals
  4. Your System Specs - Post them here

    New build incoming. Just waiting on parts before I can build it. Tempered glass side panel. =D
  5. Last week
  6. There are alot of unused things in ZH, but everywhere I go only gives the general names of the unit/icon/model etc Does anyone have an ingame list of those things, eg, what are the names of the nuke tankhunter icon and model? I just cannot find them in the ini files, or I am looking in the wrong place?
  7. If I understand n.n I just wanted to check if there were more people from Latin America, with the purpose of being recognized (If it's annoying, I'll do it less often U.U )
  8. The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Sam Barlow's WarGames is out now which is free-to-play with ad support. However, an ad-free version of it will cost you $2.99 in Steam. Details: https://www.pcgamer.com/her-story-creators-wargames-out-now-reimagines-1983-matthew-broderick-film
  9. Oh! I was going to post this
  10. Post Your C&C Collections

    some new uoffical boxes
  11. Mental Omega Version 3.3.3 Released

    Not anyone's concern, really. In international Internet spaces, you're expected to write in English only.
  12. Oops! sorry :v Spanish is not that hard, sir. I just changed some letters (Zukulenthos = Suculentos = Succulents).
  13. Mental Omega Version 3.3.3 Released

    Can you be bothered to speak English in an English-only forum?
  14. Whatever, I'll be playing this regardless.
  15. I love the EU pricing on that one...
  16. Mmmmmhhh ... Que zukulenthos cambios se han tirado 7u7
  17. Your System Specs - Post them here

    For those who want a solid-state drive, this is a good time to buy one because the PNY ones are on sale: https://www.pcgamer.com/get-a-120gb-solid-state-drive-for-dollar38-or-250gb-for-dollar65
  18. PC Gamer ran a new article about this mod lately: https://www.pcgamer.com/twisted-insurrection-the-mod-that-has-been-reinventing-tiberian-sun-for-a-decade
  19. Maybe because it was a point release?
  20. Ion Maiden

    'cept it has competent level design and will tie in to Bombshell story-wise. 3D Realms can't make Duke games as Gearbox bought out even the back catalogue 3 years ago, but given the character of Bombshell (who was supposed to appear in the 1998/9 version of DNF) wasn't part of the purchase deal, this is what they're left with.
  21. How about not relying on them in the first place? It's 2018, not 1998.
  22. Ion Maiden

    Looks like a DN3D reskin, I don't get it.
  23. GameFront Relaunches on March 11th

    We are now live! https://www.gamefront.com
  24. Ion Maiden

    Might have to pick this one up. Looks like classic 90s action.
  25. Now Playing - Games

    Mostly playing WW2 online. Despite the flaws, still a great game to play. Having a ton of fun with a modern WW2 game. Also playing Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash. Laugh all you want. It's surprisingly fun... once you get past the janky ass control setup. xD
  26. Anyone else running Linux?

    Windows mainly my self until the last few years. it's creeping on to more and more of my machines and laptops. if i was a bit more driven and smarter i'd make some guide or auto install scripts for various command and conquer games. i'm finding more and more games work on it these days. even the witcher 3 and GTA V, although not 100% perfect. gallium 9 (native direct x on linux) and DXVK (Dx to vulkan) seems to be making major headway. I need to re test with version 3.3 that just came out. Another big splash is Lutris and Play On Linux they install most or all of it automatically for you if the game is in the list. While windows is still king i've been pleasantly surprised the last several years. https://lutris.net/games/command-conquer/ https://lutris.net/games/command-conquer-generals/ https://lutris.net/games/command-conquer-red-alert-2/ https://www.playonlinux.com/en/app-51-Command_And_Conquer_3__Tiberium_Wars_Kane_Edition.html https://www.playonlinux.com/en/app-667-Command_And_Conquer_3__Kanes_Wrath.html https://www.playonlinux.com/en/app-1303-Command_And_Conquer__Red_Alert_1.html https://www.playonlinux.com/en/app-360-Command_And_Conquer__Red_Alert_3.html
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  28. Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    I've been hearing great things about this mod for years now, and I feel that now is the right time to sink my teeth into it and see why people praise this mod so highly. Tomorrow, 11-03-2018 at 14:00 GMT I will be hosting another episode of the C&C Mod Spotlight, with C&C Generals: Operation Firestorm and its GLA Faction Hope to see you all then on my channel on twitch!
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