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  1. volcanicmelodies

    How can i pack the mod?

    Hello everyone. Let me tell you step by step what i am doing. 1-) I have changed the build time to conscript from 4 to 2 from here for the testing purpose. E:\RA3 MOD SDK\SageXml\Soviet\Units\SovietAntiInfantryInfantry.xml 2-) I have copied this entire folder to here E:\RA3 MOD SDK\Mods\Soviet Sovied folder includes this entire folder E:\RA3 MOD SDK\SageXml\Soviet\Units and of course with the SovietAntiInfantryInfantry.xml 3-) I am building mod and error appears like this [00:00:02.9954466] Critical: File E:\RA3 MOD SDK\mods\Soviet\data\mod.xml not found What is this file? How can i create this file?
  2. Hello Dear Modders. Before i start the modding, i was need the good ai mod like this one https://www.moddb.com/mods/jonnys-superior-ai/downloads/superiorai108 I was changed AlliedBarracks.xml for the testing purposes and added into this folder. Then changed Mod.xml and added AlliedBarracks.xml But after the build, game is closing while trying to opening. After i encounter this issue, i have deleted AlliedBarracks.xml ve Deleted DATA:AliedBarracks.xml from Mod.xml (i have reverted) But still game is closing after i build. Is there a problem with the source code?
  3. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    Yes i have contacted Gunship_MK_II and he replied and told the same like you, so i have installed bieber's tools. Yes Bibber is not answered yes. Here is the 5 screenshots that failed during the build. One of your UrsaMajor, one is the samplemod installs with software, 3 of them are sourcecodes i have found it on internet. All of 5 mods giving the same error. https://imgur.com/a/iUJKSrM About helping me, you are already helping me actually. I cannot ask "install it and build my mod" because i find it is rude. Besides, instead of taking fish, i prefer how to caught fish. About the threat you mentioned there is no hyperlink but i assume you are refering this page Yes i have read but i believe (not guarantee) i am failing during the build studio part and i couldn't found any guide, or video about that I can open the mod folders and share with you if needs.
  4. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    Yes actually. Look at the bottom of my post. You will see it says invalid directory specified for Shaders. Today i have punched wall with anger and i have a little injury............. At least i will request something. If we are sure about my edit, can you (or somebody else) build my mod and send the file? I just want to change stats of few units. Since the start it is my "only" objective.
  5. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    After minimum 50 tries (i have tried many different things) i am uninstalling everything, tomorrow i will restart everything from the beginning. My objective is change "anything" into the game. I have started to change the cost of AlliedBarracks for example. After my previous post i have tried NON STOP and now my brain melted... Why i cannot change "ANYTHING" in the game.
  6. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    First of all thank you for your help and patience. Seconds is now i will prepare the message it can be long but since 1 week i am trying to edit only 1 thing. But i believe there is some errors into this guide OR in my files. https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-red-alert-3/tutorials/ra3-starters-guide-pt1 1-) As you can see, after the UnitIntro i don't have the plain name section. I have something different like joinaction replace etc etc so, here is how i entered mytank. I am not sure am i successful or not. 2-) Then , have opened LogicCommand but i realized when i try to copy and paste, there is some errors and i have copied the preset value with mytank (look at the right) and i am not sure again. 3-) I believe this part is correct 4-) I think this part is correct too 5-) This one too Before the mod build part i need to learn my mistakes. Am i missing something? 6-) This is what it looks like my mod. After i do that i am going to this location C:\Users\Volkan\Documents\Mods\mymod Copying this mod in here C:\Users\Volkan\Documents\Red Alert 3\Mods\mymod I have this files mymod.big 1KB mymod_1.0.skudef 1KB Then i am opening launcer > Game Browser > Mods > mymod > Launch Game I am starting the game, after i build Allied War Factory there is no new tank (and guardian tank name still the same) I am going to crazy. I am wasting 1 week just for making one simple edit.
  7. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    Can i kindly ask how can we build mod? Because i have realized none of the source codes not working for me after i build mod. And since few days i cannot find guide about that. I don't have the problems about the editing part. I cannot build the mod i believe.
  8. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    Thank you i will post message to him now. About sample mod, let me show you the entire folder. C:\RA3 MOD SDK\Mods\samplemod\data And i am building file like this. What am i missing?
  9. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    Hmmm it seems none of the source codes not working for me. After i build, i cannot see anything different in the game. What is the possibilities? I can tell step by step.
  10. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    Hello respected Mod Developer. No i have used the sample comes with the install of MOD SDK. At my first tries i have followed these steps I have selected simplemod into the mod build studio, ticked everything (8 options) then it created .big and .skudef files into the documents/mods then i have copied and pasted it into red alert 3/mods Then i have selected the mod, clicked launch (like every mod i do) it is launching but nothing new in the game. I can provide more information if needs. About the barracks, it was not for the Harbinger. I just wanted to see have i succesfully changed construction time or resource cost of barracks but nothing changed in the game. And here is the samplemod i was talked about it.
  11. volcanicmelodies

    Editing Units Within a Mod

    I am looking for this one too.
  12. volcanicmelodies

    help me add tesla tank

    When i try to do that, nothing happens. Game is starting normal but nothing new in the game.
  13. volcanicmelodies

    Noob question from newbie

    Edit: FINALLY I HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM BY MYSELF! Here i am sharing the solution if someone stuck like me Reason: Operating System Language was Turkish. I have changed it in English and solved. Now i can build mods! Special thanks to PurpleGaga27 Gunship_Mark_II txc2004 Because they are tried to help me. You have my thanks my friends. Hello everyone. I am trying to pack samplemod (installing within modsdk) with Red Alert 3 Mod Build Studio but it is not working. I am launching the mod but Harbinger Gunship not appears (and changes i made on alliedbarracks) Is anybody knows how can i do that? Edit: Have you ever cried for something like this? I did. I even can't build the source codes too. I will be VERY HAPPY if someone can help me. My main objective is simple mod that changes only the attributes of preset units (damage, cost, build time etc etc)...