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  1. Well hello there, fellas! Figured it was time for me to pop in for my annual visit to see how everyone's doing 8) Seeing as my original C&C and RA discs are long gone (and wouldn't work on these new-fangled machines anyway, heh), I figure The First Decade will be a nice trip down memory lane for an old-timer like me (for those who don't know me, I used to work on this site a few lifetimes ago). I saw it in my local store today, and almost picked it up immediately. However, as a die-hard user of Windows 2000, the "Windows XP" system requirement gave me second thoughts. Has anyone got any experiences (read: problems) with running this on Windows 2000? I obviously don't have the compatibility mode (well, not a simple one, anyway) that XP offers, but I can't imagine someone releasing a game that actually relied on this "feature" (and I use the term losely, considering it doesn't exactly work wonders for many old games). In any case, I just figured I'd ask, and at the same time check in on you all. Cheers! Eskil (once known as Viper)
  2. Eskil

    'Splain Your Name

    You'll have to ask my parents
  3. Eskil

    New Generation Gun?

    Isn't that the Enterprise?
  4. Eskil

    The Old Members

    Oh, and the drunken stupour thread is lost to cyber-heaven, but we can still access the sequel (may need a few refreshes): http://web.archive.org/web/20020225140920/...=1&t=000003
  5. Eskil

    The Old Members

    I'm still around, although my visits are rare. Unless Lord-D decides to turn up, I'd be the second oldest "member" of the site, after Sonic
  6. Eskil

    What's up all?

    Indeed, I was the second helping hand that Sonic took on this ship, back around september 1998. Damn, that's a long time ago, isn't it? I left in 2000 (I believe) due to me not having time to do much (especially to fulfill my duties as co-webmaster), and because I found my interest in the C&C series going steadily downhill. I'm extremely impressed with the work you've managed to put into this site, Chris. I was back in 2000, and I'm even more so now. I wish I had your determination when it came to my assignments *grins* I definitely would love to visit NZ, but it won't be for a good while yet. Money troubles as a student, plus the fact that I have a Master Thesis to finish, will keep me inside Melbourne's borders for close to a year still, I'm afraid. I'm currently in my last year of education, heading towards a Master degree in Computer Science, with specialising in games programming and development. So my interest in gaming in general is strong as ever, and I owe much to my time here for getting my interested in things that go on behind the scenes, both in terms of getting a more inside look at the games industry through being a member of this community, and for getting my interest in making things on the computer that other people can enjoy (html was my first "programming" language, one could say). For my first dodgy game, a Space Invaders remake, or tribute, head to my site and check out the news post. It's over a year old by now, and it was my first working game. I promise I'm better at it now, currently working on a networked game, a version of top-down Capture the flag. Anyway, enough pimping of my limited abilities, I'll step off my box. Later!
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    What's up all?

    Wow, this place is still here! I should never have left, eh? And these days I'm almost a kiwi too (currently residing in Melbourne, Australia), hah! I won't ask what's been happening since I've been gone, seeing as I haven't spoken to you guys in ages, but I'm curious to see if a few names I recognize will pop by to say hi. Anyway, I'm having a sleepless night, going through old bookmarks and memories. Good to see the blue and gold is still with us!