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  1. BioBen

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Is necroposting still a thing people complain about? It's been a few years, and apparently I'm a 'veteran member' now? I'm kind of scared to look back on my old posts here, some classic teenage cringe-content I'm sure. Looks like my sig got eaten by whatever image server was hosting it, and my avatar got borked by however many forum software changes there have been. I think i remember the image I used to use... Hope everyone has been keeping well, I just happened to end up here looking for tibsun stuff and remembered having an account. I only posted here for about 4 years but somehow managed to spam myself into the top 30 of all users.
  2. I have missed these Good work.
  3. This is return to the forum worthy.
  4. What if it just doesn't happen?
  5. Merry Christmas, I think Kane looks quite fetching in a Santa hat
  6. BioBen

    Video of the day

    Thank you mal, for making my day.
  7. Just a little problem with your theory... No C&C games have been released since SC2. Just sayin'
  8. BioBen

    Super Weapons!

    So the Ion Cannon?
  9. BioBen

    Wooo Earthquake!

    Lol, any of your stuff get broken? or any structural damage?
  10. BioBen

    Wooo Earthquake!

    Why are you always wrong!? New Zealand is on a fault line, we get earthquakes every five seconds.
  11. My first experience was at a friends house when I was about 7. We played the original Nod missions, good fun.
  12. BioBen

    Ask Malevolence

    Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?
  13. BioBen

    Bad Translator!

    "I'm a freaking ninja!" ...56 translations later we get: "Dogs, my Ninja!"
  14. BioBen

    Video of the day

    "Fu- just scratching my chin..."