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  1. Plok

    No ipadress shown in Settings

    Pretty odd. In GenPatcher, press F8 and send the text it generates to Legionnaire so he can see what's up: http://legi.cc/faq/#how-can-i-contact-you
  2. Plok

    No ipadress shown in Settings

    Please also check in GenPatcher's "Playing Online" tab that the "Hide IP..." option is turned OFF.
  3. Plok

    No ipadress shown in Settings

    You can just Google "what is my IP" If you're trying to use a closed-off LAN, the only other thing that I can think of is a firewall/antivirus blocking the game on your computer specifically. Go through Legi's checklist as well: https://legi.cc/bugs/
  4. Plok

    No ipadress shown in Settings

    Check if your ISP is giving you an IPv6 address instead of an IPv4.
  5. If you mean the patched launchers, they are currently obsolete. Last month's update changed too much for them to be viable still. They are also completely useless for the Steam versions because Steam never used those launchers. To revert the games to a usable state, verify the files from EA App or Steam (whichever you choose to keep) and only apply the individual community fixes (GenPatcher/GenTool for Generals and Zero Hour, CnCNet patches for the older games etc.).
  6. Plok

    Been a few years

    I legitimately forgot about that. Some things are better left out of one's mind... *shudders*
  7. The latest versions of Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection were published with new executables, which naturally caused incompatibility with several community tools, among them the irreplaceable GenPatcher and GenTool. However, their developers were quick enough to develop tweaked builds so everyone is on the same page. GenPatcher, the one-stop patching tool for fresh Generals and Zero Hour installations, received three versions by now - 2.07 beta, 2.07b and 2.07c. In addition to the new TUC releases being supported, the tool is no longer falsely detected by Malwarebytes, registry and serial key issues are adapted for the Steam version, and includes Windows Media Feature Pack among its redistributables that are installed if not found on the system. As for GenTool, the quality-of-life improvement tool for Generals and Zero Hour, version 8.7 brings the following changes: New Features Added compatibility with Generals and Zero Hour The Ultimate Collection (Steam, EA App) Added warning message popup for non-x87 compatible generals executables Fixed game version mismatches for various compatible executables Fixed missing hashing of scb files for game version hash generations Fixed C&C Online login kick by generating random ergc game keys when so required Added -showFrameCount command line argument to draw frame counts Fixes/Improvements Fixed severe performance degradation with Steam Overlay (GameOverlayRenderer.dll) Fixed crash on application boot with Windows XP 32 Fixed dysfunctional GenTool Updater in Windows XP Fixed theoretically unsafe code with Windows XP Fixed minor inaccuracy of FPS counter and FPS limiter Fixed incorrect terrain draw distance after changing camera height Changed Upload Player ID generation by adding another salt Improved game version names for uploaded txt files Removed forceful disabling of Origin In Game (IGO32.dll) Updater: Improved patch file formats and capabilities Updater: Improved the maps patcher for future map releases Updater: Removed the replacement of the Zero Hour no-CD game.dat Updater: Removed the replacement of the Generals Origin generals.exe EDIT (30 March 2024): GenTool was bumped to version 8.8 to fix a slowdown issue on Windows 11 related to the framerate limiter. To keep your installation of Generals and Zero Hour as up-to-date and stable as possible, download GenPatcher, then GenTool (as the former currently includes the previous version of the latter).
  8. Plok

    Been a few years

    Not many of us left in forums in general :/ Everything's moved to Discord and Reddit, and even then not much is going on most of the time. As far as the franchise goes - since you left, we got a combined remaster of TD and RA1 in 2020, with an actual source code release. Just this month, pre-TibWars games made it to Steam. Several fan tools got made or tweaked, active mods are not as plentiful as before but the heavy hitters are still live and kicking. A lot happened, but there was so much dead air in between that it doesn't much feel like it.
  9. Plok

    source ?

    Precisely why all other open-source projects steer clear from it. It moves away too much.
  10. This isn't the C&C:Online support forum, nor do we have resources to help with networking issues there. Please direct support requests here: https://forums.revora.net/forum/2735-cconline-support/
  11. A few years ago, EA started publishing their old titles on Steam again, after they were able to put their EA Play subscription on the store. Since it had a much narrower range of games on Steam than it did on EA App (ex-Origin), EA decided to put a selection of their old games on Steam for the first time. Among them... was finally Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection. The caveat is that as of now, C&C games older than the Remastered Collection are no longer available separately. However, if you owned C&C 3, Red Alert 3 or C&C 4 (expansions included), you will not get a duplicate in your library and you can even get a discount. The 2D C&C games, which were the toughest to get running on modern PCs, have been packaged with DDrawCompat to simplify installation, as well as their respective map editors, which is a welcome addition. While servers like CnCNet and C&C:Online have been around for many, many years now, they have not been natively implemented, but This comes after days of speculation fueled by changes that were going on on the previously existing games on Steam - cloud saves support was added, Worldbuilders (although glitched) were added as part of the default installation, and users noticed Steam app IDs that were simultaneously affected, that belonged to the other C&C games and were there for a while, only dormant. Fast forward to today - classic EA games like the Command & Conquer series, Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and The Saboteur (2009) are now available on Steam both as full purchases and as part of the EA Play subscription. While he has been silent for a good minute, Jim Vessella a.k.a. Jimtern reached out to the community on Reddit with the post shown below: Head on over to Steam to grab The Ultimate Collection - with a launch discount of 60%. EDIT - 8 March 2024: Our guides for installing games have been overhauled, but especially the one for The Ultimate Collection.
  12. Could it be the same issue that affects the Worldbuilder, where a mistake in the registry files breaks compatibility? https://www.cnclabs.com/forums/cnc_postsm142499_World-Builder-and-a-Steam-install.aspx#post142499
  13. Plok

    CNC 3 Tiberium Wars Media

    Physical copies haven't been sold in over a decade, especially as the industry has moved to all digital. You can only get them from third-party sites like eBay and Amazon these days. The game is on sale often on Steam (every 1-2 months, usually 75% off), and you can even contact EA Help to give you a free copy of the game on the EA App if you show them a photo of the game you own.
  14. https://www.moddb.com/mods/cnc-3-original-campaign-balance-patch
  15. https://web.archive.org/web/20160505204608/http://www.cncnz.com/_files/CC_TS_DADossier.pdf