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  1. afternoon ! download cnc4worldbuilder here : https://cncnz.com/downloads/tiberian-twilight-downloads/#utilities _moving "CC4TiberianTwilightWorldBuilder.exe" setup in Command & Conquer 4 root install directory _installing as administrator _launching "WorldBuilder.exe" as administrator _"Accept" user aagreement _loading _crash with following error in attm : "<<< DID YOU REMEMBER TO BUILD DATA??? >>> Type hash mismatch for type 0x1fd451bf in asset LargeGroupAudioMap:AirplaneLarge_Group_AmbientLoop. Expecected hash: 0x8d020dbe but got: 0xbb6b87ee 256 addresses: (unknown)(0): WorldBuilder.exe+1000395 Debug::PreStaticInit+3147 (unknown)(0): WorldBuilder.exe+1000395 Debug::PreStaticInit+3147 (unknown)(0): KERNELBASE.dll+1220034 CharLowerW+4130 (unknown)(0): KERNELBASE.dll+1220471 CharLowerW+4567 ........" https://pastebin.com/PE0VuJ1s waiting for your support specifically from @Plok @Plokite_Wolf if there because apparently at the origin of this upload on moddb too but inactive (last connection 2021)