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  1. we had the exact same problems It takes a little time to master IPS. But it is much more powerful than IPB.
  2. and the response of EA: no more money, no more CnC. end of discussion. Yeah ! maybe it's a good news for some fans, not for me. although EA manages so crappy fans, I always like playing new CnC.
  3. yes, maybe, but I think they have always done without warning. so it is not a correct way to proceed but it is not new with EA, EAP, EALA, Victory Games...
  4. EA closes and opens new official forums every 2-3 years. They changed more often than the official website and each time all was lost. really nothing new today.
  5. tchutch

    CnC Saga's 18th Anniversary

    yes... sorry... I am just a little french guy and i didn't read the "a" but an "o" on the original picture from Westwood... This is our biggest job with WS/EA/CnC - understand and translate... and something we do mistakes. and thanks for the news
  6. tchutch

    EA_CIRE Says Goodbye

    don't forget : it's very difficult to judge a CM before the game come out. Apoc starts for BFME and have "support" 5 games and 3 add-ons.You can not compare them.
  7. tchutch

    The Command & Conquer Name Game

    On CnCSaga.com, we chose to say or CnC or CnC (2013), like Victory Games, but no more use "Free2Play"
  8. for info : these 3 names are just a joke from our staff : Little Staline - Laura Posini - Andy de Advance War... sorry for the french the other names are from Victory Games
  9. What is the version of ipB ? i ask because you can upgrade without close the forum on ipb.
  10. tchutch

    CnCSaga.ru & CnCSaga.es Launched

    no, i didn't ask. CnCSaga is also independent ; Our only rules : quality and no ad. if you are potentially interested, I would of course very honored to speak about it with you.
  11. tchutch

    CnCSaga.ru & CnCSaga.es Launched

    always this question Sonic there is no plan for an english version of CnCSaga at the moment, and i really don't think there will be one. The new Saga websites are existing websites that have decided to join our platform. I think it would be difficult for me to start a project without a person already active. because open site requires energy and as I could not manage myself the site (time and language problem) then I must be sure of my choice. To my knowledge there is no English site who wants to join us. And I'm not sure that this is necessary, there are already very good English sites : CnCNZ