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  1. Global Community Manager for all things Command & Conquer, Eric Krause has posted his final goodbye message on the Official C&C Forums. Like many of you, he is bitterly disappointed with how things have gone down in the past 48 hours. You can read Eric's full post below. There are a few other farewell messages from other Victory Games developers as well.... EA_Tim EA_Krush EA_Baelor Eric's final post can be found right here.
  2. The Community BattleCast Primetime team is putting the finishing touches on their next episode, but before that, they decided to upload their interview with EA_CIRE they recorded at this year's CommandCOM. They asked him about the singleplayer campaigns, which will be released in several smaller packs in shorter periods of time and will be available for both solo and co-op play, making a difference from Red Alert 3, where co-op was forced and had to be played either with the AI or a friend. Stay tuned for an update on CBCPT Episode 23.
  3. An announcement has been made on the official C&C Facebook page regarding EA's press conference prior to gamescom. During that time, on August 20th at 3 PM GMT, two C&C devs will battle it out on the latest alpha build of the upcoming Command & Conquer game to determine who will be the King of Köln: CIRE or Erhard. The conference and the match will be broadcasted here. EA will also plug all gamescom events on its Twitch.tv profile.
  4. We've seen people expressing their confusion and impatience after the C&C Community Summit did not give much information on the game itself, in spite of the efforts of dedicated fans like our staff member Alex06, who tried to extract as much info as he could from the trailer. EA_CIRE responded on the fans' feedback in these two posts: You can see the original posts here and here. You can also see Alex06's explained images here.
  5. C&C Community Manger, EA_CIRE, has posted a new blog on the Official C&C Site to update everyone on the current status of Command & Conquer - Free to Play as well give us some very early details about when the beta will get started. Click here for the original post.
  6. French C&C fan site, CNC Saga, posted this quick 2 question Q&A they had with EA_CIRE, the C&C community manger, concerning the new Command & Conquer - Free to Play. The questions have been loosely translated to English. Click here for the original, that's in French of course.
  7. When Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection was announced, fans were disappointed to find out the special music collection and commemorative artwork would only be made available to the US market. We asked the C&C community manger, EA_CIRE, about this to find out why. So there you go. It's not all bad for fans outside of the USA.
  8. On the Official C&C Forums, a simple question was raised: Will Generals 2 be making an appearance at the upcoming PAX East next month? Well, the short answer is no, it won't be, as mentioned by community manager, EA_CIRE, in this post.... This caused a little bit of unhappiness from the fans on the Official C&C Forums. They basically went on to ask why even announce the game so early and give the community nothing since the announcement? EA_CIRE further explained.... Click here for the original thread.
  9. Since the big announcement of Command & Conquer: Generals 2 back in December 2011, official news updates about the game have been few and far between. Well, there really hasn't been anything to speak of. C&C Community manager, EA_CIRE, is aware of this, and wants to get news and new stuff out in the community, but right now it's not the best time, as he explains in this short update on the Official C&C Facebook page. Check out the original post right here. With some patience on our part, we will get some official news soon.
  10. A brand new community update has been posted on CommandandConquer.com, the official site for all things Command & Conquer. We have already covered all the news mentioned, but this is good for anyone who hasn't been keeping tabs on recent community news. The latest update covers the following: Renegade X November Media Update Command & Conquer Legos Wallpapers Community BattleCast Primetime Click here to read the full update.

    Generals Soundtrack Survey

    The C&C Community Manager, EA_CIRE, has posted a new survey on the Official Command & Conquer Site. This time it's for the soundtracks of the Generals universe. You can choose up to three of your favourite tracks, including tracks from the Zero Hour expansion. You can also cast your vote by clicking here.
  12. The C&C Community Manager, EA_CIRE, has posted a new survey on the Official Command & Conquer Site. This time it's about soundtracks of the Red Alert universe. You can choose up to three of your favourite tracks from each of the three Red Alert games, excluding the expansions. Their aim is to discover which style of music do the fans like the most. You can cast your votes by clicking here.
  13. I don't get over to the Official C&C Forums as often as I should. But I do follow what EA_CIRE, C&C Community Manager, posts. Recently there has been a few threads pop up on the official forums where fans have expressed and vented their frustrations about the lack of news regarding the next Command & Conquer, and how silent things have been from the team at Victory Games. While many fans want news now, the longer we wait the better things will be. Victory Games is getting exactly what the previous development didn't get, more time to work on the game, rather than trying to make one in 7 to 9 month time frame. And this post by EA_CIRE on the Official C&C Forums reaffirms this.... This is by no means to say the likes of C&C 3, Red Alert 3 or C&C 4 were bad games, well maybe C&C 4 was, but the development team at the time did the best they could do in the limited time they had. The 2006 to 2010 era was great one for C&C! So all the C&C Community has to do is be patient and wait for the next one to start. Click here for the original post.