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  1. The recently released Mass Effect: Andromeda by BioWare appears to make use of assets held by EA that were not part of the series. Above you see the Movie Night sidequest scene, which plays the "Light Infantry" music track from C&C 3: Tiberium Wars. This is not the first time the Tiberium Wars soundtrack was used in media not associated with the Command & Conquer series, as different tracks were heard in Survivor, Top Gear, and Mongrels television shows.
  2. Two of EA's "BioWare" studios, one of them being Victory Games and the other Mythic, have both dropped the BioWare label from their names. The change is described as the result of a new focus for both studios. Here's a report from Game Informer. Another report on this change can be found at Kotaku.
  3. This is somewhat related to Command & Conquer, considering the franchise now falls under the BioWare label within all things EA. It was revealed eariler today that Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, who formed BioWare with Augustine Yip in 1995, have left the company. "After nearly two decades in videogames," Dr Muzyka explained on his blog, "I’ve decided to move on to pursue an entirely different set of challenges." Dr Zeschuk, meanwhile, explained his reasoning clearly: "I’ve reached an unexpected point in my life", he stated, "where I no longer have the passion that I once did for the company, for the games, and for the challenge of creation." Greg plans to move out of gaming all together and to work on beer-related projects in his immediate future, but he didn't rule out a return to the industry at some point. Ray, meanwhile, is planning on moving into an investment and mentoring role, with a goal to helping new entrepreneurs in the field of social / impact investment. BioWare, which is currently made up of around 800 employees across six separate studios, is wholly owned by Electronic Arts. Their games include the Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect.
  4. Since the big announcement of Command & Conquer: Generals 2 back in December 2011, official news updates about the game have been few and far between. Well, there really hasn't been anything to speak of. C&C Community manager, EA_CIRE, is aware of this, and wants to get news and new stuff out in the community, but right now it's not the best time, as he explains in this short update on the Official C&C Facebook page. Check out the original post right here. With some patience on our part, we will get some official news soon.
  5. Kotaku have posted a new interview with BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk. They talked about BioWare's other big franchises like Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic. But they also discussed Command & Conquer: Generals 2. More specifically asking the question What's So BioWare About the Next Command & Conquer? Some interesting reading here. Click here for the rest.
  6. There is a new interview posted at MTV Multiplayer with BioWare CEO Greg Muzyka and VP Greg Zeschuck about the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is another BioWare game. During the interview, they briefly discuss the appeal of the BioWare model of storytelling, and why was it a fit for the upcoming Command & Conquer: Generals 2. You will find the full interview right here.
  7. Ever since the announcements of Command & Conquer: Generals 2 and Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances there has been more hate towards EA and the Command & Conquer franchise. Well, more than usual anyway. @Alex06, who has recently been added to the CNCNZ.com team, has written a lengthy article to address all of this hatred the fans seem to have because it's probably mostly due to confusion, misinformation or a general lack of understanding. Here's a part of the article. This is an article that should be read by all Command & Conquer fans. Click here to read it. It has also been posted in our Generals 2 forum, as well as the Official C&C Forums.
  8. So it looks like Command & Conquer Generals 2 will be the next Command & Conquer game. EA has officially announced the future of C&C today, and you can see all the game details in the Generals 2 section of the Official C&C site. You can also see a teaser and a couple screen shots. Click here to see more. Once this news becomes official, a follow up news update will be posted, but I think it's safe to say Command & Conquer Generals 2 is what everyone was waiting for based on all the rumours. Thanks to Alex06 for the news tip.
  9. A message from Command & Conquer: Generals 2 executive producer Jon Van Caneghem, has been posted on the Official C&C Site. He thanks the fans for their patience and discusses the transition of Command & Conquer to the BioWare label. You can read the original post right here. And make sure you sign up to receive the C&C newsletter direct to your inbox,
  10. The Internet detectives still appear to be in hard work scanning the source coding of CommandandConquer.com, the official site for all things Command & Conquer, as this mystery screen shot has been discovered. Could this be a possible look at the next Command & Conquer? Maybe it is indeed Generals 2. It sure does look in similar style to the http://i.imgur.com/16Tyc.jpg from the end of last month. Since this image was found on the Official C&C Site, it has to be from the next Command & Conquer, right? Either way, we will find out later today at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.
  11. GameReplays.org have uncovered some more "evidence" that suggest Victory Games is indeed part of the BioWare label and a possible new Command & Conquer game announcement could be happening soon. I won't go into to much details here, but a long story short is, GameReplays.org found references to the BioWare name in the source coding of CommandandConquer.com, the official site for all things Command & Conquer. There is also some information that Google seems to have picked up on as well. A few obscure references in the source of a web site is not really 100% confirmation to be honest. Either way, we will find out this weekend when BioWare are set to reveal all at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. If you're curious, you can read about GameReplays.org's findings right here.
  12. The German C&C fan site, United Forum, has done some more research and speculate that Command & Conquer: Alliances could be a new battlelog system, not the name of the next C&C game. This possible C&C: Alliances battlelog would work in a similar fashion to the way Facebook works. A battlelog system is already heavily featured in Battlefield 3, one of EA's other big franchises. United Forum even made a mock up screen shot of what it could look like, using the Battlefield 3 system for reference. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/T2jrb.jpg This speculation could be on the right track because in the original interviews with Jon Van Caneghem he discussed building a social/Facebook like platform for Command & Conquer fans. So a centralised online system for both the past C&C games and of course new games makes a lot of sense. Please keep in mind this is just guess work right now. Nothing is official.
  13. Fusible reports that on December 2nd Electronic Arts registered over a dozen Command & Conquer domains with name "Alliances" included in each name, such as commandandconqueralliances.com and commandandconquer-alliances.com. The C&C community has been speculating for the past few weeks about this whole EA/BioWare announcement taking place next Saturday, December 10th. So could Command & Conquer: Alliances be the name of the next C&C? Below is the list of new domain names recently registered by EA. However, to add more fuel to the speculation fire, and keep everyone guessing, these domains cover the Tiberium, Red Alert and Generals universes. alliances-commandandconquer.com alliancescommandandconquer.com candcalliances.com candctiberiumalliances.com commandandconquer-alliances.com commandandconqueralliance.com commandandconqueralliances.com commandandconquertiberiumalliances.com generalsalliance.com generalsalliances.com redalertalliance.com redalertalliances.com tiberianalliances.com tiberiumalliance.com tiberiumalliances.com Check out the full article on Fusible for more. It also includes the WHOIS record information for http://i.imgur.com/ULeQQ.jpg.
  14. We try not to report on rumours and speculation, but as they get stronger, they become too hard to ignore. This update follows on form the news post Addressing the Generals 2 Rumours. These rumours speculate that BioWare could be developing the next C&C, possibly Generals 2. Sounds a bit far fetched, doesn't it? Well, today's news may be a bit more believable. Based on some "Internet sleuthing" by fans, the new rumour is that Victory Games is actually part of the recently established BioWare label, and Victory Games is the new BioWare studio. Here's the report from VG247.... A very quick tease of this new BioWare RTS can been seen in a video posted at GameTrailers.com. Or just watch the entire 3 seconds of footage below. Don't blink or you may miss it. So are we looking at the next Command & Conquer here? Personally, I'm not convinced. But we will find out early next month at the Spike Video Game Awards, where BioWare will reveal this game.
  15. After a couple of months we finally have a new poll here on CNCNZ.com. Today's new poll is based on the hottest news item right now. Are the C&C/BioWare Rumours true? Do you think they are true, perhaps you're undecided or maybe you just think there is no way these rumours are for real. If your reading this update on the main page, just look to your right and vote in the poll box. If you're reading this via the forums, click here to cast your vote. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well. Here are the results of our previous poll, What did you think of the C&C Community Bracket Game? A fairly even spread here. But 30% of the voters thought it was average at best. The full results of this poll can be found right here.
  16. In the past week or so, some Generals 2 rumours have surfaced. They appeared to have come from the team at United-Forum, a large German C&C fan site. I've even been sent a couple of messages and some e-mails asking why this news hasn't appeared on CNCNZ.com. I'll explain why. But first, let's back track just a little. Based on a news item at GameInformer that teases the December announcement of BioWare's new franchise and shows the screenshot seen below, United-Forum strongly believe that this is possibly the next Command & Conquer game, and they think it could be Generals 2. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/16Tyc.jpg So why hasn't this news appeared on CNCNZ.com? Simple, because it's not credible enough, it's a rumour and a very weak one at that. Yes, BioWare is another EA developer, but they are not developing the next C&C, and why would EA go to great lengths to create Victory Games, hire Jon Van Caneghem, establish a new team, only to have BioWare make the next C&C? Does that screenshot above really look a C&C or Generals game to you? Oh, and another thing, BioWare don't make RTS games. Victory Games is EA's development studio for C&C and RTS games. No disrespect to our friends at United-Forum, so I'll say what I posted on our Facebook page last week, I feel this a case of clutching at straws here. We all want news on the next C&C game, but making stuff up is not the way to get it. All we do about the next C&C is there is a Command & Conquer PC game in development. No other official details are available yet. Confirmed in this post on the Official C&C Facebook page.