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  1. Here's a video found on YouTube recently, featuring a look at the systems and gameplay of last year's cancelled Command & Conquer. Apparently it was narrated by a former Victory Games developer about a month after the game was cancelled. He explains a lot of stuff about what the development team had in store for game. For instance, a big content patch was planned to be released on the day the plugged was pulled! Intro, 1v1 match Featuring GLA Salvage General Explanation of the Generals' Kits Perks and Metagame Discussion The Road to Public Release 1v1 match Featuring APA Espionage General 1v1 match Featuring EU Experimental Weapons General 1v1 match Featuring EU Classic General 1v1 match Featuring GLA Marauder General 3v3 match Featuring APA Urban Assault General This video was posted on the 22nd of Novemeber 2013. It runs for around 2 hours.
  2. As originally posted here http://www.commandandconquer.com/forums/index.php/forum-114/announcement-3-command-and-conquer-cancellation-victory-closure-faq/ on the Official C&C Forums.....
  3. These are some sad and disappointing photos here. Community manager Eric Krause shared these on Facebook today - photos of the big cleanup and packing-up of all the gear at the Victory Games studio in Los Angeles. I will say it's extremely disappointing for me on a personal level seeing these photos. Having been through the studio in person, I got a first-hand look at how cool a place it was, but it doesn't look so great now. Last December for the C&C Community Summit, it was filled with hope and dreams as the team laid the foundations for a new Command & Conquer. And now, here we are about 11 months later.... well, the photos speak for themselves..... Definitely the end of an era.
  4. Global Community Manager for all things Command & Conquer, Eric Krause has posted his final goodbye message on the Official C&C Forums. Like many of you, he is bitterly disappointed with how things have gone down in the past 48 hours. You can read Eric's full post below. There are a few other farewell messages from other Victory Games developers as well.... EA_Tim EA_Krush EA_Baelor Eric's final post can be found right here.
  5. A few more details about the shock cancellation of Command & Conquer and sad closure of Victory Games have emerged. Reports suggest that the blog posted on the Official Command & Conquer Site, which details the reason for ceasing production, was allegedly "not ok'd by the development team". Here's a recap of this news from IGN. http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/10/29/ea-cancels-command-conquer-victory-studios-closed There must more that has happened behind closed doors that led to the game being axed and the studio closing. As we discover it, we will be sure to report any new information to you.
  6. The official C&C website at www.commandandconquer.com has been redesigned once more. The visual design itself is more advanced than it was before, and some of the most noticeable changes are more (yet still scarce) information on C&C - Free To Play, as well as video and screenshot sections. However, the forums were completely missing at the time of posting this news and were inaccessible even through visiting direct links accessed before. All information on EALA games' ladders and legacy games is also gone, however this all can be considered a WIP period. Here's part of EA_CIRE's statement: Click here to visit the website now. You can also read EA_CIRE's full statement here. UPDATE (June 7th): The forums are back online.
  7. Good news for those who like to hang out on the Official Command & Conquer Forums. They have been relaunched using the IP.Board forum software, the same forum software we use here at CNCNZ.com. The point is, the relaunched official forums are far more functional and user-friendly than the previous incarnation. Check out the new and improved Official Command & Conquer Forums for yourself.
  8. It would appear that we have a new Community Manager at Victory Games for Command & Conquer. His name is Jason Kokal aka “Robosaur”. He can be considered a veteran of the franchise, having worked on many of the Command & Conquer games in recent years. Robosaur is working alongside EA_CIRE in a support role. Here is a mini-profile about Robosaur. This was originally posted on the Official C&C Site.
  9. Every week on the Official Command & Conquer Facebook page a "Throwback Thursday" post is made that looks back Command & Conquer's past. This week's post asks the question "Remember BattleCast Primetime? Would you like to see it return?". Perhaps Victory Games is thinking about bringing BattleCast Primetime back. I'm sure there are many fans in the community who would to see an official BattleCast Primetime resurrected in some form. Share your feedback right here.
  10. As we mentioned last week, the new Command & Conquer will be on show at gamescom 2013. And now, here's other important news: CommandCOM 2013 will also take place alongside gamescom in Cologne, Germany - it's another important Command & Conquer summit coming up. CommandCOM 2013 was announced on the Official C&C Twitter page this past weekend. We are sending three people from the CNCNZ.com team to CommandCOM 2013 to get the important details about the new Command & Conquer. CommandCOM was last held back in August 2009 for the much loved Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. CNCNZ.com was there, and you can relive the 2009 event by reading this lengthy report.
  11. The global administrator of GameReplays.org, Jon "AGMLaucher" LeMaitre, joined Victory Games earlier today and will be filling a role in the design team. There is an interview on the official forums, and here's an excerpt: Click here to read more.
  12. Its the second round of Ask a Developer. Producer, Bryan Farina, is the next Victory Games developer to answer the fan submitted questions. Some of the hot topics discussed in this interview are the campaign, mod tools, eSports, Pay2Win and much more. Here's part of it.... Check out the full interview right here.
  13. After a week's delay, the first instalment of Ask a Developer has arrived, and Art Director Chris Tamburrino is the first of the Victory Games' developers to answer the fan-submitted questions. Included with the questions are many new concept images of units and environments. Here's part of the interview and some of the new art.... More artwork can be found inside our gallery. You can read the full Ask a Developer interview with Art Director Chris Tamburrino right here.
  14. Victory Games' General Manager, Jon van Caneghem, has posted a personal letter to all fans on the Official C&C Site, in which he talks about the recent major press coverage of the new Command & Conquer, answering what it means for C&C to be "free-to-play" and how do the Generals work. And, for the first time, he briefly discusses how monetization will be handled for this game. The original post can be found here.
  15. As we reported yesterday, EA had another round of staff lay-offs recently that affected studios in Los Angeles and Montreal. The team at United Forum asked them via Twitter if this meant any changes for Victory Games, who are based in Los Angeles. It appears that they remain "mostly untouched".... Click here for the original conversation.
  16. There's been a lot going on in the C&C community for the month of December, and I decided to make a video that highlights some of the big things that have been going on for CNCNZ.com. Take a look! I cover the following topics at the following times, if you'd like to skip around. 00:40 - C&C Community Summit review and information. 04:35 - I got some free stuff while on my trip to EA. 07:45 - New parts for C&C Legos! 08:25 - Basic review of Frank Klepacki's 20 year compilation CD! What do you think? I might start doing more video topics in the future.
  17. We've seen people expressing their confusion and impatience after the C&C Community Summit did not give much information on the game itself, in spite of the efforts of dedicated fans like our staff member Alex06, who tried to extract as much info as he could from the trailer. EA_CIRE responded on the fans' feedback in these two posts: You can see the original posts here and here. You can also see Alex06's explained images here.
  18. We have finally been given the all clear to inform everyone that a top secret C&C Community Summit recently took place. Last week myself (Sonic) and Zee Hypnotist, along with a group of selected guests from other fan sites and projects in our community, assembled in Los Angeles to hang out with developers at the Victory Games studio and get an inside look at the new Command & Conquer. So with the deadline date passed, we can now start revealing some cool new info about the game. But first check out the latest video about the C&C Community Summit event itself. There are a few photos that we have been given to share with everybody. They show us play testing the new game, plus there are some extra little teasers in there for you. The full gallery can be found here. We have more C&C Community Summit coverage planned. Hopefully some extra video from Zee Hypnotist. But for now feel free to ask any questions about the new Command & Conquer, while we are bound to an NDA, and there is a lot we can't publicly discuss yet, we will try to answer your questions where possible.
  19. Two of EA's "BioWare" studios, one of them being Victory Games and the other Mythic, have both dropped the BioWare label from their names. The change is described as the result of a new focus for both studios. Here's a report from Game Informer. Another report on this change can be found at Kotaku.
  20. Ever since the announcements of Command & Conquer: Generals 2 and Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances there has been more hate towards EA and the Command & Conquer franchise. Well, more than usual anyway. @Alex06, who has recently been added to the CNCNZ.com team, has written a lengthy article to address all of this hatred the fans seem to have because it's probably mostly due to confusion, misinformation or a general lack of understanding. Here's a part of the article. This is an article that should be read by all Command & Conquer fans. Click here to read it. It has also been posted in our Generals 2 forum, as well as the Official C&C Forums.
  21. So it looks like Command & Conquer Generals 2 will be the next Command & Conquer game. EA has officially announced the future of C&C today, and you can see all the game details in the Generals 2 section of the Official C&C site. You can also see a teaser and a couple screen shots. Click here to see more. Once this news becomes official, a follow up news update will be posted, but I think it's safe to say Command & Conquer Generals 2 is what everyone was waiting for based on all the rumours. Thanks to Alex06 for the news tip.
  22. The Internet detectives still appear to be in hard work scanning the source coding of CommandandConquer.com, the official site for all things Command & Conquer, as this mystery screen shot has been discovered. Could this be a possible look at the next Command & Conquer? Maybe it is indeed Generals 2. It sure does look in similar style to the http://i.imgur.com/16Tyc.jpg from the end of last month. Since this image was found on the Official C&C Site, it has to be from the next Command & Conquer, right? Either way, we will find out later today at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.
  23. GameReplays.org have uncovered some more "evidence" that suggest Victory Games is indeed part of the BioWare label and a possible new Command & Conquer game announcement could be happening soon. I won't go into to much details here, but a long story short is, GameReplays.org found references to the BioWare name in the source coding of CommandandConquer.com, the official site for all things Command & Conquer. There is also some information that Google seems to have picked up on as well. A few obscure references in the source of a web site is not really 100% confirmation to be honest. Either way, we will find out this weekend when BioWare are set to reveal all at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. If you're curious, you can read about GameReplays.org's findings right here.
  24. The German C&C fan site, United Forum, has done some more research and speculate that Command & Conquer: Alliances could be a new battlelog system, not the name of the next C&C game. This possible C&C: Alliances battlelog would work in a similar fashion to the way Facebook works. A battlelog system is already heavily featured in Battlefield 3, one of EA's other big franchises. United Forum even made a mock up screen shot of what it could look like, using the Battlefield 3 system for reference. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/T2jrb.jpg This speculation could be on the right track because in the original interviews with Jon Van Caneghem he discussed building a social/Facebook like platform for Command & Conquer fans. So a centralised online system for both the past C&C games and of course new games makes a lot of sense. Please keep in mind this is just guess work right now. Nothing is official.
  25. Fusible reports that on December 2nd Electronic Arts registered over a dozen Command & Conquer domains with name "Alliances" included in each name, such as commandandconqueralliances.com and commandandconquer-alliances.com. The C&C community has been speculating for the past few weeks about this whole EA/BioWare announcement taking place next Saturday, December 10th. So could Command & Conquer: Alliances be the name of the next C&C? Below is the list of new domain names recently registered by EA. However, to add more fuel to the speculation fire, and keep everyone guessing, these domains cover the Tiberium, Red Alert and Generals universes. alliances-commandandconquer.com alliancescommandandconquer.com candcalliances.com candctiberiumalliances.com commandandconquer-alliances.com commandandconqueralliance.com commandandconqueralliances.com commandandconquertiberiumalliances.com generalsalliance.com generalsalliances.com redalertalliance.com redalertalliances.com tiberianalliances.com tiberiumalliance.com tiberiumalliances.com Check out the full article on Fusible for more. It also includes the WHOIS record information for http://i.imgur.com/ULeQQ.jpg.