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  1. Our beloved Frank Klepacki was at MAGFest for more than just the historic concert with The Tiberian Sons. At the festival, he also held an hour-long discussion on his career as a music composer and audio director. It's always nice to hear background stories on developers' and artists' work, so be sure to check it out.
  2. Hello! I've been trying to find the lyrics of this amazing song and even asked Frank Klepacki himself, but I only got this from him: Does someone else have more info about the lyrics? I'm running out of options :/ You can listen it from here: Is the second one from the list.
  3. Happy (belated) New Year, everyone! Now that the holidays have ended and my personal health issues have passed, it's time to review what's recently been going around the Command & Conquer community. The biggest news, as you can see from the image above, is that last night, Frank Klepacki and The Tiberian Sons performed Command & Conquer tracks live at MAGFest. This music spectacle was streamed live on Twitch, and there is a recording available here at around 01:05:14, with a YouTube mirror (hopefully in higher quality) likely to end up on the official MAGFest channel. If you haven't already, watch that concert (don't just listen to it, that's all I'm willing to spoil!), you owe it to yourselves. W3D Hub have revealed their latest project - the Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero standalone mod for Renegade, which will be properly based on Tiberian Dawn. The highly polished final version 009 of the Contra mod for Zero Hour is now out. GenTool has been updated to version 7.6 with three bugfixes. You can grab it from CNCNZ.com or the official GenTool website. The 2.0 alpha version of the Tiberium Essence mod for Tiberium Wars has been released. The massive 3.78 patch for the C&C Untitled mod for Zero Hour has been released. The Dawn of the Tiberium Age has been updated to version 1.176. The Mental Omega mod for Yuri's Revenge has a screenshot hinting at an ominous and oddly familiar device.
  4. This video alone will tell the story. C&C 1 and Red Alert 1 are the first to get remasters, Frank Klepacki is back, and Petroglyph Games is involved. More info here.
  5. A truly unique event has just been announced a few hours ago. The legendary video game composer Frank Klepacki will join forces with the band The Tiberian Sons, who are known for their video game theme metal covers, including Hell March To The Apocalypse. They will perform Command & Conquer themes live at MAGFest in National Harbor, Maryland (just outside Washington D.C.) that will take place on January 3rd-6th, 2019. More info can be found on the official MAGFest website. Let's hope it will be recorded and posted online, because that just sounds too awesome to miss!
  6. Twenty years is quite a long time, especially for a video game fansite. It’s a good point to look back at what’s been accomplished and what’s been experienced in that time. With that in mind, we approached one of the key people who made our experiences with most of the Command & Conquer franchise enjoyable and memorable. Our beloved composer Frank Klepacki took some time from his busy schedule for an interview in which we asked him about his work at Westwood Studios and his current projects. Click here to read the interview.
  7. As part of their Retro Gaming Blog, the Arcade Attack recently posted a new interview with Command & Conquer music legend, Frank Klepacki. The interview covers how Frank began his career in the gaming industry and discusses his work on the Command & Conquer soundtracks and other games he has worked in the years since. Here's part of it.... Check out the full interview right here.
  8. Frank Klepacki has contributed his second track for the Twisted Insurrection standalone mod for Tiberian Sun. This time, it's the Killing Fields Remix, with the composed by VEF4. The track will appear in the seventh iteration of the Twisted Insurrection soundtrack, which already sports a long track list. It's awesome to see the game music legend support fan projects.
  9. Veteran Command & Conquer composer, who really needs no introduction to long time Command & Conquer fans, Frank Klepacki, recently did an interview with Matthews Marketing. In this interview Frank discusses the business and creative approach of being a composer, especially in this new "digital age". Here's part of the interview. You can read the full interview right here.
  10. How about some new music from the one and only Frank Klepacki. This is new track is a remix of "Space Echo". It will be included in future builds of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun and in the future, the Twisted Insurrection OST Vol. 6. You can listen to the new track in the video above. And don't forget, Frank Klepacki has released his new album, "Digital Frontiers". It's available for purchase in digital download and CD formats.
  11. In a recent post on Facebook, Frank Klepacki has shared a detailed list and provided extra information about the specific gear he used to get the sounds of the music he composed in the Westwood Studios era of Command & Conquer games and many others. It's an interesting look back at the years 1991-2003. There are also some cool photos of Frank's offices at Westwood over the years right up to when the studio was closed in 2003. Click here to read it.
  12. Frank Klepacki's latest solo album is available for pre-order right now and will begin shipping on the 13th of December, just in time for the fast approaching holiday season. The aptly titled "Conquering 20 Years" features 15 brand new tracks of music that span the styles Frank has composed over the course of his whole career, from 8-bit all the way to symphonic metal! The album cover art was designed by Mark Molnar. http://i.imgur.com/Oj4Cx.jpg You can pre-order your copy of Frank Klepacki - Conquering 20 Years by clicking here. Available as a CD or digital download.
  13. Its great to find these little lost gems on YouTube. Here's a great fan made Command & Conquer tribute video. Its set the music "Destructible Times" by I Am, Frank Klepacki's former band. This track also featured in the credits of the Brotherhood of Nod ending in the original Command & Conquer. If you find an other cool fan made Command & Conquer videos let us know.
  14. It's always interesting to listen to cover versions of Frank Klepacki's awesome music from the original the Command & Conquer. I'm sure when Frank gets the time to listen to them, he gets a kick of it. Here's a great-sounding heavy rock guitar cover of Frank Klepacki's "Act on Instinct" by Mihail Sobin from Russia. This cover version is called "Act of Instinct". Let us know if you ever spot any other cover versions of Command & Conquer music that should be shared with the community.
  15. There's been a lot going on in the C&C community for the month of December, and I decided to make a video that highlights some of the big things that have been going on for CNCNZ.com. Take a look! I cover the following topics at the following times, if you'd like to skip around. 00:40 - C&C Community Summit review and information. 04:35 - I got some free stuff while on my trip to EA. 07:45 - New parts for C&C Legos! 08:25 - Basic review of Frank Klepacki's 20 year compilation CD! What do you think? I might start doing more video topics in the future.
  16. GameReplays have posted a short interview they had with long time Command & Conquer composer, Frank Klepacki. In the interview he talks about his current work at Petroglyph, musical inspirations and more. Here's part of it. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/PMrxR.jpg Click here for the full interview.