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  1. It's a special double feature for tonight. We bring you both the news from the official front, as well as some new and a few residual older pieces of community news. So let's get right to it. First, we cover the official stuff regarding Command & Conquer: Rivals. The game was patched twice in the span of one week. Right after the first patch on the 15th, a new patch was announced on the 18th and deployed on the 20th. Both of these patches were fine tuning for the game's balance, so there were no new features added or existing ones changed so far. What is linked above is part 2 of an interview from EA Play 2018 with Greg Black by Bryan Vahey. While part 1 (which also featured Michael Martinez) and the beginning of part 2 had nothing that we haven't heard before, the middle of part 2 sheds some light on Black's return to EA. Now on to community news. What you see above is "A Moment Of Madness", an awesome video by DoMiNaToR, one of the most successful Zero Hour players in modern times. It was done with the help of GenTool, and is not unlike a similar video by the latter's author xezon titled "A Moment Of Silence" from 7 years ago. A few weeks ago, Renegade-X received patch 5.354, which fixes maps, a few bugs and makes some quality-of-life changes. On Saturday, 30th June, GameReplays.org will host a 1v1 tournament in the recently updated Kane's Wrath mod One Vision. On 7th July, there will be a "C&C3 Conjunct Tournament", which will simultaneously be held in Tiberium Wars and its Kane's Wrath expansion for a prize of $150. That's all for now. If you have any news you know about and want featured here, please drop us a line.
  2. A YouTube channel that has recently popped up on my feed is one called simply "tg". As of two months ago, this dedicated Yuri's Revenge fan started posting analysis videos for a lot of things in the game, from comparing basic infantry and anti-air weapons, through detailed unit features like the ones for Brutes and Navy SEALs, to comparing the economical effects of Ore Purifiers and Industrial Plants. This channel is definitely worth a look!
  3. Now that the news from the official front are settling down, it's time to pick up on the recent happenings in the C&C community. Joe & Aza, whom we've met with their Hell March cover 3 years ago, are back with a Grinder cover (shown above). Kane Nash, the legendary author of numerous C&C wallpapers, is also back, with an awesome reminder of what the C&C community can do regardless of "official channels" being disappointing. OpenRA developers released a dev blog showcasing upcoming performance updates, the reduction of arbitrary differences from the original Red Alert, and a status update on the Tiberian Sun mod. As of today, the record of most concurrent players on CnCNet is 1082, with about half of those playing Mental Omega! One Vision, the most ambitious mod for Kane's Wrath, got a new release (version 0.90), including unique tier 4 units for most factions, Global Conquest compatibility, skins for ZOCOM, the Black Hand and Reaper-17, balance tweaks, new audio and visual effects, and much more! For its 16th anniversary, the D-Day mod for Yuri's Revenge got a shiny new website. The Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge will be getting patch 3.3.4 some time this summer, with the update on its main website announcing 8 new Covert Ops missions, a new Foehn Origins mission, a new challenge map, 13 new skirmish/multiplayer maps, and the usual range of bugfixes and balance tweaks. Plus, new renders in the style of the classic Red Alert 2 installer! The Nomad Galaxy mod for OpenRA got its first dev blog that goes into detail on how the mod is envisioned. The Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved mod for Tiberium Wars points to its Trello page for following the mod's progress, shows some neat new renders and calls for voice actors in the latest news post. And they say this community is dead. Pff.
  4. The well-known gaming critic and commentator, John Peter Bain, known as TotalBiscuit, has sadly passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. He has left a significant mark in the world of gaming, not only as a provider of entertaining and interesting content, including WTF Is... and the Co-Optional Podcast, but has also advocated consumer-friendly practices and gave numerous shout-outs to indie games and YouTube channels that were just getting started. The Command & Conquer community will also remember his features of some of its largest community projects - Renegade-X and OpenRA, which gathered hundreds of thousands of views and contributed to their popularity. His sense of humour didn't evade the C&C series either, as one trip to Paris showed. TotalBiscuit will be missed. May he rest in peace.
  5. Having tackled the Java mobile versions of Tiberium Wars, Tiberian Twilight and Red Alert, our well-known YouTuber TaxOwlbear has begun coverage of the last remaining official mobile Command & Conquer title - Red Alert for iOS from 2009. His copy even has the Empire of the Rising Sun expansion pack which was released after the main game, so the game will finally be completely demystified and uncovered for the majority of C&C fans who never got the chance to play it (since it was taken off the App Store years ago). Check this playlist for new uploads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00 AM CEST.
  6. It's been over a month since we last gave you a piece of C&C community news. For that, we apologize. Instead of excuses, here's a run-down on what's been going on in the community since we last reported on it: The Kane's Wrath Decade Cup has come and gone, and after an intense period of battling on the C&C:Online server, Phoenix took the $1000+ prize and bragging rights, with masterleaf ending up second, and bikerushownz being third. GameReplays.org also posted a timeline of the Kane's Wrath multiplayer community in the past 10 years. Steam user GSVIPER has released a Red Alert 1 Mammoth Tank for the game ArmA III on the Steam Workshop. The CBA mod is a requirement, however. The Yuri's Revenge mod Red Resurrection got its 2.2 release published four years after the previous public version. W3D Hub has posted their roadmap for the remainder of 2018, which not only touches on their known standalone games, but also tools that would help the modding community. Worth checking out! @FunkyFr3sh calls for testers on a new version of the TS-DDraw renderer. New updates on the development of the Contra 009, AGSA, and Frontline Chaos have been published. That about sums it up. If you have news that you'd like us feature on the site, send us a news tip. We are also looking for new news team members, so if you feel you're up to the task, please consider joining our team!
  7. For a video game music track, Frank Klepacki's Hell March sure has a lot of covers. Just to be safe, here's another, this time a short but really sweet one by Obsidian Productions, which you can also download from SoundCloud. This one's worth a listen!
  8. Throughout most January, there haven't been many news, especially not those that would warrant a full post. In recent days, however, this changed, so let's quickly look at what's been going on: Ares version 1.0 was finally released yesterday. This is the long-awaited build that fixes the save/load mechanic, and which is announced to power the next patch of Mental Omega APYR. Project Perfect Mod forum member Katz released an updated version of the W3D XML Asset Importer for newer versions of 3DS Max, largely improving the plug-in's performance. He has also released a set of tools with which one can extract and import assets from and to Command & Conquer 2013... well, at least the files that have been circulating around the webnets recently. Lin Kuei Ominae has released an updated version ( of the ImageShaper tool, which now allows the conversion of image sequences into SHP as a batch process. Red Alert: A Path Beyond was updated to version, while Expansive Civilian Warfare was updated to version The C&C: Untitled team has published a new look for the GLA Ravager Tank. Upcoming tournaments: Zero Hour: Winter Classic 2017 (underway, finals January 28th, 19:00 GMT) Kane's Wrath: 10 Year Marathon - 2v2 Vanilla Tournament (January 28th, 12:00 GMT) Red Alert 3: For The Win #52 (January 28th, 14:00 GMT)
  9. Sometimes, the community just surges and there are many things to cover at once. This is definitely a good thing, meaning there are still people who find C&C games interesting as they are and/or as modding platforms. So here's a roundup of recent community news: The 1.16 version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age has arrived, and has already received a day-one update to version 1.1662, bringing new units, a new singleplayer mission, two co-op missions, new multiplayer maps, multiplayer auto-saves every 2 minutes, and so much more. The team behind the Tiberian Sun Rising mod for Tiberium Wars has broken their silence that lasted since January, posting three new screenshots. Our friends at the German C&C Saga are continuing with their series of interviews with mod developers, this time with W3D Hub considering their long-standing standalone game Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Read it here - it's available in German and English. In more "domestic" news, we are now using the space that used to be reserved for conventional ads to advertise projects from within the C&C community (and nothing else, so you won't see any funny stuff!), and have created a poll for our next game night. Upcoming tournaments: Yuri's Revenge: December Holiday 2v2 Tournament (December 10th until January) Zero Hour: November Ladder Wars (in progress) Kane's Wrath: November Ladder Wars (undecided), Christmas 3v3 R12 Tournament (December 10th), BikeRush's Christmas 1v1 Tournament (December 17th) Red Alert 3: November Ladder Wars (December 9th)
  10. Our friends at the German C&C Saga have published two interviews - one with the Twisted Insurrection team members Erastus and Crimsonum, and the other with Deep Impact developers Zeke_Dlyoung and Anubis_theDark. Both interviews go back to the beginnings of the mods, their overviews, and future plans, and are available in German and English.
  11. Another rapid-fire batch of recent news from the C&C community: C&C games that are on Steam (Tiberium Wars through Tiberian Twilight) are on sale until November 28th. Individually, they are 75% off, while the entire bundle of 5 games is 81% off. The Generals Evolution mod for Red Alert 3 released a trailer for the upcoming Release Candidate 2. The German C&C Saga had an interview with Slye_Fox on his Red Alert 3 mod Condition Red, which is available for reading in German and English. Dawn of the Tiberium Age, a standalone Tiberian Sun mod, is scheduled to be updated to version 1.16 on December 1st, with a changelog already posted. This was even covered by PC Gamer! The TiberiumRim mod for RimWorld is still being updated, with the latest version being Beta 18. Upcoming tournaments: Kane's Wrath: November R12 Tournament (November 26th) Red Alert 3: For The Win #51 (November 26th)
  12. Here's a quick run-down of recent news from the C&C community: A new graphics renderer for 2D C&C titles (plus Dune 2000), called DDrawCompat, has been released, and is intended to boost the performance of these games compared to the alternatives and remove the Alt-Tab issue on Windows 8.x and 10, as well as slowdowns in larger battles. Be sure to check out the latest experimental release. Kudos to @FunkyFr3sh for linking this! The team behind the Red Alter mod for C&C 3: Tiberium Wars released another source pack, including defense structures and some older unit designs. The Reborn mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour has resumed production, and new Chinese generals have been displayed. The Red Alert 3 version of the Generals 2 mod has been updated to version 1.65, featuring navies and new unit models. Upcoming tournaments: Zero Hour: October Ladder Wars Tiberium Wars: October Ladder Wars Kane's Wrath: October Ladder Wars, World Cup Season 1 Round 2 OpenRA: Dark Tournament
  13. Several things have been going on in the C&C community in the past few days, so we'll go through them briefly: The Red Alter mod team have started working after a long hiatus, and have released the source models of what they've created so far. Kane's Wrath Reloaded (a Tiberium Wars mod despite the name) has been updated to version 1.91. Rampastring's alternate Tiberian Sun client has been updated to version 5.40 (use 5.30, then update it manually), and now even features the missions that were exclusive to the demo. An unofficial hotfix was released for the Zero Hour mod Shockwave, which resolves the pink Pathfinder texture on snow maps, fixes Kwai in the General's Challenge and makes Tao use his advanced nuclear silo in skirmishes and the General's Challenge. A full install of Shockwave version 1.201 is still required. OpenRA playtest version 20170902 has been released, featuring 40 resolved issues, a balance overhaul and the new "Agenda" map for the Red Alert mod, balance tweaks for the Tiberian Dawn mod, and a new version of the Mod SDK.
  14. We've fallen a bit behind on the news in the C&C community, so it's time to catch up. C&C Communications Center has relaunched on Sunday with a completely new look and a vast archive of data and images from Westwood's RTS titles currently spanning from the venerable Dune II to Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Much of the material you can see there hasn't been seen publicly in many years, and some of it... ever! Over the past week, the Twisted Insurrection team introduced new tracks for the upcoming version of the mod: Radioactivity (including some lyrics from Kraftwerk's song of the same name), W.I.R.E.S., Tungsten Souls, and The Surveyors. The first three tracks were composed by Swirekster, while The Surveyors is by OmegaBolt. OpenRA was updated to stable version 20170527, which fixes a few graphical issues and adds the "Fast" game speed. The Generals 2 mod for Red Alert 3 is showing further progress with the new APA tank models and textures. Red Alert: A Path Beyond was patched to version, introducing lots of balance changes, map tweaks, touched-up graphics for the Mammoth Tank, new Strela-2 model for the Grenadier and more.
  15. The Generals Gentlemen have posted a new video podcast featuring some of the well-known Command & Conquer game casters in the community. Joining GGTheMachine are IISpartacus, Monolithic Bacon and Five Aces, discussing a wide range of topics, covering many of the Command & Conquer games and other RTS games. It's a lengthy discussion, though, at just over 2 hours.
  16. There's been a lot of news in the Command & Conquer community to cover, so here's a quick overview of what's going on: The first release of the Red Alert 3 version of the Generals 2 mod has been published. Nyerguds' 1.06c patch for Command & Conquer: Gold received a hotfix (labeled update 4) that resolves a compatibility problem with CnCNet. The updated version of Kane's Wrath 1.02+ map packs, R12b, has been made available. These maps have many issues fixed, and are played by mid- and high-level players. On Saturday, February 18th, the third annual Free-For-All tournament in Kane's Wrath took place, lasting a total of six hours. Recorded live commentary by IISpartacus (joined in finals by Masterleaf) is available . Yesterday, CnCSaga.com found 7 more pieces of concept art from the cancelled Red Alert Alliances, which show that the Empire of the Rising Sun was also to appear. The CnCNet spawner code for Tiberian Sun has been made open to the public on GitHub, with the languages being C and x86 Assembler. Check out more news in our C&C Community News forum. If you have any community news of your own you want to share, feel free to send us a news tip.
  17. Both CnCNet and C&C:Online have launched their Discord servers recently. For those who don't know, Discord is a VoIP/chat service designed for gaming communities, and was intended to combine the best aspects of Skype and TeamSpeak, and you can even see a bit of IRC influence. It can be run through an application on your computer or smartphone, or through your web browser. So check out the CnCNet Discord server here, and the C&C:Online server.
  18. There's been a lot of news in the Command & Conquer community to cover, so here's a quick overview of what's going on: CnCNet has reached a new milestone, with over 720 players connected at the same time Techraptor has posted an article giving a nice retrospective view on the Red Alert games The Tiberian Dawn Redux mod for Zero Hour has received patch 1.43, with eight new missions and some edited ones, as well as balancing and bugfixes Twisted Insurrection received two hotfix patches following its latest major release, 0.61 and 0.62 W3D Hub published a new update on Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, showing off the Ore Purifier, the Tank Destroyer and Tanya's Sig Sauer pistol. Check out more news in our C&C Community News forum. If you have any community news of your own you want to share, feel free to send us a news tip.
  19. A very active weekend is coming up for C&C tournaments. There is a Zero Hour tournament on Friday at 14:00 GMT which will take place in Dubai and is organized by Que Club, a prominent gaming, café and billiard club in the United Arab Emirates, and the total prize pool is approximately 870 USD! The livestream will be shown here. Next up, GameReplays.org will be hosting three tournaments: Tiberium Wars - The Battle of the Titans 2 (1v1) - Saturday, 13:00 GMT, total prize pool of 150 USD Red Alert 3 (1.12.5) - FTW #39 (1v1) - Saturday, 14:00 GMT, total prize pool of 75 USD Kane's Wrath (1.02+) - Pair of Steel (2v2) - Sunday, 12:00 GMT, total prize pool of 300 USD There's still time to sign up for the latter three. It's great to see people still enjoy C&C multiplayer.
  20. Just a few community news items to mention that have happened in the past couple of days. CnCNet have announced their Yuri's Revenge client has received some important updates. Such as general bug fixes, including the lock game/kick issue, modern UI improvements, font sizes on game listing and player listing fixes and more. In other CnCNet news, the CnCNet 4 and Renegade Master Server legacy services have been discontinued with immediate effect. BlueHell Productions will be closing down their forums at the end of June. If you require any data from them please contact a member of the staff team. Check out more news in our C&C Community News forum. If you have any community news of your own you want to share feel free to send us a news tip.
  21. The Generals Gentlemen posted another video in their "What Makes RTS Games Fun" series just a few days ago. This one discusses micro and unit differentiation, featuring Tiberium Wars, Red Alert 3, C&C Generals and other RTS games. Watch the video above.