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  1. Hello CNCNZ! Long time no see! Some of you may be aware that I (Aro) announced my resignation as Twisted Insurrection leader a few months ago, I'd just like to inform you that I have changed my mind on the matter due-to several reasons and will be resuming work as normal! I apologize to our fans whom I may have disappointed, but I'm happy to announce that it was, afterall, only a temporary leave. After recent discussions with some staff members and some other people I consider to be my friends, I have managed to be persuaded to think otherwise about my resignation, so I owe a lot to the guys for helping me pick up my mood again. One other main deterrent of keeping up working on Twisted Insurrection was the fact that Windows 8 hindered my ability to resume work at the pace that I usually keep, but now thanks to a lot of fine-tuning and fiddling, everything is back in order again. Once Public Beta 5 is released and I have found an almost-perfect solution to the Windows 8 issue, I will include a tutorial of how to get TS/TI working correctly on the dreaded operating system. Now that I am back in the game and finally have internet set up at my new home, I am pleased to inform you that Twisted Insurrection will resume progress as normal! Not that Twisted Insurrection has been quiet for all those months, quite the contrary. We are only 2 Nod and 3 GDI Missions away from having a completed campaign, big props to Q45 for all his hard work. Once both campaigns are complete, some additional challenge missions will be created and then work on GloboTech's... missions... will begin. Now, I know what you're all thinking, which is probably something along the lines of "But Aro, when will the faction structures and units be finished?" and the answer to that is simply this, I don't know. ErastusMercy, the lead voxel artist for Twisted Insurrection has been on hiatus around the same time that I took my "leave" due-to several reasons, one of which being to embark on working on his mod, Emerald Prophecy, now for the Unreal engine, but hopefully he'll be back in the game soon. Lin Kuei Ominae, the Nod Building artist for Twisted Insurrection has been unable to use 3DSMAX for quite some time now, but that time is drawing to a close very soon (we hope), once he is able to begin work again, the Nod structures will start flying out again. Henskelion, our cinematics artist is also busy with studies, meaning that progress has been slowed too, but not for long. As for GDI, well it's just a matter of whether the artist in question has time, I'm going to discuss things with some of our SHP artists and see whether or not we can get things rolling at light speed again! So we have taken quite a blow in terms of staff activity, but things are going to pick up again as from today. Sadly, no, I can not give you a set date on Public Beta 5's release, but that's only because unforeseen consequences are bound to happen if I start making promises on release dates. Never-the-less, looking at the progress that has occurred and how much shorter our to-do-list has grown (with the exception of some faction graphics), we're nearing completion, and whilst it's not just around the corner, it's going to happen! Tiberian Sun modding will not die until we die. **** you, Windows 8! Check out Twisted Insurrection's pages around the web!
  2. Yesterday, the 0.7 version of Twisted Insurrection, a standalone Tiberian Sun total conversion mod, has been released. This is a pretty huge release, including a new "tech" faction - The Forsaken, 11 new skirmish/multiplayer maps, 14 new music tracks, new and improved unit and building graphics, new voiceovers, various fixes and tweaks, and so much more. You can download the full release here, and the full changelog is available here.
  3. The results are in for the Players' Choice part of this year's Mod of the Year and Indie of the Year awards in the Released category, which was, however, scheduled for Friday. In the Mod of the Year, the C&C community was made proud once again - we got Twisted Insurrection in 3rd place and Dawn of the Tiberium Age (both for Tiberian Sun, standalone) in 8th place. Honourable mentions went to Mental Omega APYR (for Yuri's Revenge), Contra, Rise of the Reds (both for Zero Hour), and Tiberium Essence (for Tiberium Wars). In the Indie of the Year awards, no C&C-related projects made it. Congratulations go to all C&C projects in this year's awards in all categories!
  4. Our friends at the German C&C Saga have published two interviews - one with the Twisted Insurrection team members Erastus and Crimsonum, and the other with Deep Impact developers Zeke_Dlyoung and Anubis_theDark. Both interviews go back to the beginnings of the mods, their overviews, and future plans, and are available in German and English.
  5. We've fallen a bit behind on the news in the C&C community, so it's time to catch up. C&C Communications Center has relaunched on Sunday with a completely new look and a vast archive of data and images from Westwood's RTS titles currently spanning from the venerable Dune II to Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Much of the material you can see there hasn't been seen publicly in many years, and some of it... ever! Over the past week, the Twisted Insurrection team introduced new tracks for the upcoming version of the mod: Radioactivity (including some lyrics from Kraftwerk's song of the same name), W.I.R.E.S., Tungsten Souls, and The Surveyors. The first three tracks were composed by Swirekster, while The Surveyors is by OmegaBolt. OpenRA was updated to stable version 20170527, which fixes a few graphical issues and adds the "Fast" game speed. The Generals 2 mod for Red Alert 3 is showing further progress with the new APA tank models and textures. Red Alert: A Path Beyond was patched to version, introducing lots of balance changes, map tweaks, touched-up graphics for the Mammoth Tank, new Strela-2 model for the Grenadier and more.
  6. Frank Klepacki has contributed his second track for the Twisted Insurrection standalone mod for Tiberian Sun. This time, it's the Killing Fields Remix, with the composed by VEF4. The track will appear in the seventh iteration of the Twisted Insurrection soundtrack, which already sports a long track list. It's awesome to see the game music legend support fan projects.
  7. There's been a lot of news in the Command & Conquer community to cover, so here's a quick overview of what's going on: CnCNet has reached a new milestone, with over 720 players connected at the same time Techraptor has posted an article giving a nice retrospective view on the Red Alert games The Tiberian Dawn Redux mod for Zero Hour has received patch 1.43, with eight new missions and some edited ones, as well as balancing and bugfixes Twisted Insurrection received two hotfix patches following its latest major release, 0.61 and 0.62 W3D Hub published a new update on Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, showing off the Ore Purifier, the Tank Destroyer and Tanya's Sig Sauer pistol. Check out more news in our C&C Community News forum. If you have any community news of your own you want to share, feel free to send us a news tip.
  8. Version 0.6 of Twisted Insurrection for Tiberian Sun has been released. Twisted Insurrection is a standalone game based on a heavily modified Tiberian Sun engine. The game features a completely new in-depth storyline which puts you in an alternate time-line where the Brotherhood of Nod were victorious during the first Tiberian War rather than GDI. Do you have what it takes to drag the shattered Global Defense Initiative out of ruin? Or will you crush all who oppose the will of Kane and his Inner Circle? Simultaneously, volume 6 of the Twisted Insurrection original soundtrack has been made available for download as well. It features an exclusive remix by the one and only Frank Klepacki. You can download the latest release and the soundtrack right here.
  9. The Twisted Insurrection team has released a newscast for the month of October. They've been working hard on polishing the game up for the 0.6 release which is now officially due on 19 November 2016, possibly sooner if they finish everything on their to-do list. GloboTech has new aircraft voxels by ErastusMercy, Lin Kuei Ominae has finished several Nod buildings (click above for the full image), certain terrains have been redone, skirmish/multiplayer maps have been updated and joined by some new ones, and two new tracks have been published - Prodigal Son by OmegaBolt, and Eidolon by Mentalmeisters' own Speeder! Check out the October newscast here for more.
  10. The popular standalone mod for Tiberian Sun, Twisted Insurrection, has received a trailer for the upcoming v0.6 version, showcasing all of the mod's features and gameplay points. The new release is scheduled for November, and a lot of the development in the past few months was focused on the Twisted Dawn campaigns, new theaters including an interior one, and a new client shared in design with Dawn of the Tiberium Age. The fans will have quite a lot to play with this winter.
  11. How about some new music from the one and only Frank Klepacki. This is new track is a remix of "Space Echo". It will be included in future builds of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun and in the future, the Twisted Insurrection OST Vol. 6. You can listen to the new track in the video above. And don't forget, Frank Klepacki has released his new album, "Digital Frontiers". It's available for purchase in digital download and CD formats.
  12. There hasn't been much news about the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun in recent times. Despite real life issues taking priority, the team have been hard work and have new stuff to show. And that starts now with this great looking cinematic of the GDI logo to be used for campaign purposes. Watch the video above.
  13. A new version of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun has been released and its available for download now. Version 0.4.5 includes some performance updates and numerous bug fixes to the client and the mod itself. The main purpose of this update however is to showcase the start of the new GloboTech Campaign that will be included in Version 0.5. The mission included is the teaser version of the first mission in their upcoming campaign. Completely new faction artwork has been made including a new sidebar, unit icons, briefing interface and loading screens. Visit the Twisted Insurrection site for more information and download.
  14. With updates to the current public release of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun coming to an end, development has now shifted on the next internal Version, 0.50. There is lot to accomplish in next major release, so here is quick summary of what has been planned. Additional campaign missions Twisted Dawn campaigns GloboTech's own mini-campaign Completion of more faction structure artwork Unit revision (add or replace units) Further and more thorough bug fixing Many more multiplayer maps Better or improved client options and features Some more cinematics for campaign missions New additions to the TI OST The video above shows off some the great video work being done. Watch the cool looking Nod Logo cinematic. You can read more about Twisted Insurrection v0.50 development right here.
  15. A hot fix patch for the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun has been released. This patch fixes a few small bugs in campaign missions, some more in the main client code and a few tweaks to some animations. There is also a change to the way mission selection works from the main menu. From now on, selecting a mission from the main menu will no longer result in the campaign launching from the start like in previous releases, now instead it will simply send you back to the main menu and give you the option to select the next mission manually instead. You can read more about this update by clicking here.
  16. Mark it down on your calendars, because version 0.40 of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun is set to be released next week on the 22nd of July. So what will be included in version 0.40? Here is a list of some of the more significant changes.... Some large changes to the Twisted Insurrection Client New client themes, bug fixes and many new options available Re-compiled and lighter files for better optimization and performance A new campaign mission and many fixes and updates to current missions Lots of new maps added to the Multiplayer Map pool Plenty of in-game bug fixes and balance changes Lots of in-game graphical updates on terrain, props and some units Removed lots of unused or broken code, some of which prevents a known Internal Error occurring Lots of new additions to the Twisted Insurrection Soundtrack Some new and improved unit voice-overs Changes made to all three AI types in Skirmish mode Both optimised and added some new sound effects Plenty of new animations and effects added, including updating older ones for better optimisation Head over the Twisted Insurrection site to learn more about this big stand alone mod for Tiberian Sun.
  17. The Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun features a very in-depth soundtrack and today it gets a new track with the release of the latest one called "Armor and Speed". It has a true Tiberian Sun vibe and feel, so give it a listen. Visit the Twisted Insurrection site for more.
  18. Just a bit late in reporting this news. Late last week version 0.39.1 of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun was released. Featuring a long list of changes and additions, some of the most notable changes are large alterations to the balance and functionality of a number of units in the game, mostly made based on the input from Twisted Insurrection fans and players. For a complete list of changes, check out the 0.39.1 changelog. The Twisted Insurrection Client has also received some improvements in this new release.... FinalTI now saves maps listed as Custom rather than Standard in the game mode dropbox Hyperlinks can now be clicked in chat sections Incorporated followed game icons to CnCNet lobby Added new game option: Disable Tech Units Fixed a bug that caused the tray icon to sometimes linger after closing Twisted Insurrection Added icons next to faction selection options Improved client handling when checking for Administrative rights You can download Twisted Insurrection 0.39.1 via the Twisted Insurrection client. Visit the official site for the standalone download and more details.
  19. We are very late in posting this, so it's time to catch up on the latest from the Twisted Insurrection for Tiberian Sun. A new patch is going to be available very soon that fixes some of the performance issues encountered in the latest version of the mod. There is no date for this patch but it's been confirmed that it solves all issues. In other Twisted Insurrection news. The new official site has finally be launched with a great looking and eye catching design, plus a brand new address, http://www.twistedinsurrection.net. And while you're there checking out the new site, grab a copy of the the Twisted Insurrection Original Soundtrack Volume 4 that is available for download. This latest version includes all Twisted Insurrection music tracks created to date, including Contagion, Act on Insanity, Viperbeat and many more. Click here for the full update.
  20. Twisted Insurrection version 0.39 has been released yesterday, with a new and improved client similar to the main client of CnCNet, new game modes, new skirmish and multiplayer options, a balance overhaul, new units and structures (some of which are deliberately kept as a surprise), some new and some improved campaign missions, including the Nod finale, as well as an extension of an already large original soundtrack. Click here for more information and a download link.
  21. - Version 0.39 New Features - For a complete list of features, minor and major, please read our changelog here. Probably one of the most important features in Twisted Insurrection 0.39 is the new and improved Client, granting you the ability to customize your Skirmish and Online games with loads of new options and tweaks, pre-set teams, locations and alliances on all maps (even with AI players) and have many new game modes to try such as Twisted Dawn, Survival, Meat Grinder, Unholy Alliance, Timeless Insurrection and Ultimate Insurrection. Loads of options that were not possible before are now available, which will enhance your skirmish and multiplayer experience greatly, allowing you to play the style of match you are looking for, be it a quick relentless war or a long-winded battle with unlimited funds at your disposal. Some of these new options include Build Off Ally, Start Without Shroud, Tiberium-Resistant Infantry, Disable Tiberium Lifeforms, Berzerk Cyborgs, Unlimited Tiberium and Enable Ion Storms. Some screenshots can be seen just above of all of the new client options! Version 0.39 brings a massive balance overhaul to the mod too implementing lots of feedback provided by staff testing and the public players. The campaign missions have been modified and improved along with the addition of a few more new missions to play, including the Nod Finale. Some new units and structures have been added into the game too, some of which we won't reveal how to acquire just yet. A list of Twisted Insurrection's top features (old and new): Windows 8 / 8.1 Support All new Skirmish/Online set-up Options Optional Base Props mode, giving you more eye-candy for your bases Completely Standalone (No CD/TS Required, TI runs entirely by itself) A new in-depth story-line following Nod's victory in Tiberian Dawn (C&C95) Completely revamped and improved graphics Additional Skirmish Modes such as Twisted Dawn, Survival and Checkpoint New campaigns and new missions for GDI and Nod, including special challenge missions. Over 100 new multiplayer maps Smooth and fast Paced online game-play Official CNCNet and Online Play Support All New Units and Structures Enhanced Skirmish and AI Custom cinematics and a completely Original Soundtrack Head on over to our ModDB page for downloads andinformation for the latest version of the mod!
  22. Public Beta 5.037 of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun is now available via the Twisted Insurrection client. This update fixes lots of bugs in the campaign missions, adds new features to many others and adds a new mission to the GDI campaign which takes place in between GDI Mission 3 and 4. This means that GDI Mission 3 and 4 have also been updated to compensate for the new mission scenario. There is some important information about this new release that should be read as well. Visit the Twisted Insurrection site for more details and the download.
  23. Despite all the hard work and based on feedback from players, it looks like some extra updates have been applied to the latest release of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun. Find out what's new and how to update by following the link in the above Tweet.
  24. Public Beta 5 of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun has been released. A few days earlier than originally announced. After lots of hard work, there has been an incredible amount of work done to Twisted Insurrection since the release of Public Beta 4 back in late 2012, the mod is almost unrecognisable from all of it's previous releases and feels much more complete and polished than ever before. Twisted Insurrection - Public Beta 5 Features: Windows 8 Support All new Skirmish/Online set-up Options Completely Standalone (No CD/TS Required) A new in-depth story-line Completely revamped graphics Over 40 new single-player campaign missions Over 100 new multi-player maps Smoothest ever game-play Excellent online game-play Official CNCNet Support All New Units All New Structures Enhanced Skirmish and AI Custom cinematics An all new Original Soundtrack Over 1200 changes since Beta 4! Visit the Twisted Insurrection site for more details and the download.
  25. It's just 10 short days until the release of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun. This mod is one of the biggest and best mods in the modding community. It has seen a dedicated and long development period with many important releases along the way. Twisted Insurrection - Public Beta 5 Features: Windows 8 Support All new Skirmish/Online set-up Options Completely Standalone (No CD/TS Required) A new in-depth story-line Completely revamped graphics Over 40 new single-player campaign missions Over 100 new multi-player maps Smoothest ever game-play Excellent online game-play Official CNCNet Support All New Units All New Structures Enhanced Skirmish and AI Custom cinematics An all new Original Soundtrack Over 1200 changes since Beta 4! More details can be found on the Twisted Insurrection site.