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  1. Ever since EA announced that they will remaster a classic C&C title and wanted to ask the community what we wanted, I figured I'd make a short poll... So here it is: What should the next C&C Remaster/Remake/New Game for PC be? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjX4CmHrG8kTqrm0Tkb0J5lvAjq_xq1WibmtTfdC9_lRKeyA/viewform I reckon that I listened to people left and right, and I made it late in the morning, so please let me know if it needs any changes.
  2. Oh, dear lord, have mercy upon us...
  3. Some of you might be familiar with the OpenRA mod that's being developed by members of the french fansite C&C Saga titled "C&C FanWars" (ModDB page link). It's a mod that puts different C&C fan armies together, all are based on a mix of different factions from different C&C Universes. The Red Alliance, for example, is based off of Nod and the Soviets, while the Order is a mix of Scrin and EotRS. They have just released version 1.0 of their mod, which is now an independent OpenRA mod, instead of a TS mod, as it was back when they announced it. Warning: The preview video above is in French. As for the mod, you can download it here. You can also read the full news post in French here on CNCSaga.
  4. Good news! Mental Omega will have a new Allied Covert Ops mission in its next release! You can see a preview walkthrough of the mission here: Here is the link for the ModDB post: https://www.moddb.com/mods/mental-omega/images/fullmetal#imagebox
  5. The C&C Red Alert History conversion mod for C&C3 just had its Release VI version released. This mod replaces GDI and Nod with Allies and Soviets, respectively. The arsenal of each faction is a mix of all 3 Red Alert eras. This version includes some vehicular additions, as well as buildings for both factions. However, the most notable additions here are the Airfields and Aircraft for each faction. You can check it out here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-red-alert-history/news/release-vi-beta1
  6. In an ironic twist of fate: http://ca.ign.com/articles/2018/08/14/ea-chief-design-officer-patrick-soderlund-leaves-company I think it was Andrew Wilson that wanted to continue in the usual EA direction and Patrick Soderlund disagreed, thus leaving. The "People make a mistake of saying 'this is what you really want'", I feel, is just him repeating Wilson's wording and having to defend his company's line, which has been mistakingly attributed to him (He does say "For us" before spewing out that line). The line was also cut out from the rest of his sentence, thus removing the appropriate context. It's possible the person who wrote the article did that on purpose, to make it seem like Patrick and EA think we're idiots. It's just too vague and lacking enough context to be sure of Patrick's original intentions when he said that. It's possible the sentence was also deformed and the wording changed. We have no transcript to prove those are Patrick's exact words. I really suspect he was just spewing out what Wilson and the staff in charge of EA (and/or the biggest investors) wanted him to. It also explains why Wilson stated they wanted to continue Lootboxes when Soderlund seemed to imply that they weren't going to or that it wasn't a good decision to continue in that manner. Look at the official statement, too: "Today we are announcing that Patrick Söderlund has made the decision to move on from EA." Interesting wording, no? He made the decision himself, he wasn't fired. "Move on", I don't know what to say, except that it doesn't sound happy. It sounds like they're implying something negative, that they're unhappy with him leaving or as if he disagreed with them and that's why he left, instead of staying and getting into a conflict. They do pick up the pace afterwards in the press release, however...
  7. For those of you looking forward to this game, feel free to complete this short survey to help drive future content for the game! Which Commanders & Units do you want to see next in C&C Rivals? Do you have any original ideas for Commander & Unit mechanics, as well? Let us know! Survey link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHITLjJBPXg3rD4iZJGxfIbJO41fKU_xE6BBvla4viTwxBLg/viewform P.S. - Before anyone asks, no, I do not work for EA, nor is it my intention to pretend that I am.
  8. I wouldn't say that's confirmation we'll hear news next month... However, I do believe we'll know exactly what this game is, by Gamescom 2019. The thing that makes most sense to me, that seems most likely, is that they'll announce a Red Alert 4 either at Gamescom this year or at E3 next year. RA4 would line up perfectly with what Greg and Frank Klepacki have been saying so far. Lots of References to Hell March (Greg said on Twitter that he was listening to HM while at the new studio, I think?) and Red Alert, and we've already gone through C&C4 and Generals 2, all that's missing is RA4. Not to mention that supposed EA-sanctioned RA Online game.
  9. EA logo was added at the bottom left of the webpage: http://hongjing.qq.com/ Safe to say...It's legit.
  10. Oh, all right. I just can't read Chinese and didn't bother to translate, so yeah... x) But I did see a fake/clone which had "Westwood / EA" in its title and description.
  11. Not sure if legit. Lookie here: Same art, different game. RA2 mobile clones are ridonkulously popular in China. http://shouyou.3dmgame.com/ios/8877.html Look at all the games with Soviet logos at the bottom of the page. Yep, all clones. Yuri clones. LOL And I recognize the interface from a non-EA mobile game.
  12. Good news, everyone! Raw Sauce, No ketchup: Hopefully it's a fake and it stays a rumor, but I have a feeling it's legit.
  13. I think there was a potential draft of the story for C&C 3 and Tiberium, where the Scrin were actually human: https://forum.cncsaga.com/gallery/image/3151-travail-sur-scrin/ Which was then altered to look like this: https://forum.cncsaga.com/gallery/image/3152-scrin/ This is official art from C&C 3. Both pieces come from the same artist. Worst of all is the former is what appears to be a final, colorized version, so this means it likely wasn't just a "what if" idea, they put a lot of thought and development into it, before it was scrapped and the aliens became "generic Hollywood aliens". Now, remember, the C&C 3 and Tiberium "story bible" did take inspiration from the scrapped TS Story Bible (like the Tacitus being recovered in 2028), as well as some elements seen here: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chrissyx.com%2Fc%26ctib.php&edit-text= Kane was originally in contact with the Scrin, at one point, and he was the member of an ancient, highly advanced human civilization. Not too dissimilar from what Westwood had in mind, from what I can recall (well, the ancient civilization, that Westwood had in mind, was from Mars, at one point, but that was scrapped). We'll never know the answer...But it ties in everything pretty neatly, if Scrin are humans. 1. They've evolved to become a cult of addiction instead of a race (Kane's Wrath Intel Database). They were humans and we're all prone to addiction. Reason why we don't see "the addicts is because they're humans and most of the Scrin harvesting force are just bio-mechanical constructs made by advanced nanotech. This can also explain why it's so easy for them to mind-control Humans (who's to say an alien brain and biology are both compatible with Human brains?) and to turn them into "Scrin" (Traveler-59's Cultists (and they're called by a typical Nod name!)) 2. They know Kane cause he was their prophet, in the past. They were part of that same ancient civilization. 3. The "Brotherhood" that was the "enemy" of "The Scrin" (as mentioned in that GDI Intel Database entry) can only be Nod. There was also the word "Ascended" thrown in there. (Read, under "InOps" here, find the entry titled "Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus": http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Intelligence_Database) This explains how Kane knows of the Scrin and understands their technology and seems to know their origins. The Scrin were originally on Earth...Not as invaders, but rather, they were Humans, whom were later exiled (or simply left). This is why Kane can regenerate so well and so easily compared to us mortals, why he can give his DNA to others (C&C4...But let's ignore that one). This explains why they came back for Earth, specifically. Kane is also seemingly immune to Tiberium (C&C3) and this explains why some mutants exist, why some humans are seemingly not dead, but only mutated after Tiberium exposure (think of it like Marvel's Inhumans and Tiberium is Terrigen Crystals / Terrigen Mists) - Those mutants were part of the "ancient advanced human race" that roamed Earth millennia before (or a Human/Ancient hybrid). This isn't too dissimilar of the concept of the Nephalem in Diablo 3, the Precursors/Isu from Assassin's Creed (or a potential Human-ancient hybrid, like what the Assassins and Templars are) or the half-God/half-human hybrids of Greek mythology. Heck, even Halo has its lore settled on the concept of there having been an ancient space-faring Human race 100 000 years ago, just close enough to today for humans to have had the chance to fully evolve to Homo Sapiens, but distant enough so that any trace of that civilization can have completely vanished, without leaving a trace, so to explain as to how we don't have far advanced technology today, and to avoid contradicting how civilization truly started 10 000 years ago for us. So...Yeah, that would've been a cool twist. Think they're aliens? Nope! They're humans. Oh, also CABAL is part of them, because he was reborn from an ancient Scrin AI. So technically, the 3rd faction is not only the Scrin, but also CABAL and The Forgotten. It's all 3! That would've been mind-blowing. Imagine the devs telling us whenever we asked if it was The Scrin, CABAL or the Forgotten, and the devs would always say "Yes", but we'd be like "they're trolling us! Which one is it?!" and then it turns out they were telling us the truth.
  14. Can't say more other than this person: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1589022/ ...Is also interested in the project, and this project is something she's familiar with. So...2+2=4. Quick mafs. You know what this could mean. If C&C is back, I'll definitely come back to help you guys run the website and moderate the forums. I'll be glad to help with video & audio content as well, if necessary, including streaming and what not.
  15. I can confirm that this is definitely Jon LeMaitre, AKA AGMLauncher. I recognize his writing style and how his post is not concise. He goes a lot into details and adds a bit of his opinion, as well. I bet if you asked him "can you keep only the important information and cut the rest?", his answer would be "All of it is important information!" - I recall former EALA/VG employees and I saying the same thing, but ultimately agreeing that his points and expertise were golden and on-point. He often sounds harsher in his posts than he really is (notably on the "no campaign" comments someone mentioned, and the criticism about the game's heavy art focus, which he made here), he's just a really expressive guy. Met him IRL and found he's a pretty swell guy. For what it's worth, I agree with many of his points. Many of the EA/VG employees I talked to said almost the exact same things (albeit in a more neutral manner). The "siloed development" point he made was absolutely true, and he wasn't the only one that told me this. I can also firsthand attest to the fact that JVC was a huge StarCraft fan and wanted to burrow many ideas and concepts from that game. But then again, StarCraft 2 did take many concepts from C&C Generals and Zero Hour, as well (Dustin Browder worked at EALA/EAP before moving to Blizzard, by the way). I personally firsthand tried the builds that AGMLauncher and compared with the actual VG beta/alpha builds, his felt a lot more right and C&Cish. By the way, if you couldn't tell, his criticism of the dumbed down multiplayer with only a few units per general also applies to StarCraft 2's Co-Op mode, given as that was a direct continuation of the work done on this game. Tim Morten moved to SC2 after Generals 2 was cancelled. He oversaw development of that game mode.