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  1. It's not much. But keep in mind this is a small-ish game, and it's on mobile as well, so they have to keep the filesize reasonable. Thanks for the YouTube link, just added it to the post
  2. The Command & Conquer: Rivals soundtrack, which was made by Austin Wintory and is distributed by Lakeshore Records, has just been released on December 7th. Tracklist: Rekindled Rivalry - 2:08 The Spearpoint - 3:46 Launch Codes - 3:12 Deployment - 2:04 Seas of Blood and Tiberium - 5:10 You can either listen to it for free, or download it at the following locations: Itunes Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music YouTube Napster Google Play
  3. As the first voting phase for ModDB's Mod of the Year is approaching its end, here's most of the recent mod updates we've had from the community: The Second Tiberium War standalone TS mod will receive campaign missions, with the first GDI one having already been shown. It will also have a full Navy for both GDI and Nod, as well as improved urban and rural and props and tiles, including docks. GDI will also receive a Command Center structure. World Axletree, a YR mod, has a new GIF of a new support power in action, as well as new buildings. Combined Arms' developer has shown new Soviet units and changes, including the new Frogfoot. Red Alert History's next release will feature another set of new units and buildings that have been revealed recently, mostly all of them from RA2: The Allied Refinery & Ore Truck, The Soviet Refinery, The Soviet War Miner, The Soviet V3 Launcher, The Allied Prism Tank, The Soviet Tesla Tank, The Allied Grand Cannon and finally, the Soviet War Factory. Tiberian Sun Rising has released a new article showcasing Mutated Tiberium wildlife in the C&C3 engine, as well as Drop Pods and The Fist of Nod. C&C Generals: Frontlines' version 0.3 has been released. It notably includes a new unit for General Leang, the Skunk AFV. You can download it here. Mental Omega's Foehn faction will receive a new unit: The Orcinus. CnC Final War's version 1.0b is now live, which includes many new features, such as updated Empire Buildings, a robotic miner, new buildings for the Legion faction and much more. You can read the full developer blog here, which details all the changes. YR Red Resurrection patch 2.2.10 is now available, bringing with it some changes to the European faction as well as teasing future campaign missions. You can download the patch here and read the 2.2.10 release blog update here. Finally, you can read a retrospective blog post from OmegaBolt, detailing how the mod has evolved over the past 8 years and how it will evolve from here on, as well. One Vision has just released new details in a short blog post about its upcoming 0.92 update, which features mostly updates to some subfactions' unit upgrades, as well as showing recharge times for support powers. Tiberium Essence: In a surprise update that came seemingly out of nowhere, Carnius has just revealed yesterday that he will release the 2.0 Alpha version of Tiberium Essence sometime before Christmas Day, an update which will include The Forgotten as a new, fully-playable faction.
  4. Check this out, Tchutch from CNCSaga made this really cool-looking hybrid C&C/RA Remastered box art: Amazing stuff!
  5. Hey everyone, as some of you might remember, I made a poll a little over a month ago, asking about what you'd like to see in a C&C Remaster. Here are the results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ObZyd6en25oPNWhgaRskFTyK5h080ibejCOqG-FeNCc/viewanalytics https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/128Q2r_EhTpvyf3tbwz7d46T5jvm1IxSLPwsnDqb9yvQ/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Here's a set of new developments all throughout the community in the recent days: VG247 has revealed that Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex, has worked on a first-person Command & Conquer RPG game that was cancelled by EA, adding that it would've taken a lot of inspiration from Deus Ex. No further information was given on this cancelled project. Deep Impact, a total conversion mod for Zero Hour, has been cancelled by its team, No Life Studios. The latest beta build of the mod was released "as-is" and can be downloaded here. The Second Tiberium War mod has been updated to version 2.0, which can now be downloaded. It replaces several units from its older versions and from Tiberian Sun, as well. Eternal Cronus, a new total conversion for Yuri's Revenge set in an alternate Red Alert future, has released its first in-game shots of structures from one of its new factions. A Generals-based total conversion mod for C&C3, aptly titled "Generals", has released in-game footage as well as in-game screenshots. CnC: Final War, a well-known Yuri's Revenge mod which has just recently been released, has new screenshots, showcasing the return of Soviet Service Depots, a new EuroCoal unit and the new Allied Navy, all of which will be a part of patch 1.0b. C&C Generals: Frontlines, a small mod for Zero Hour, has received an alpha release. Star Wars: Command & Conquer - Tiberium Empire, is a total conversion for C&C3 that was announced last month. Aside from having a long name, it brings about most of the well-known factions from the prequel and original Star Wars trilogy into C&C3, by altering the lore so that Tiberium makes its apperance in the Star Wars universe. Its sole developer, Quinn-G, is already showcasing progress on the mod. Project Tomahawk:Storm, a mod for classic C&C Generals rather than Zero Hour, has just been updated to version 1.1. You can also browse the mod's gallery for in-game screenshots of the latest version. Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang patch 1.04, a Kane's Wrath mod, the Wolverine has just received a graphical upgrade and GDI will now have a Field Trooper Drop Pod support power. Madin, the developer of the C&C: Red Alert History mod for C&C3, has shown several new additions for Release 7 of his mod, with more on the way in the coming days. Shown so far are the Airforce Command, Harrier, Mirage Tank, Soviet Multi-Drone, Mammoth Tank and Ore Trucks. The Doom Desire total conversion mod for Yuri's Revenge has had 2 new structures revealed for its Essence Faction: The Aural Resonator and The Assembly Plant.
  7. Despite controversy among the community, C&C Rivals continues development. Here's what's been happening on that front. EA has been releasing a series of Tips & Tricks videos on the game, titled "Commanders Training Videos" with the help of Rivals community members and players. On the road to Worldwide Launch, Rivals has now become available in several countries, having been just released in Canada. It is also now available on both iOS (through the App Store) and Android platforms (Google Play). Player Profiles and Leagues have been introduced to the game. This includes a World Map showcasing player league progression. Bounties and Fuel, which constitute part of the game's free progression rewards, have received an upheaval. New Units (August): The Juggernaut (GDI) and Giga-Cannon (Nod) have been released. New Units (September): The A.P.C. (GDI) and Phantom (Nod) have been released . New Units (Early October): The Shockwave Trooper (GDI) and Tick Tank (Nod) have been released. New Units (Late October): The Drone Swarm (GDI) and Chem. Buggy (Nod) have been released. New Units (November): The War Dogs (GDI) and Widowmaker (Nod) have been released. A competitive mode, titled "Rivals Champions" has been announced. An official Worldwide Launch date was announced: December 4th, 2018. Update 1.1. was released in early October, bringing with it many balance, monetization & map changes, a slew of new units, as well as replacing Sectors with Leagues & Divisions and adding in the Rivals Fairplay mode. Update 1.2 has been released this week, adding in the War Dogs & Widowmaker units, the Rivals Champions mode, as well as bringing substantial changes to maps, player leveling & progression, unit unlocking, crates, economy & monetization. A Rivals Commander Training video has revealed a new GDI infantry unit, which appears to be some sort of "Machine Gun Team". The Canadian iOS App Store page has brand new screenshots of the game, showcasing what is possibly the next two units to be released in the game: The Orca Bomber (GDI) and The Avatar (Nod). Update 1.2 has brought in a small, yet ominous easter egg on the World Map in the Tiberium League locale, in the form of the crashed Scrin Ship from Tiberian Sun. It is present on the top right, when scrolling off the map, seemingly encased in ice. That's all for now, Commanders.
  8. Exactly, I don't get it, either, it's super-confusing. It sounds pretty much like this game was in early to late "beta". I think pre-alpha is supposed to be that the game is being worked on but isn't entirely playable. Alpha is like playable but not feature-complete? IDK, I feel like they add new terms for no reason whatsoever...
  9. Yeah, this game is not ready for launch IMHO.
  10. Ever since EA announced that they will remaster a classic C&C title and wanted to ask the community what we wanted, I figured I'd make a short poll... So here it is: What should the next C&C Remaster/Remake/New Game for PC be? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjX4CmHrG8kTqrm0Tkb0J5lvAjq_xq1WibmtTfdC9_lRKeyA/viewform I reckon that I listened to people left and right, and I made it late in the morning, so please let me know if it needs any changes.
  11. Oh, dear lord, have mercy upon us...
  12. Some of you might be familiar with the OpenRA mod that's being developed by members of the french fansite C&C Saga titled "C&C FanWars" (ModDB page link). It's a mod that puts different C&C fan armies together, all are based on a mix of different factions from different C&C Universes. The Red Alliance, for example, is based off of Nod and the Soviets, while the Order is a mix of Scrin and EotRS. They have just released version 1.0 of their mod, which is now an independent OpenRA mod, instead of a TS mod, as it was back when they announced it. Warning: The preview video above is in French. As for the mod, you can download it here. You can also read the full news post in French here on CNCSaga.
  13. Good news! Mental Omega will have a new Allied Covert Ops mission in its next release! You can see a preview walkthrough of the mission here: Here is the link for the ModDB post: https://www.moddb.com/mods/mental-omega/images/fullmetal#imagebox
  14. The C&C Red Alert History conversion mod for C&C3 just had its Release VI version released. This mod replaces GDI and Nod with Allies and Soviets, respectively. The arsenal of each faction is a mix of all 3 Red Alert eras. This version includes some vehicular additions, as well as buildings for both factions. However, the most notable additions here are the Airfields and Aircraft for each faction. You can check it out here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-red-alert-history/news/release-vi-beta1
  15. In an ironic twist of fate: http://ca.ign.com/articles/2018/08/14/ea-chief-design-officer-patrick-soderlund-leaves-company I think it was Andrew Wilson that wanted to continue in the usual EA direction and Patrick Soderlund disagreed, thus leaving. The "People make a mistake of saying 'this is what you really want'", I feel, is just him repeating Wilson's wording and having to defend his company's line, which has been mistakingly attributed to him (He does say "For us" before spewing out that line). The line was also cut out from the rest of his sentence, thus removing the appropriate context. It's possible the person who wrote the article did that on purpose, to make it seem like Patrick and EA think we're idiots. It's just too vague and lacking enough context to be sure of Patrick's original intentions when he said that. It's possible the sentence was also deformed and the wording changed. We have no transcript to prove those are Patrick's exact words. I really suspect he was just spewing out what Wilson and the staff in charge of EA (and/or the biggest investors) wanted him to. It also explains why Wilson stated they wanted to continue Lootboxes when Soderlund seemed to imply that they weren't going to or that it wasn't a good decision to continue in that manner. Look at the official statement, too: "Today we are announcing that Patrick Söderlund has made the decision to move on from EA." Interesting wording, no? He made the decision himself, he wasn't fired. "Move on", I don't know what to say, except that it doesn't sound happy. It sounds like they're implying something negative, that they're unhappy with him leaving or as if he disagreed with them and that's why he left, instead of staying and getting into a conflict. They do pick up the pace afterwards in the press release, however...