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  1. Alright, this is literally the only serious thing that hold me from saying farewell to this unit, I rather finish with it before I move on to the next one :/, what was the direct upgrade+button method you was talking about? maybe I could try that till you will be able to check the xmls yourself.
  2. I think 50% health or damaged conditions can works, I recall I saw xml use health condition once, don't recall where and why Maybe you can also make upgrade that will disable the AutoHealBehavior once health had reached 100% to create a loop? Don't know if it possible though
  3. Well I got from the tests that the specialpower module must be there, but I have no clue how to use the SwitchLocomotorsSpecialAbilityUpdate with it, because the moment they both in the same xml of my gameobject, the button become unpressable as if it not linked to the specialpower, unit ability mostly do the same thing and the MCV's SP is not much different from it (at least in the chain xmls of the ability button I think?).... Looking at the Shadows or Venom didn't helped much. So unless you can explain to imbecile like myself what I do wrong, we may better try the other method you just mentioned, I can also try sending you the xmls and you can try add to them whatever works, but I will need to know exactly what cause I need to re-add it again to the broken-style-extracted-xmls of wrathed 1.08 buggy ver (which work th best despite extracting the xmls that way)
  4. Hell o_o, hope you will feel better man, fussy/drunk, but better~ That actually make me feel bad about bothering you with my noob's questions >.> (Nice plan ;D????...? ) Take your time replying ~ Anyway, I done 3 tests, so far all of them failed in the same manner by making the button unpressable: Test 1. <SpecialPower id="0x7BD8B3AF" AvailableAtStart="False" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgradeCondor"> <AttributeModifierAffects Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterMP Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterStrategic Rule="UNPARSED"/> </SpecialPower> <SwitchLocomotorsSpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_UnpackupdateUpdate" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgradeCondor" UnpackTime="2s" BusyForDuration="2s" UseUpgradedLocomotor="false" Options="IGNORE_FACING_CHECK" SetObjectStatusOnTrigger="NO_AUTO_ACQUIRE NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI"/> Test 2. <SpecialPower id="ModuleTag_unpackdispatch" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgradeCondor" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="true" AvailableAtStart="False" /> <SwitchLocomotorsSpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_UnpackupdateUpdate" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgradeCondor" UnpackTime="2s" BusyForDuration="2s" UseUpgradedLocomotor="false" Options="IGNORE_FACING_CHECK" SetObjectStatusOnTrigger="NO_AUTO_ACQUIRE NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI"/> Test 3. <SpecialPowerDispatchSpecialPower id="0x7BD8B3AF" AvailableAtStart="False" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgradeCondor"> <AttributeModifierAffects Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterMP Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterStrategic Rule="UNPARSED"/> <SpecialPower SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgradeTrigger"/> </SpecialPowerDispatchSpecialPower> <SpecialPower id="0x5731B6987" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgradeTrigger" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="True"> <AttributeModifierAffects Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterMP Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterStrategic Rule="UNPARSED"/> </SpecialPower> <SwitchLocomotorsSpecialAbilityUpdate id="0x1E1062960" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgradeTrigger" UseUpgradedLocomotor="False" BusyForDuration="2s" FaceTarget="True" SetObjectStatusOnTrigger="NO_AUTO_ACQUIRE NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI" Options="IGNORE_FACING_CHECK" UnpackTime="2s"/>
  5. Well that may didn't work either (Unless I done something wrong as usual) You meant I should add thses line to the unit's xmls right? I tried to even add it to the GiveOrRestoreUpgradeSpecialPower just in case Here what I done <SpecialPower id="0x028447855" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantPackUpgradeCondor" AvailableAtStart="False" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="True"> <SwitchLocomotorsSpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_UnpackupdateUpdate" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantPackUpgradeCondor" UnpackTime="2s" BusyForDuration="2s" UseUpgradedLocomotor="false" Options="IGNORE_FACING_CHECK" SetObjectStatusOnTrigger="NO_AUTO_ACQUIRE NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI"/> <AttributeModifierAffects Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterMP Rule="UNPARSED"/> <RequirementsFilterStrategic Rule="UNPARSED"/> </SpecialPower> <GiveOrRestoreUpgradeSpecialPower id="0xE135B0503" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantPackUpgradeCondor" FaceTarget="True" UpgradeToGive="Upgrade_Pack"/> <SwitchLocomotorsSpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_UnpackupdateUpdate" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_GrantPackUpgradeCondor" UnpackTime="2s" BusyForDuration="2s" UseUpgradedLocomotor="false" Options="IGNORE_FACING_CHECK" SetObjectStatusOnTrigger="NO_AUTO_ACQUIRE NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI"/> <ReplaceSelfUpgrade id="0xFC14FA9EE" NewObjectUnpackTime="1.8s"> <TriggeredBy>Upgrade_Pack</TriggeredBy> <ReplacementTemplate>ZOCOMCondorEmpMod</ReplacementTemplate> </ReplaceSelfUpgrade>
  6. Alright, will do it in the unit's xml, don't we also need to add NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI in the setobjectstatus as well? And I don't need to mess with the SP xml like you said in this post: right?
  7. Well... if no one have better idea then I probably must use EA's method (Unless you have better idea or you notice I did something wrong, please tell me anyone here have better idea :/ ) I actually didn't have trillion issues (as you have guessed) but just three major ones (may have more but these are the ones I notice right away) 1. The unit unpacking animation was a bit broken (have idea how to solve it though) 2. For some reason when I unpack/repack the unit it stop the selection of the unit and make me reselect it (unlike the any other unpack unit in this game include the scrin mothership) 3. When I change the jet mod to the plane mod (that move in circles), The plane won't move in circles till you tell it to move manually, it have the same locomators and JetAIUpdate as the Firehawk and didn't gave me this issue when I only replaced Unit A with B and vice versa If no one have any clue how to solve it with the method above (please tell me you have ;( ) Then I post the unit xml and hopefully someone can figure what causing issue 2 and 3 (and 1 if I won't be able to solve it on my own)
  8. ..... that actually doesn't work either o_o I added this to the unit behvior: <FireWeaponUpdate id="ModuleTag_Fireweapon"> <FireWeaponNugget OneShot="true" Firedelay="0.1s" WeaponName="CondorFakeWeaponForUnpack"/> </FireWeaponUpdate> And this in the behvior beneath <slowdeath/> just in case: <FireWeaponWhenDead id="0xF6CD4A6D3" InitiallyActive="True" DeathWeapon="CondorFakeWeaponForUnpack"> <DieMuxData DeathTypes="ALL"/> <WeaponFireProbability DeathType="ALL" ChancePercentage="100"/> </FireWeaponWhenDead> Made this attributie: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <AttributeModifier id="AttributeModifier_CondorUnpack" Duration="2s" ObjectStatusToSet="NO_AUTO_ACQUIRE NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI" /> </AssetDeclaration> And made this weapon: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <WeaponTemplate id="CondorFakeWeaponForUnpack" Name="CondorFakeWeaponForUnpack" AttackRange="100" ClipSize="1" RadiusDamageAffects="SELF"> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="0.1s" MaxSeconds="0.1s" /> <Nuggets> <AttributeModifierNugget AttributeModifierName="AttributeModifier_CondorUnpack" Radius="1"> <SpecialObjectFilter> <IncludeThing>ZOCOMCondorEmpMod</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>ZOCOMCondorSpeedMod</IncludeThing> </SpecialObjectFilter> </AttributeModifierNugget> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> </AssetDeclaration> Is something missing or was made wrong?
  9. Ok I done this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <SpecialPowerTemplate id="SpecialPower_GrantPackUpgradeCondor" AttributeModifier="AttributeModifier_CplaneUnpack" AttributeModifierAffectsSelf="true" ReloadTime="5s" TargetType="NONE"> <ObjectFilter Rule="UNPARSED" /> <ForbiddenObjectFilter Rule="UNPARSED" /> </SpecialPowerTemplate> </AssetDeclaration> And this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <AttributeModifier id="AttributeModifier_CplaneUnpack" Duration="2s" ObjectStatusToSet="NO_AUTO_ACQUIRE NO_ATTACK_FROM_AI" /> </AssetDeclaration> And it didn't work, did I need to filter/tag it or anything of sort? Also I got an idea from the behemoth If the thing above doesn't work, how about adding a weapon that trigger upon unit "Creation" and use that attribute?
  10. Welp... doing it the same way as EA done give me trillion of bugs Are you sure there's no way to somehow make enemies ignore the unit when they using ability?
  11. I see, it still strange though, In the scrin mcv case it turn from flying unit into a structure In my unit's case Both units are aircrafts...
  12. Well tried it and gave up as well If it didn't work for you, there's no reason luck will shine on me xD I may just give up on the whole veterancy inherit.... I'm more concern about it being collide And just found out new issue I need help with... it seen that when the plane is under upack/repack ability, All kind of ground unit can shoot on it.... despite both gameobjects being aircrafts (unlike Scrin's MCV) Any idea what I can do in these situations? none of the units attack the scrin's MCV when unpack on air till it close to the ground... and I doubt it because it have double replacement gameobjects... though making double replacement and set the gameobject that come in between as attackable may work but I assume there's easier method if Scrin's aren't like that.
  13. 1. I tried it a few times and didn't was sure if I saw a different (the animation happened too fast but still look somewhat wrong), So I thought I'll ask about this code here and hopefully know how it works so I won't waste my time messing with it. 3. Well it was the CheckBuildAssistant="True" after all. As for your question, this unit is aircraft (more like havocraft that similar to the Venom) that transform into aircraft that act like the firehawk in midair, it stay as Air unit in both cases but transform into different gameobject ID with the replaceself as unit's ability, it more of supportive unit that have A mod (shoot emp ray on ground only) and B mod (move faster but replace the emp to AA missiles), I originally thought about making the second form weaponless (which could've stay rankless as it wont be able to kill anyone) so it will just rely on it speed for escape purposes, but thought it won't hurt to give it weak anti air missiles as escape only option look so-so (which now going to look weird if it stay rank-less), and the ability have cool down so it won't be useful at all till you can unpack it again. Are the shadows have better way to "transform" than replaceself? as far as I recall they just switch animation and locomotor but that all (will check it when I be home)
  14. Also may I ask how I can make the transformation ability to be available all the time? because it currently available only when the plane is not above any object (like the mcv) I thought it may be relate to the CheckBuildAssistant="True" but It probably matter of flags Do I need to add flag like this: Flags="WATER_OK SHARED_SYNC IS_PLAYER_POWER IGNORE_MAP_EXTENTS" To the modified SpecialPower_GrantUnpackUpgrade and SpecialPower_GrantpackUpgrade support power? (it have different name id so it won't effect the mcvs)
  15. 1. The FadeEndFrame="" FadeBeginFrame="" codes can't be used for it? they always on -1 at default though so don't sure how they works 2. I see, if you don't know what cause it I guess there's no point in upload the xml then? 3. Don't sure I got how it done as I never done something like this before, you mean I need to make 3 unpack/repack buttons that will be open for each rank upgrade (while the old one will get lock after each rank upgrade)? Or you meant something else? I think it will look funny, And it probably cause the rank FX to show up each time the ability was used (which can be deleted from the experience xml... but then it won't show the rank fx on normal state when level up). The EquivelantTo is not needed as this unit work a bit similar to the Empire of the rising sun's transformers from RA3, which probably going to work better as separate units.