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  1. Trust me when I tell you he's half right similar to KW's 1.01 EA showed they cared little for what happens in the campaign (and AI) compared to the online gameplay, in both cases the main issue is that because they changed things in the economic system while leaving anything else untouched, you will run out of money x4 faster (one of the main reasons is cause they also leave the maps untouched...in TW's case at least) The end result is a gameplay that not really friendly for newcomers (KW also suffer from the same issue and it mostly noticeable at mission 7 iirc where you need to kidnap this scientist and always run out of money before you can do anything, I tested it so many times on all difficulties with 1.00 and 1.02 to the point it made me puke) So while it not impossible it not something I'm going to recommend to people who want to enjoy their camp. As for the issue, as plokite said you need some skudef files which the digital stores versions are missing, after you have them you can either change something in them with a notepad ,or open the game with replay of older version to force it to run old version To make things way more easier though Bibber made this tool which allow us to switch between versions with less effort https://bibber.eu/downloads/cnc-version-selector/
  2. Egozi44

    Parachute stuff

    Fallout mod also had parachutes too iirc, There are few ways to do it (at least from my small knowledge), one of them is to attach and animated the parachute to the tank model in max and set the Armageddon ocl to spawn the tanks While settings the tank to show this animation and parachute sub object when it first spawn (the OCL can also have code that let them be idle for x time), Or you can make a tank model with parachute that when it's animation ended it dies and spawn new tank model (sound like a lot of work for nothing though) Other option may be to somehow use the transport code for the parachute and just play with the timing so the Armageddon will spawn transport (the parachute) which will use the landing ability automatically when it spawn and then die after x time. I don't know if there's any better code for parachutes in KW or TW and can't recall if there is something similar like that in BFME which we can try....
  3. NP umm I need to test it myself then, it may be either a issue on my end or maybe he mode this mod with WEd (which is why WEd can open it) I found some bugs with his spider garrison though, one I know from KW try garrison spiders inside, then press the window and change his stance, And watch the madness xP
  4. I know someone who said he may modify the new W3D plugin when it be ready, let hope that really going to happen and that he will succeed
  5. I see, which WEd version you was using when you open TW files though?
  6. Thank mate, were you able you open the xml with WEd alone? how? as far as I know we can't open TW mods that were made with EA official SDK, WEd should've crash even when being loaded with the TW definitions
  7. I think that code was belong to the fanatic (which seem to have this ability originally) before EA tossed it out, Never really tried to use it and I have no idea if it works For the cloaking field, the only way that may work which I'm aware of is through lua (since any kind of attached dummy will cause random bugs) But I still need to try it on my end
  8. I eventually plan to add it on my mod as well (though it will act a bit different but the digging ability will be the same) I would try to go with the jump jet ability or shock trooper teleprtation ability instead though, the whole digging itself will be a fake with animations that cover it up xP if you don't mind wait (but it will take a while till I reach it) I could give you the code when it be ready. if you do, simply mimic Shock or zone abilities and change them to fit your needs
  9. That sound cool, could you send the link here so I could peek? Wonder how close he got by replicate their TT behavior into TW
  10. For 3 Make sure your Commando is set to INFANTRY in UnitCategory, ProductionQueueType, and KindOf Since the barrack is set to train only "INFANTRY" anything else will not show up, Also make sure you not add it to the world builder category since WB and Static are Separated and only have few things that EA set to work with one another (god know how..), everything else we set in WB to work with Static will not show up as well. One last thing, make sure your w3x files are set to use KW shaders or the unit model will be invisible in-game.
  11. I never tried spawn structure that way but assuming you can use some code that let you to "build" the structure rather than spawn in on the summon point, it may be possible (it should be since there's unit ability that does it but I never tried it as Support power) If you want you can just make new xml for the shredders, remove the slave code that make it attach to the hub, and set your support power to spawn all three instead
  12. Oh, don't think I can help much there then, never really tried WEd with TT but I nearly sure it will just crash, aside from WEd I don't know other tool that can read the xml and EA never released SDK I know some user in the TT forum here (iirc) was testing possible ways to mod TT and showed some progress back at 2016, maybe he will know something if he still around. what you want to do with them though?
  13. You mean the W3X files? I can look for them when I have time (though it blind search if EA didn't gave their files some letters that similar to their final name Dx
  14. Since Tib field is set to be unattack able and not show HP in the kindof code you need to try some way around it Some random idea that come to my mind: How about you make the commando ability as build tab instead (like how the walls mod can build sub wall from the ability button), and set the vein monster he build to be buildable only on the middle of tib field similar to the Scrin's Growth accelerator? I think that could work
  15. May be missing line on random WEd ver, But I don't know, I edited the hell out of the reckoner and never got a single crash