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  1. Simply adding nrm or spec to the SKN not always going to work because it depend on the shader, some shaders don't even support these textures so forcing them in may do nothing or make the file unusable to the sdk. try extract the files again, resize them with bibber tool, and change the shader to the nod shader and use the same texture they came with by default before you try anything else
  2. I never moded TW , even if both KW and TW are nearly the same their SDKs and codes work a bit different, so I don't sure my advices will help much but if you want to mod kw, tell me if one of these WEDs work for you (just to note something, WED can't open TW mods, just KW's) cnc3 KW wrathed_107gamma https://mega.nz/#!JswxhTDQ!Cf-XvyiaSBudI826U7A3PGdzUKaSg9-Dvo88vvxs6-8 Wrathed 1.07 BETA https://mega.nz/#!pkJg3ALT!GxdU0ykDmC6mgtNiFeZdJiZVl4Ugkkf7z3K4oahSsow cnc3kw_wrathed 1.08 https://mega.nz/#!txpjkKrK!gWxr1zNGJH5p0x4FDENeC0YbR4jFDswL4oVULi4Tno0 cnc3kw_WrathEd 1.08Gamma https://mega.nz/#!tsxjBIia!ripghGp5vY2T9VHDT3b-BT3FqqhuI9J6S1ofwohGBMM cnc3kw_wrathed 1.08 Bugged https://mega.nz/#!FlRilS6T!KfgAMMiePNyh_In4wnGKV0d3OEVJFjeJjfOD6TJDbDw
  3. it look alright but I can't say with my poor memory without site and compare it to my xmls, if you simple copied the GDI's SP through and through and just changed the IDs and spawn unit it should work... if you mod KW, and have Skype or Discord I can offer alternative means for nod transportation if you like though it different than the good old transport.
  4. How you made them to appear though? by changing the c&c4's shader to kw's? scaling alone don't supposed to rest/change the shader again. maybe the file became corrupted somehow or you change something in the xml?
  5. I used them once and eventually had to make them from zero to fit my own needs ;P The commando will stop using animations at some situations while keep moving, and iirc it also had few missing codes. To change shader you need to either open the file with max or open it with notepad, press "F3" look for shader, When you find the shader name, change it to the one TW or KW uses depend on the game you mod
  6. The commander is really shy and will prefer if we won't disturb him xP 1. Jokes aside, that happens cause the SKN files still use TT's shaders, you need to change them to KW's shader, You will also have HC issues if you won't know how to edit the textures with PS or make them via max, the KWRELOADED xml are also not complete and will cause him to act funny at some situations due to missing conditions. 2. you need bibber's scaling tool, you need to choose all of the w3x files the commando uses and set the factor, 1.0 is the default and won't change anything, 1.1 + will increase the size while 0.9- will reduce it.
  7. Umm, unless you or I forgot something I guess it should work but I need to see the codes for it it may be heavily codes too.
  8. IIRC what we need is the SP settings in the gameobject xml, the object's commandset, logic command, to set proper chain xmls for the SP (include buttonstate and such), and add it to the spellbook may remember things wrong though, need to check. What SP you trying to add? I do know there one ability in KW that seem to be coded and give you hard time to change it into SP (the temple of Nod computer something, only one user success in change it into SP from unit ability), so maybe there's more.. unless it brand new SP
  9. There are few ways to do it, one of them is using <RandomModelCondition id="Random_Model" Conditions="USER_"/> to trigger it on startup instead of the of the Nod's upgrade And the other method is to delete all of the upgrade triggers (<TriggeredBy>Upgrade_NODConfessorUpgrade</TriggeredBy>, also be sure to delete BannerCarrierUpgrade id="0x85E46E84" Permanent="True"> and "BannerCarrierByUpgradeOnly="True" (or set them to False) in the HordeContain and also add "SpawnBannerCarrierImmediately="true" there
  10. Did you also added it to the facility's commandset?
  11. Does anyone here invest in Kane Coins?

    Yea, couldn't resist doing it, because both topics were the same :3
  12. The price of Kane Coins continues to rise like hell and is more valuable than gold and even diamonds! Currently 1 Kane Coins is enough to buy a decent Mammoth Tank in America. For those who don't know what Kane Coins is: http://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-unofficial-patch-104/news/urgent-transmission-from-the-brotherhood
  13. Oh, Madin right, forgot about it. looking on the formations again (the mastodon since the mammoth was already existed ingame) it look more or less identical to how I currently makes them, but you right, I completely forgot you helped with few things some years ago in regared to the formations xD then you had no time to mod and I eventually learned how to do things alone You always welcome to join again if I ever need help ^^
  14. IIRC it was code line in the game object xml (was something like formation width), I'll peek on it later. btw your formations look better than any of mine, mind to tell us your secret?