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  1. PM'd you something that might help, Some WEd vers requires you to includes the event line while some aren't as you mentioned, As for the issue Some sounds/audio events seems to be hardcoded so try to rename their IDs and properly includes them in the right places, can't say if it's the case here cause I never had any errors over them with the compilers I uses. There's also another common issue that happens when one try to mix new audio ID in existing MultiAudio Events in some WEd vers, but that's not relates to the current issue so we can save it for another time xP
  2. Afaik only TJ's Chemical Warfare and the one I'm working on (Big bang patch 1.04), Most other modders either didn't thought on the idea or didn't wanted it when I've suggested it way back in 2014, In unpatched Gen it wasn't balanced one bit so I bet that was people main concern, but that doesn't means it can't be if done right to keep the action going tiny bit more while not giving some huge sum of money to the point one player have some big disadvantage over the other.
  3. After 6 years the 3rd release is out So I've updated the page accordingly.
  4. What C&C3 you referring to (TW I assume)? May it was taken from KW or even from TT. I don't recall if I saw this texture myself but there is always the chance I just passed by it and forgot... Actually... dam, bibber's folder in the image is called TT (in the directory), So I guess we got our answer xD
  5. Ahh seem like it still not works well with the versions I have
  6. It should be extractable from the game's files (may not even need to extract it), But I dk if it will work with existing bones or if you will need to rebind them all though...
  7. New update :p I've really wanted to inform you that it didn't really worked well in some versions of 1.08 (or even 1.07) but was too lazy xD, Will take a look at updated ver and see if it been solved
  8. I would recommend to try and use a different SpecialPowerAIType Cause the AI is dumb and won't always use the buttons we gave it unless we force it to use them in the AI code, So gives it other type which it uses more often may solve your issue
  9. Bibber fixed it some years ago be like any good modder, didn't released it anywhere so this thread is more than welcome and Should be pinned
  10. Btw, EVA ini should be in warthed\Game Files\Data\ini iirc
  11. So basically the issue was that people use v1.07/random broken 1.08 ver as the compiler? If this was the case it make sense I never had the crash issue cause I only used 1.08 as my compiler (while used both 1.08 and 1.07 for my skudef/big viewing) since the first day I was modding. It may be late to ask but please upload your WEd @Nowaru, it may help people. I sort of collect WEd versions as well and give them to anyone who need the modding tools