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  1. I've been bashing my head against the wall on this issue and both google and the WrathED documentation is not able to help. I downloaded WrathEd and ran into the 'units make no sound' issue with my first test, and was able to find the answer here. This has been working for the standard audio (move, attack, etc.), but when I get to special abilities such as GDI Zone Trooper/Commando Jump Jets or GDI Riflemen digging in, nothing I do seems to work and they remain silent. Guns and some contextual abilities like commando C4 still seem to work fine, but jump jets, dig in, and Awakened EMP do not. According to the WrathEd documentation, I am supposed to pull up the StringHash for it. For the example of the Annhilator Tripod that is provided in the WrathEd documentation: However, when I look up the stringhashes they are in a completely different format. I pulled this from WrathEd 1.07 Gamma, but when I tried other WrathEd downloads they all seemed to come in the same format. I am getting them through WrathEd -> Open SkuDef... -> data/stringhashes currently. Am I just trying to pull the StringAndHash from the wrong source? I've tried to guess and check based on names, but it isn't working.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm working on a mod for my personal use, and today I decided to add a dual missile launcher to the back of the GDICommando attached to the jetpack. Each Missiles are launched together i'm using WeaponTemplate => GDICommandoRocketShoulder and it can only be used once by AutoReloadsClip="RETURN_TO_BASE", and then i want it to be reloaded/re-equipped at the GDIArmory/MedicalBay, just like Orcas are reloaed in the AirTower building. I've searched everywhere and can't figure out how to do it, I've probably missed something or misunderstood how the Orcas works, even if I get the WeaponTemplate => GDICommandoRocketShoulder to work properly I don't know how to make it single use and rechargeable...I searched in orca-firehawk WeaponTemplate, in AirTower code and in armory/medicalbay in superpowertemplate, logiccommand and others...well i still don't understand how the orcas are reloaded and what xml/code/files are involved in this process, if anyone has some spare time for me, I'm still here looking for an answer. I'm novice and its my first dive into kane's wrath modding... Thank you by the way. Commndo obj & Weapontemplate.txt
  3. Hello, I tried to edit the following files by replacing the first allied mission with my map and by adding a 10th mission. Unfortunately the game always starts the original mission and does not show a 10th mission. Does anyone have an idea how I could implement this? Edited XML Files: - MapMetaData (line 1247) - CampaignTemplates (line 43) - EngagingContent (line 432, 351) In the attachment you can find my test setup. Thanks in advance for your help spmap.zip
  4. So like does anyone know which part of the growth accelerator's code allows this behavior? I tried changing my structure's build placement type and build on flag to imitate the growth accelerator but then I can't actually build it anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello All, Allow me to set the stage: Running Steam version of Kane's Wrath on a Windows 10 Box. Using WrathEd 1.08. Trying to modify the NODSaboteur. I extracted the xml data from CNC3EP1_english_1.2.SkuDef using WrathEd's Open SkuDef. My file structure is Mods\Nod\Data\. In the Data folder is the Static.xml file which contains... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <!-- Main Mod File for Static Data --> <Includes> <!-- Reference to the Game's Global Data --> <Include type="reference" source="Global.xml" /> <!-- Includes of the Mod's Static Data --> <Include type="all" source="Static/NODSaboteur.xml" /> </Includes> </AssetDeclaration> ...and the Static folder that contains the NODSaboteur.xml file. I created a bat file with the following command line C:\WrathEd1.08\BuildMod.bat Nod 2.0 and run it as administrator. When I build, the files that are created are placed in C:\Users\Clay\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Mods\nod (created by the game itself). This is what shows up in it: I created several mods for TW and those files were a bit more than 1 kb...lol. As a sanity check I did a build of the sample mod. This was the results: The mods were not incorporated at all. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hello, I am trying to use Red Alert 3 SDK. I use 64 bit. It was crashing I updated the BinaryAssetBuilder to 64 bit ant worked. This time I see error at log sth like : [00:00:01.4520502] Error: System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaException: simpleType 'uri:ea.com:eala:asset:BaseAssetReference' zaten bildirilmiŸ. (zaten bildirilmiŸ means already defined) I get this error even I try to build samplemod. What's wrong ?
  7. OK, here's the story. I'm making my first mod, a small one, in which you are able to create a unit through the Chinese barracks that shoots fire. I call him the Dragon Gunner. (Much like the Dragon Tank.) I replicated the Dragon Tank's weapon in order to make a Dragon Gunner weapon, did the same for the weapon object, etc. Everything works fine, but I have a little bug. When the unit is firing in one direction, and then you ask him to fire in another direction, he does not turn. He instead spawns a magical string of fire out of the back of his head. I've tried looking for a possible solution, but sadly there aren't any tutorials that I could find that show how to do what I'm doing. If you need me to put the source code, I will. I am just hesitant to paste the weapons.ini, weaponobjects.ini, and chinainfantry.ini all on one thread. Thank you in advance! -ThePaperRobot
  8. Sometimes in my mod the AI would rather build another attack force rather than sending the one it previously created. The 1st attack force just sits outside my base without attacking. Skirmishes are often just the AI building attack forces repeatedly causing a glob of idle units lagging the game. How can I fix this? Is this a result of having large attack teams with low number TeamDelays?
  9. So I'm making my first mod for Zero Hour. I'm just about ready to put it in beta, I've just got two things left to do that I can't figure out how for the life of me. Firstly, I want to add the ECM weapon and auto-firing behavior to the Tank General's Battlemaster and Overlord tanks. Trouble is, if I just copy and paste the behavior from the ECM, it animates their barrels as if they're firing their main weapon every time the effect repeats. If I try to make the ECM weapon have control over the secondary weapon slot so it doesn't do that, it crashes the game. If I try to make the tank's main weapon into its secondary weapon and change the animations accordingly, it crashes the game. I have no clue what to do here. So I thought I'd take the easy way out - instead of that, I'll just buff the tanks up a bit and make them EMP hardened (part of the mod includes a lot more EMP rockets from two generals). Unfortunately, that doesn't work either. I've made them immune to subdual damage and I added EMP_HARDENED to their KindOf, but it doesn't work. At this point I'm not sure which I'd prefer, but I'm leaning more towards the EMP hardening. But I don't know how to do either, and I can't find technical information on the EMP effects of the game anywhere, so I need some help, please. The second thing is likely much simpler. I want Dr. Thrax's poison fields to heal all his units. I made custom armor for all of them that has poison as -100% damage, but that simply makes them immune. I don't know how to do this either. So again, help, plz. So yeah. Other than those, the mod is ready to roll. If I could please get some help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone. There are two unplayable generals i think nobody noticed( i searched so long). First General: In GLA mission 2 you are up against the stealth general, but that general isn't the one you are playing with in skirmish/multiplayer. He's different in many ways. I'll just point a few differences - 1. every unit he builds( besides the rocket buggy) is stealth. 2. every building he builds is stealth while under construction and after without the need of upgrading. 3. he can build up to 5 Jarmen Kells that are different from the others. They are stealth whatever they do (shooting, using ability..), and their special ability recharges SUPER FAST!! you face him in GLA mission 2 and you also spot some of his units in chineese mission 5 ( the ones garrisoned in the buildings in the USA base) as far as i know. Second General: The general you are facing in USA mission 5 is also a lot different from the one you play in skirmish/multiplayer. some differences: 1. cool looking rpg troopers 2. tanks look like they are fully upgraded trough salvage drops when they are not. 3. i'm not really sure, but i think his soldiers and workers are invincible to any kind of poison ( once again, not sure). Now for my question regarding those two generals - How can i make them playable in skirmish? I have also noticed that between the difficulties (easy/medium/hard) in generals challenge and in campaign, the AI controlled player is different in other ways besides behavior. In easy difficulty, in both modes, the enemy units seem to be exactly 1 rank behind you. I mean they shot slower and are much weaker. If, lets say a scorpion tank, BUILD by the AI is rank 1 and attacks your scorpion tank which doesn't have any rank, you'll see that there is no difference in the damage/firing rate between the two tanks. The same thing effects EVEN base defenses, particle cannon and some general powers ( yes! they show slower!), as well as every unit the AI builds. In normal difficulty, the AI units are equal to yours, i.e no rank handicap. In hard difficulty the enemy units, base defenses, ect. all shoot faster and are more powerful than yours. A heroic paladin is damn near indestructible, freshly build auroras ( inexpirianced) blow defenses in 1 shot. It is like everything they build comes out with an 'invisible rank'. A rank 2 tank is the same ( SAME!) as your heroic ranked tank. Pretty unfair, i know ( we asked for it xD). If you want to confirm this you can try playing the campaign/ challenges in different difficulty, clear out an enemy tank ( best example is the quad cannon. Play GLA mission 2 and take out one of stealth generals' quad cannons, capture it and compare the firing rate between it and a quad cannon build from your war factory). Question regarding this - can I apply this effect to me or different AI players in skirmish? and/or can i boost myself in campaign and generals challenge this way, and make lets say the AI controlled player on hard difficulty to fall on 'normal level'? Thanks in advance for your help x) Have a nice day.
  11. Hi, I'd like to know more about some specs of the abandoned C&C Generals2: - engine planned to be used?; - textures formats?; - polycounts of some units as average examples?; - how the off-engine scripting was being handled?; - Was it also a "browser" game? The reason behind this is that I am evaluating the RTS games in general and see what assets they are using to develop their games. You can also comment and compare other RTS games that will not be off-topic. btw, I'm not developing any game and certainly won't. Greetings Mods - Feel free to relocate this thread to the proper forum if convenient. I tried to put this on modding section, but IDK where.
  12. Hey there guys, First of all, that seems like a great community, congrats! I'm definitely new on modding so I'm trying to explore and learn as many things possible. I've basically get started with editing rulesmd.ini file; added some features to Kirov and made Battle Bunkers garrisonable by Tesla Troopers etc. But since I'm unfamiliar with the "language" of the game, sometimes I have difficulties about understanding which code means what. I mean it's easy to check for a unit's speciality and copy it for another but sometimes there's no explanation for codes and I just can't understand them. Is there a index-like, map legend-ish database available for me to sit down and study? Thanks in advance, Cheers.
  13. Hi guys, I'd like to know whether this mod can also be played with KW expansion or not, it is pretty popular by the way http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/file/CC_Retarded_Triple;89630 Thanks in advance