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  1. Hi Run, You don't have to do anything, there's nothing new, maybe scb220. I made some maintenance. After the last site update, the links got broken and I also changed one of the file storage service.
  2. Hi, After a certain while, most of the links are updated and working. Also updated the list of Nod's package 220. ::: Nod220 | List ::: This project might slowly start to fade once a remastering project by EA/Pertoglyph is coming. Let's see how things unfold and we talk more later.
  3. Chimas

    Video of the day

    While watching Assassin's Creed trailer, I've noticed that Charlote Rampling in on this movie. Once she came to visit Brazil and a "so called" jounalist asked her what she thought about the situation of not getting roles and if it was difficult because of the age. So, she's still working, not only in this movie, but many more after that stupid interview and that bastard pachyderm is dead already. I reminded this interview today, because all headlines I read about Carrie Fischer mentioned that she died at 60. Honestly, I don't get journalists, it's a completely different mindset, maybe some day.
  4. Chimas

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Always remember - it's just my opinions. 1 - Great movie, any SW fan should watch it; 2 - It's inevitable to compare it to Force Awakens. If FA is the 7th episode, then I don't have much enthusiasm with Ep8 and Ep9. I think they can make a SW Stories phase and give us more stories like Rogue One; 3 - The best Droid is in this movie; 4 - SW franchise has a tradition in bad character development, but JYN ERSO is one of the best, just happened to had a bad timing in the SW storyline (i.e. the lack of originality due to the previous FA, which was not original too); 5 - I blame JJ for FA; 6 - Strike craft in this movie seems to be the most useful in all episodes. You still know when they will die, but the pace is fast enough. They have more tactical behavior instead of a screen loaded with jets just annoyingly pewing around. One joke: never let the Rebel Alliance knows an intel on a base because an insta-strike will be issued right away, they are like piranhas!; 7 - Also about space combat, the perspective of ships in space engaging seemed to get better in this movie than any other. Big things have grandiosity and small things are fast and agile; 8 - I have a general feeling that when things are going to get too good they are contained, as if they can't be greater compared to similar things in other episodes; 9 - The little creatures here and there have more sense of purpose too; 10 - Keeping the 70s style of the design of screens, panels and controls is a good call.
  5. Chimas

    Rumor of next C&C....

    That video in reddit is so lame, that I didn't read the rest of the thread. He says it's a late alpha and the build he's playing has only 2 Generals and units are OP. In my opinion, probably the guys at EA blocked him for later builds, wisely, I should say ...
  6. Chimas

    Fathom - RTS

    Hi, This game will be coming out in a month or two. They have few followers on Facebook, but they seem to have been developing a nice game so far. Check here and here to support or follow this game, if interested. It's claimed to be a hybrid of RTS and FPS by the devs. Greetings
  7. I would speculate that the cancelling of the previous project was related to 3 things: - politics - EA's CEO was new at the time and needed to show he was serious about recovering the company; - finance - the product was about to be released without a solid proposition about how it would make money in the marketplace; - quality - if the CEO was needing reputation, the game was still needing one year of development to have an acceptable quality. By now, maybe only the finance issue might be pending.
  8. I think Halo Wars 2 will be (relatively) successful and it will kick EA's ass to put C&C back in business. But, I have said the same thing one year ago, referring to Deserts of Kharak instead. If they would reboot, starting by CnC95/C&C1/TD and if we could "import" SP missions and MP maps into the new system, than the hype would skyrocket (IMO).
  9. Chimas

    Halo Wars 2

    errr, I might be wrong, but I thought it would be coming for PC, maybe not in February, but it will eventually.
  10. Chimas

    Halo Wars 2

    Hi there, Looking forward to (buy and) play this game. Convince your folks to make a 1440p video next time, but this one is really cool already. Btw, which engine are you using? Cry Eng? Graphics are cool. I hope I can get the full 144 fps here with my rig. Great work! February is still abusively far away ... rssrsrsrsrs
  11. Hi Zocom, The problem with GreyGoo was Quality Assurement. In the middle of the hype the engine was not doing fine, with a lot of lag and, suddenly, it became unplayable for one week or more. The game was well conceived and is now a great game to play.
  12. Thanks for the link. 99% I already got it but maybe there are 2 or 3 SP maps that I might take. It'll take some time to do that.
  13. Well, I'm interested in fan made C&C** SP missions for this project (might be outdated, will update soon). I think Command Companion and Defcon3 I already got it, will confirm later, but if you have more missions in the other material, I'm in ... It can be INI+BIN files or saved games, doesn't matter. If you can host the files until I download them, that would be great. ** - C&C1 = CnC95 = Tiberian Dawn = TD
  14. Chimas

    Is this an RTS?

    Take a look: https://www.facebook.com/verge/videos/1176858542350487/ (Don't remember how to post videos ...)