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  1. Check this game out: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2388620/DORF_RealTime_Strategic_Conflic It looks pretty interesting!
  2. Hello! We want to thank Plokite_Wolf for approving and all of you for reading this thread MARS 2000 - oldschool RTS game inspired by C&C series! MARS 2000 is a realtime strategy inspired by Command and Conquer series. For now it is in active development by Space Crab Development. What it is all about This game offers you a brutal and balanced gameplay in a dieselpunk setting. Deceptively recognizable mechanics, that will show you lots of new tasty things, when you try them. Single Player Our single player campaingn tells the player about confrontation of 3 forces - 1 Industrial Cohort, Earth Liberating Force and mysterious 3 side known only as "Those Robots" with a pretty good lore on each side. As our tribute to the C&C series we offer you a delightful thing: pretty cinematics with live actors and a storyline which blow your mind! Multiplayer As it was said it is easy to start (yeah friends, we know that there are lot of C&C fans here) and hard to master. We have done a big work to balance our rosters and give you opportunity to set up your own. There are a lot of combinations you can make using special theme packs - build your own deadly force. Also we have done a big work, developing our net code. Yes we know how annoying all that nasty multiplayer things and bugs are. Space Crab Development - who are that folks? We are a little group of oldschool RTS fans. During giant period of time (over 6 years) we were practising in making game modes and total conversions so we reach some kind of perfection for each one of us in our directions of work. We are trying to make ideal strategy game for us and other people, who share our vision and we are working really hard on it. Our development is not sponsored, so we are doing all the things by ourselves - there is only 5 of us in our team. (programmer, 3d artist/backgrounds artist, gamedesigner/video artist, sketch artist and a level designer) we are trying to use modern technologies and we are working the best to our abilities, because we love our project. Afterword We hope, that there are a lot of people who miss golden age of RTS genre. But it is all in our hands, so let's do it our brothers and sisters in arms We will be glad for your comments and questions here and in our social network groups: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mars2000game/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mars_2000/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYgf1LMvLdwLbCFxMznMwAQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mars2000game/
  3. What are the rules for self-promotional posts here? The rules don't really say anything about it. I have a teaser trailer for the open world RTS I'm developing that I think people would be interested in but I don't want to get banned. Here's the trailer and some information on the game. The Imperial Realm::Miranda is the first seamless open-world real-time strategy game. Build a base and field a fighting force either by yourself, or with your friends, in an all-out war to dominate Miranda, the devastated former capital planet of The Imperial Realm. Secret Lair Games is celebrating Miranda's unprecedented scale and majesty in the first teaser trailer for the game. Secret Lair Games will be holding a free public play test weekend on February 24-26. The test weekend will run from Friday at noon to Sunday at midnight (Pacific time.) Players can sign up for the game's mailing list to take part in the test. Invitations will be emailed on Monday February 20 with a link to retrieve the Secret Lair Code needed to play the game the following weekend. [Targeting an enemy base with a superweapon.] [Place your Base anywhere in Miranda's 300x300KM world.] [Harvester at work collecting resources.] [The aftermath of a fuel-air missile explosion.] We look forward to seeing you on Miranda, Commander.
  4. Chimas

    Fathom - RTS

    Hi, This game will be coming out in a month or two. They have few followers on Facebook, but they seem to have been developing a nice game so far. Check here and here to support or follow this game, if interested. It's claimed to be a hybrid of RTS and FPS by the devs. Greetings
  5. YouTube Trailer: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/windforcegame Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/395600 Armor Clash is an RTS game of modern warfare. It contains classic features like base building, unit training etc. Players can pick modern armors such as M1A2, T-14 to form their identical legions. With realistic effects and fast paced battle, players will enjoy commanding their armoured forces to break down the enemy. Contents and Features: Traditional RTS gameplay, with base building, unit training and fast paced battle. Faction customization. 31 vehicles available to form your own legion. 10 skirmish maps of different environment styles, worth replaying. Neutral forces and commander levelling system. Veteran units have different appearances and fire effect. Realistic physics effect. Local network multiplayer. Through 9 months' early access, 10 major updates, this game is improved much more. There are both PC and Mac version. Weak Points: There is no campaign, but there are 10 re-playable skirmish maps, fighting AIs from easy to brutal. Max player number is 2, because there are huge amounts of realistic physics effects in the game, 2 players at max will ensure the good performance during fierce battle. Realistic battle environment, each map has its identical environment style. Classic RTS gameplay, with base building and unit training. The commander and units can level up during battle, veteran units have different appearances. Faction customization: Players can pick units in the armoury to form their own legions.
  6. Some of you will hate this and think it's tacky but if you have a sense of humour and low expectations then this is pretty cool. There may still be a demo available so check that out if you're on PS4 or Xbox One. I played Tropico 5 with a controller and it wasn't bad. As the grand El Presidente, you have the power to stop time itself within the game I've made a playlist on Youtube for CNCNZ forum members. Most of my videos are 30 seconds or 2 minutes long. I don't do commentary, I prefer to let the game speak for itself. Main website and English support forum http://www.worldoftropico.com/en/ http://forum.kalypsomedia.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=72 The game is so damn confusing it's best for new players to do the tutorial first, then play sandbox missions in certain eras, before attempting the campaign.
  7. Hi The project used to be Hardware: Shipbreakers. I have mentioned it some times over the years. The studio, Blackbird Interactive partnered up with Gearbox, 2 years ago and now the game changed name and will be released in late January. Site link : http://www.desertsofkharak.com/ Promo video:
  8. Since general 2 was announced in 11th December. 2011, I think it is the game I most wanted, the vehicle, environment and combat are so realistic and beautiful, I kept on finding any materials about it since then, and I still remember the day that I heard General2 is cancelled, I can not get sleep that night. If there is no one made such a RTS for me, I will do it myself, from the next morning, I began to start, by learning Unity engine. Now it is done, the Armor Clash, with the respect to General 2 which I loved once. It is on Steam Greenlight now, you can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=488460557 You can also follow my facebook to get the latest news: http://facebook.com/windforcegame Announcement Trailer In Armor Clash, missiles are fine crafted. Different phases of accelerating, smoke and glow effects, explosion effects are detailed, which give player realistic experience.
  9. MrFlibble

    Annex: Conquer the World

    Has anyone here played this game? Annex: Conquer the World is a free, open source RTS game that runs on the MegaGlest engine, and is apparently inspired by the Command & Conuqer series of games, as well as Earth 2140 (and sequels), StarCraft and Warzone 2100. There are four playable factions (with two more add-on factions available separately), several tilesets, campaign scenarios, skirmish and multipayer modes. The same developer is working on another title with a space sci-fi setting, called Terra Centauri: Last Stand. A beta is available here. I haven't checked either game yet but from the screenshots and videos it seems pretty similar to later C&C titles (except with an Anime design style).
  10. Chimas

    Ground Battle RTS

    Hi, I'm not a game developer, but I was thinking about RTS game development. I thought of many features, but will use one of them, unit classes, with the purpose of discussing RTS in this thread. Hope you enjoy this. The game would have 4 vehicle classes: MBUs - Main Battle Units - Tanks - slow movers, enduring units (armor), move & fire units, many levels of fire range, pathmaker (broad passable areas), many sizes (it impacts other stats like fire set up time, projectiles capacity, etc); APCs - Armored Personel Carriers - in this game you wouldn't control troops, they are an animation of the APCs. You just park the vehicle to do something (return fire, sabotage, collect data, rescue troops). Fast units, they are road runners (limited to cleared paths); MSVs - Military support vehicles - mid in many aspects, special applications, move-deploy-undeploy, work as a weapon system (it means you might have 2 or 3 units per squadron) and other specific role vehicles will enter in this class. Air units are here, but you won't have fighters or bombers; SLAVs - Support & logistics application vehicles - You don't have buildings or structures - mostly, you have deployable trucks. You'd have to move trucks a few times in-game, so you won't have lasting bases along the game. If you want to create a picture in your mind: the battles happen in lunar environments if you like some rock-scissor-paper logic, innitially, MSVs protect from long&mid range, MBUs from mid&close range and APCs from close range MBUs goes through all passable terrain, MSVS are mid and APCs moves only through cleared paths. There would be a SLAV that clear paths for MSVs and APCs. In the beginning of the game you have cleared paths, so the APCs can scout the map; the game would have an automated economy system using drillers and transports; Game with few micro, focused on customized formations and tactics. There would be basic formations, but you can change them before the game. The opponent don't have the formations you create, but can copy it in-game along the battle. I imagined this because of the cancelled C&C. I'm also writing a (cool) backstory. They are humanoids, but not Humans, they are one race in a specific solar system and they are fighting for the moons in this system. What do you think about it?
  11. NetStorm style game-play to get spiritual successor re-envisioned reboot under new IP and game-world in indie studio backed up with support from original NS design team help. Kickstarter We are trying to reach out to players that loved the old Nestorm If you ever played the old NS and always wanted to see the gameplay reborn Storm Isle Productions RTS needs your support. We need every bit of backing and support we can raise to reach our kickstarter goal! so please check us out.
  12. GGTheMachine from Generals Gentlemen continues with part 2 of his "What Makes RTS Games Fun" video series. In this new episode he discusses the all important flow and pacing. If you missed part 1 and want to catch up, you will find it right here.
  13. A new video series has been started by GGTheMachine from Generals Gentlemen. This new series takes a look at what makes Real Time Strategy games fun and why we play them. Basically breaking down the RTS design philosophy. The first one starts off with why GGTheMachine enjoys RTS games.
  14. What you think of or expect from this game? "... This time we want to provide you with gameplay video of our long – awaited game. Thanks to it you’ll be able to go deeper through gaming process, see how mechanics, dynamics and physics are working. We are extremely excited with what we are going to show you now and hope that you’ll enjoy it. " This is the link of the playlist: Number 2 is about Asynchronous Multiplayer Number 3 is about the AI and Pre-Order video shows the DORA railgun Greetings!
  15. The robot apocalypse gets complicated when tentacle monsters crash the party. Humans are the resource in this epic strategy game... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/659943965/human-resources-an-apocalyptic-rts-game Vídeo:
  16. Hello all just wanted to post about our Unity3D project we are working on at moment, our team orginaly started as a group of fans working on redoing the old Nestorm bringing it from 2D into 3D we caught the attention of the original devs who helped us approach Activision, But activision was now interested in seeing the project continue using the old IP and world but we has the option of continuing the development if we dropped the old IP and game world and switched to a new game world and IP. Disciples Of The Storm RTS is a rebirth of Netstorm style of tactical bridging meets tower offense gameplay. Our team is working with the original developers that worked on Nestorm on creating a new art feel and IP for the game world for this reboot but we needs public and gaming support on backing of our kickstarter to help bring DOTS into further devopment.... You can see our kickstarter here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/525138512/disciples-of-the-storm
  17. Chimas

    Recent RTS Releases

    Hi, I'm a bit alienated. Which were the (3-10) most recent RTS games? Have you heard about upcoming RTS in kickstarter? Which ones? 0 - Don't think too much, just need the info. 1 - Don't include MODs in the answer 2 - Mention when they worth a try and why 3 - Point links 4 - Avoid calling FPS an RTS, it must multiple be units management. 5 - SP & MP 6 - Interested in less popular games also 7 - If possible talk about the engine comparing to others. Thanks and Greetings