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  1. This is fun, I'm getting a Cars vibe here, very cool.
  2. MrFlibble

    C&C Dawn of Tomorrow released!

    Thanks! However this mode does not seem to do any aspect ratio correction, it just draws the same 1:1 square pixels over an area of 640x480 instead of 640x400. I was kinda hoping for something like this:
  3. MrFlibble

    C&C Dawn of Tomorrow released!

    Apologies for the noobish question, I'm trying to configure the game to run in 4:3 aspect ratio as shown in the screenshots on the site, but so far without success. I haven't played C&C in a long while admittedly, and never used CnC-DDraw before. Any advice on how to to it? I'm using the portable version and picked the ddraw.ini which said "full screen aspect ratio with shaders", and set the correct resolution, but it does not render the image at 640x480 but at 640x400. Or is it not possible at all?
  4. Have we finally got a spiritual successor to Emperor of the Fading Suns? (I just watched the video a bit and this is my first impression)
  5. MrFlibble

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    @PurpleGaga27Thanks! I'd love to (once I settle on what is the optimal upscale model that is), but alas my current computing power is not suitable for processing even a single FMV in a reasonable time frame. Theoretically, it would be optimal to first make 4x upscales with a model that gets the image right, then do a second iteration of the upscaled images with either the same or maybe a different model and then scale them down a bit whilst correcting the aspect ratio (the DOS version videos are "squashed" vertically to account for the 320x200 image stretching to 640x480 on a typical 4:3 display).
  6. MrFlibble

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    @MilkeyWilkey I always appreciate constructive criticism, so I ran tests with a different model interpolation that does not accentuate the edges so much (I believe the one responsible for that effect is LyonHrt's Fighter Alt 2). Here are the results, what do you think of them? I also believe the pure CGI elements like the MCV truck now look less plastic-ey as @Plokite_Wolf said. Nod officer in a guard tower GDI Orca mission briefing Nod desert sweep GDI engineer at the construction yard entrance Construction yard unpacking The model for these is a 0.5 interpolation of Spongebob v6 De-Quantize and DeviantPixelHD, which was then interpolated at 0.9 with 4xMisc. All these models are available from the Model Database.
  7. MrFlibble

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    I'll just show you what put me off in the Reastered videos: These jittery lines appear because the model chosen for the upscale was not optimal. For comparison, here's more or less the same image upscaled by the model that I used: The straight lines here look more or less what they're supposed to be. I'm assuming that the effect you're talking about stems from the CGI nature of most images. Let's take one for which we have a high-res render released by Westwood: I used a variation of the same model as above but which makes images even sharper, then scaled to 640x480 with Paint.NET (best quality method). And here's the original render: I'm not noticing any edges, e.g. of the crates, being sharper compared to the high-res original.
  8. MrFlibble

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    Well, after a bit of playing I can definitely say I don't like the upscaled videos at all. Having less sharp edges is actually a non-issue with neural upscales, whereas MPEG compression leaves a ton of JPEG artifacts in frames like mosquito noise and ringing, which are all too noticeable in the upscaled videos. I ran a few tests of my own in ESRGAN with frames from the PC/DOS FMVs, and I think the results are pretty decent: Gen. Sheppard Col. Morelli GDI engineer at the construction yard gate Construction yard unpacking Gen. von Esling A GDI soldier ambushes Nod trooper in a forest I added some HSV noise in GIMP at default settings to the upscaled images but otherwise no editing or pre-processing was involved. Also here's the interpolated model I used, this is for the "old architecture" ESRGAN.
  9. I don't think there was ever consistent lore developed by Westwood for Kane's origins and nature. His final pose in the ending FMV seems more like a nod (no pun intended) to the original C&C's GDI ion cannon ending, while the missile itself is a kind of downer ending for the player ("You just blew up the Earth. Have a nice day!"), and at the same time an unexpected surprise because the Nod campaign narrative in TS went away from portraying the Brotherhood straight out evil to something more of "they have their own cause to fight for", only to find out that they were ultimately manipulated by Kane to wipe out humanity (apparently). The Nod ending in TS was probably not intended to be canonical for the planned sequel so they just went with what seemed cool I guess. Also in C&C Renegade (IIRC), Kane almost straight out states he's the biblical Cain, when the player discovers the tomb of Abel under the temple in the final mission. BTW, it's your best explanation of why Kane is immortal, and you could give it a sci-fi twist in the style of Stargate if you wish.
  10. MrFlibble

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    I wonder what models were used for the upscale (if it was ESRGAN). As I mentioned elsewhere, there are some models which are better suited for upscaling certain types of images than others.
  11. MrFlibble

    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Some days ago I stumbled upon this little game called The Fertile Crescent. It's clearly inspired by the Age of Empires but gives some clever twists to the mechanics. While still being in development it's very playable already, singleplayer on a random map and multiplayer as well. The pixel art is also quite admirable I should say.
  12. MrFlibble

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    I have mixed feelings about this. The neural upscale certainly did a great job, but the Allied cutscene shown in the reveal made a slightly odd impression on me. As if the upscale somehow made the live action part look less professional and more of a homemade VHS tape. The actors seem to stand out more against the digitized background compared to the low-res originals (maybe some sharpening was involved during upscale), and generally I got the feeling almost as if you're looking at raw footage that has not been processed yet, and not the final product. Also some parts of the frames appear blurry in the upscale, e.g. in certain frames Von Esling's eyes look very blurry. If this is not my imagination overall, perhaps the upscaled videos may yet be improved with some post-processing while staying true to the originals.
  13. The game data still has an almost complete set of voxel versions of Tiberian Dawn vehicles. I believe they might have been made either for testing purposes or during a very early stage of development as valid TS units. Either way, only the Mammoth and the Flame Tank make any appearance in the final game missions (both used by the mutant faction IIRC), and the Mammoth can also randomly spawn as an Easter egg unit from crates in skirmish/multiplayer. I have no idea if Nod was supposed to get Mammoths as some kind of tech tree reversal compared to TD (i.e. GDI gets futuristic stuff like mech walkers and hovercraft while Nod has to stick with previous generation hardware) or this was just a promo shot thrown together with no real tech tree philosophy behind.
  14. MrFlibble

    Original Stomp

    A version of Stomp was available from Westwood's FTP site, and you can still get it from the Bachsau mirror.
  15. So I've been scouring old magazine coverdisks for promo screenshots and found these: You've certainly seen them all but these are in lossless, presumably original quality. I'm not sure if they are available like this before so posting here. The coverdisk they were found (originally in BMP format dated 13 April 1998) is for the Slovak magazine Riki issue No. 31 (CD 9), available here.