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  1. MilkeyWilkey

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    the effect is most noticable on greenscreen footage. Look for hair, fabric and other things that supposed to have uneven or harsh border - they look too smooth and flat.
  2. MilkeyWilkey

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    @MrFlibble your upscales have very unnatural sharp edge around every object. I was thinking about actually remaking videos with the greenscreen footage. I only played TD at this point and I think the quality is pretty good. image can be cleaned up and missing grahpics can be made from scratch. But I do think that RA live action fmvs are actually much worse at this point. Is RA has the same kinda greenscreen takes as in TD or is it just behind the scenes kinda footage? I only finished one mission in RA and haven't seen the rest yet
  3. MilkeyWilkey

    1.06c development topic

    this is how it's supposed to be. yeah, I have tryed to save em too
  4. MilkeyWilkey

    1.06c development topic

    Thanks for the reply. I might have false momries, but I thought in CovertOps you can build or at least fight some multiplayer units. But maybe it's just me toyng with an editor
  5. MilkeyWilkey

    1.06c development topic

    I think you never actually could They do regenerate only to 50%. They never did I think I remember something similar but not sure. Also remember that but it might be from Covert Ops or Red Alert. Also remember that at least in a demo. That's true. 20000 from one harvester IIRC That also might be from Red Alert or Covert. Ops.
  6. MilkeyWilkey

    1.06c development topic

    another thing that bugs me alot but I'm not sure that is fixable is misaligned score screen. am I the only one who noticed this? also I strongly remember killing nod buggy in 1 gdi mission but while making this shot I didn't encounter it
  7. MilkeyWilkey

    1.06c development topic

    Also in that mission: why gunbotas never fire at anything? I destroyd the whole Nod base and saved boats but they are useless. In Nod campaign gunboats is the most powerful and dangerous units
  8. MilkeyWilkey

    1.06c development topic

    Hi, found another instance of GDI attacking civilians. It's GDI mission scg09ea