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  1. Chimas

    Ground Battle RTS

    Hi, I'm not a game developer, but I was thinking about RTS game development. I thought of many features, but will use one of them, unit classes, with the purpose of discussing RTS in this thread. Hope you enjoy this. The game would have 4 vehicle classes: MBUs - Main Battle Units - Tanks - slow movers, enduring units (armor), move & fire units, many levels of fire range, pathmaker (broad passable areas), many sizes (it impacts other stats like fire set up time, projectiles capacity, etc); APCs - Armored Personel Carriers - in this game you wouldn't control troops, they are an animation of the APCs. You just park the vehicle to do something (return fire, sabotage, collect data, rescue troops). Fast units, they are road runners (limited to cleared paths); MSVs - Military support vehicles - mid in many aspects, special applications, move-deploy-undeploy, work as a weapon system (it means you might have 2 or 3 units per squadron) and other specific role vehicles will enter in this class. Air units are here, but you won't have fighters or bombers; SLAVs - Support & logistics application vehicles - You don't have buildings or structures - mostly, you have deployable trucks. You'd have to move trucks a few times in-game, so you won't have lasting bases along the game. If you want to create a picture in your mind: the battles happen in lunar environments if you like some rock-scissor-paper logic, innitially, MSVs protect from long&mid range, MBUs from mid&close range and APCs from close range MBUs goes through all passable terrain, MSVS are mid and APCs moves only through cleared paths. There would be a SLAV that clear paths for MSVs and APCs. In the beginning of the game you have cleared paths, so the APCs can scout the map; the game would have an automated economy system using drillers and transports; Game with few micro, focused on customized formations and tactics. There would be basic formations, but you can change them before the game. The opponent don't have the formations you create, but can copy it in-game along the battle. I imagined this because of the cancelled C&C. I'm also writing a (cool) backstory. They are humanoids, but not Humans, they are one race in a specific solar system and they are fighting for the moons in this system. What do you think about it?