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  1. jeffnz

    Ashes of the Singularity

    In that case, how do they totally break the formula of CnC? What is the attraction to players if it's different? It sounds like a cool game, it motivates me to find employment
  2. My tutor recommended this book. We found a PDF but I opted to put it on hold from the library and paid $3 to collect it. Totally worth it if you ask me, less wrist injury lol - screw reading from a PDF. So anyway this book talks about a company called Decision Tech, and the problems they had with their executive team. I recommend that you all read this book and reach your own conclusions but in short, team members didn't talk openly about themselves so they couldn't figure out strengths/weaknesses and therefore couldn't run their company, because they weren't being truthful about themselves. One team member was a corporate psychopath who only cared about her own ego (despite the company's bad state) and she thought that she was great, and she always expected other people to fix the company's problems. When the psychopath was asked to describe her weakness, she just said "poor financial skills" (she worked in marketing) whereas all other executives were more open, like one guy who admitted that he doesn't care about feelings, he just wants to tell people things in clinical/scientific language without cushioning it with stupid phrases "oh I'm so sorry BUT [insert shitstorm]" Find this book if you can, you can easily read it in one or two weeks. You barely have to put in effort to finish it. Anyway get it if it's at your library. I finished reading it a couple of days ago.
  3. Someone showed me a video of this game in class today. What do you folks think - is it "real" RTS? I've never played it and I never played Sins Of A Solar Empire either.
  4. Below sounds like me. If I put my palm on the mouse then my fingertips go over the buttons and onto the desk. D'oh! So my palm is on the desk rather than the mouse. This isn't even a small mouse, it's what I'd call a regular size. I'm glad you mentioned style because now I realise that I've got the wrong thing. I'd buy an ergonomic mouse but I couldn't play a game with one, so I'll opt for one that's comfortable but which has a typical design. I don't need precision or fast movement, I need something that won't wreck my shoulder Palm grip is what I should go for. Does anyone have a recommendation? It'd have to be a decent size.
  5. I don't have a feature or technical request, my only wish is that we work together to cure the growing autism on this forum. CnC is old and many of us play/discuss other games, CNCNZ forum is already a ghost town and who would want to register here and be a member, given that you can count the active members on your fingers, and then most of those active members have 3,000 - 4,000 posts. If RTS comes back to life then I want to recommend that people come here to discuss things (instead of Steam, GOG or another forum). This forum has the advantage of being really effing neat, not only in appearance but also because it is quieter than other communities and it's not full of crap and duplicate threads like Steam always is. I go further than Purple. Instead of getting rid of the rep system I think Zee should get rid of the rep system as well as post counts and assign everyone a custom rank of their choice (since we can count our active members on fingers). In addition to that, we should consider what type of person may like to register here in the future. There's a good chance that RTS will have a revival and for that reason I think we should make this forum more attractive to complete n00bs who may otherwise lurk here and never join. Reputation count is for large, dysfunctional communities and post counts are irrelevant if you ask me. The only thing I want to know is whether someone is a veteran member, or an administrator. Post count is just flipping stupid and should be disabled for everyone. I use Slack to talk to people in my class and if there was a rep system or post count in there it would only bring out the stupidity in people. We don't need a rep system because in a small community we can simply tell a newcomer that Plokite_Wolf will never agree with Purple on anything, nor will he ever upvote me for using humour. I go to an IRL meetup group that always has fewer than 10 people there and we've never discussed having a rep system or a word count or anything to do with rank or contribution data. Everyone just knows everyone and if someone is new we just introduce ourselves using words, not numbers.
  6. I've had the same ASUS mouse for 2+ years and it's probably gonna break soon, that's if it doesn't break my hand first. There's a lot of stuff that I could buy and most of it is rubbish. I want a mouse that has good posture for my ring finger and pinky finger. On the current mouse, those fingers are teetering on the edge, causing me to rebalance them with an injury-inducing posture. I don't like those stupid small mouses.
  7. jeffnz

    Will Uncle Sam be doomed this month?

    Whoops, so long ISIS! World War III sounds too crazy for me. I bet the United States will destroy itself financially before World War III ever happens. Prepare for Kali Yuga, just in case it is true
  8. jeffnz

    Age Of Empires / Age Of Mythology

    Well that sucks. I guess it's nothing new for Microsoft: Halo 2 PC only available on Vista etc etc (back in the day)
  9. jeffnz

    Age Of Empires / Age Of Mythology

    The release will be interesting to spectate (I won't rush to buy it, I'll see what others say first) What is so terrible about Windows Store? I searched online and people were saying (a few years ago) that Windows Store "wasn't ready yet". I don't see how it can be worse than Steam DRM and GOG Galaxy. I hope that AOE turns out alright. I'd like an RTS that isn't based on rushing.
  10. jeffnz

    Now Playing - Games

    I've got Oblivion on my piece of junk PC. It runs okay, I found that you need the max draw distance to navigate properly, especially to see the towers in the Planes of Oblivion. Graphics for trees is cut right back for me. I had Oblivion on Xbox 360 back in the day and obviously the port sucked hard. The battle outside the Great Gate caused frames to drop on console. On PC it's still slow due to my hardware but that's okay, oblivion is only $30 and I've learned to get by on basic hardware. I have a High Elf but I failed to gain levels because I didn't use restoration and one other thing, so my level is somewhat stunted lol. When I played Oblivion on Xbox 360 back in 2010-2012 I had no idea how to play the game. When I first played I had a sneaking character and I wondered why I couldn't deal any damage when wielding a war hammer. I also failed to understand the importance of 'traits', 'major skills' and 'minor skills'. When you level up you need to level up the traits which govern your major skills, at least that's how I see it now. Today I increased my Heavy Armour skill, which is only a minor skill - the skill increased because I was wearing iron boots in combat. I also realised that my Kvatch Cuirass does not cover my characters underwear, I zoomed out when in the menu and I saw the problem. When I first played (years ago) I had no clothes on my character. I thought it was hilarious, having my character do everything in his knickers. I think it might reduce your character's reputation (speechcraft) but I don't know. It's a funny thought, at most. It's best to wear things because of extra abilities plus the player should be upskilling by using various armour types.
  11. Yes, the radius could lead to silly physical phenomenon. That reminds me ... In Halo 1 the master chief can pick up a weapon that is flying across the room!
  12. The point is that the past two games required the player to mash a "pick up item button" to collect stuff (no option to make it automatic). This meant that you had to look around: sometimes items such as gold were under a table and concealed by a drape, or hidden in a tight gap. If I was playing Wolfenstein II then I would play in manual mode, so that I'd memorise the locations of useful weapons. Then I'd change to auto if I was lazy. In The New Order there was something satisfying about locating a box of Marksman Rifle ammo. It only comes in boxes of 10 bullets but it was always cool to find some and think "aha!" then hit the action button to collect. It's a small detail though. Wolfenstein is known for story rather than 'mechanics'.
  13. They've released some demos this week so there is 20+ minutes of new footage but this scene caught my attention even more. Apparently there's an option to enable auto-pickup of weapons and ammunition, but I prefer the manual pickup most of the time, as it helps the player remember where the weapons are. Eventually I'll need to get a better PC or a console so I can play these cool games on my View Sonic VX 2778, but not this year and probably not next year either because of my priorities. Oh well I guess the games will still be here in a few years, no rush I'll update this thread (via editing) with more links as news is released over the next few months. This game looks damn good. Plus, Tropico 6 maahhhhhhhnnnnnnnn I really need something to play games on! Finally 2 titles that I give a damn about Update, 5th of September 2017: "Trust In Brother" trailer Blitzmensch - Nazi Bat Man trailer
  14. Ok, I have not used it.
  15. Microsoft wants to kill Paint - I use paint every single day to post clipboard contents (read: screen shots) and it's good for basic editing. Whenever I need to add a few words or arrows into a picture, I use Microsoft Paint.