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The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team (book)

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My tutor recommended this book. We found a PDF but I opted to put it on hold from the library and paid $3 to collect it. Totally worth it if you ask me, less wrist injury lol - screw reading from a PDF.

So anyway this book talks about a company called Decision Tech, and the problems they had with their executive team. I recommend that you all read this book and reach your own conclusions but in short, team members didn't talk openly about themselves so they couldn't figure out strengths/weaknesses and therefore couldn't run their company, because they weren't being truthful about themselves. One team member was a corporate psychopath who only cared about her own ego (despite the company's bad state) and she thought that she was great, and she always expected other people to fix the company's problems. When the psychopath was asked to describe her weakness, she just said "poor financial skills" (she worked in marketing) whereas all other executives were more open, like one guy who admitted that he doesn't care about feelings, he just wants to tell people things in clinical/scientific language without cushioning it with stupid phrases "oh I'm so sorry BUT [insert shitstorm]"

Find this book if you can, you can easily read it in one or two weeks. You barely have to put in effort to finish it. Anyway get it if it's at your library. I finished reading it a couple of days ago.

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