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  1. PCG Poll: Create the perfect RTS

    Seems more like a survey form to generate a semi-amusing mash-up name than any attempt to eve superficially capture what different people like in RTS games.
  2. Nmenth's Research Lab: Tesla Coils

    Nicely done. I think like so many semi-fictional weapons (laser guns etc.), the Tesla Coil suffers from the fact that simply throwing a piece of metal at high velocity is more cost-effective. Unless there are significant advantages that justify the cost, humanity will probably stick with bullets and similar projectiles for now. Also, I'd love to read an article on the Tiberium universe walkers. Nitpick about the EMP article. "EMP Pulse " is overkill.
  3. The five best years in PC gaming history

    I'd say the best year in PC gaming history is now, because I can play all of those games today if I want to.
  4. Looks nice, but the landscape (rocks, trees) still look comparably fake. Very good nevertheless, but does this look better than, say, Advanced Warfare?
  5. it's not about banning, it's about regulation:
  6. Still looks better than the average Unity Engine Steam rubbish game. That said, is this authorised by Valve i.e. is "Freeman" here HL Freeman? Or is this just another fan mod, but with a ridiculous price tag?
  7. Does anyone here invest in Bitcoin?

    Sounds more like a commodity than an actual currency then.
  8. Does anyone here invest in Bitcoin?

    If I had a Bitcoin, how quickly could I turn it into cash?
  9. WarCraft III patch 1.29 supports 24 players

    That sound bonkers. I wonder how much starting space everyone has with that many players on the largest map type. Also, while the game is old and performs well even on very old hardware, it's still impressive. Plenty of RTS games don't even manage eight players.
  10. So not only is it a cryptocurrency, it's Atari's bogus cryptocurrency that can be only used to buy loot boxes from them or something. Yeah, I think I'll skip this one.
  11. The latency problem with modern PCs

    I did a test. When pressed the 'i' key to type the 'i' this post starts with, I paid attention to the time it takes between me pressing the key and he letter appearing in the box. It's instantaneous. Or at least it appears so quickly that I can't tell that there was any delay. In this case, the delay doesn't matter. Maybe it does for people who can type so fast that the machine can't keep up, but I doubt that an Apple II word processor can keep up with that. Of course, if there was an actual problem here, they wouldn't have used a clickbait title. I for one can't member the last time I was sitting at my computer thinking "Man, these inputs don't happen FAST enough!" Also, look at that speed!
  12. it's not just that. Most developers won't bother to compress anything anymore.
  13. Jim Sterling on anger and corporate bullshit

    I agree with this. Day one DLC, microtransactions, P2W, lootboxes, and whatnot work because people pay for them and make them work. I'm sure that there are people with addictive personalities among them as well as children and other people who need to be gated away from this, but the majority is in full consent, so to speak. As long as the cash rolls in, it's not going to change. Even Star Wars Battlefront II was still a financial success, even if it was a PR disaster.
  14. I don't think lootboxes should be legally banned, but I think that an age restriction is worth considering, especially if lootboxes use the same manipulative tactics that gambling uses.
  15. 2160p you say? Most detailed 3D games need a CERN quantum computer prototype to run at those settings with maximum details and no frame drops - not because the settings are demanding (which they are) but because the vast majority of games aren't optimised to run at these settings, and possibly can't fully exploit high-end machines. As this is a C&C forum: None of the C&C games runs fully smooth in an ultra-high resolution, and once there are enough units on the screen, the frames will drop because those games can't exploit high-end GPUs and CPUs properly.