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  1. I'm doing an LP of the beta, but I don't have any specific point where a unit say that.
  2. You can just create the folder if it's missing, and also use someone else's .ini file.
  3. All ZH mods I've played support widescreen. I don't know how a mod would interfere with enabling a widescreen resolution.
  4. Two things: all EA games perform "below expectations", always. Also mobile vs. battle royale is a false dichotomy - the most watched Twitch game is Fortnite for mobile.
  5. TaxOwlbear


    I can only make general suggestions. Try to reinstall the game, or use the .exe in compatibility mode.
  6. TaxOwlbear


    I can't read Korean, so I can only say so much about this. What version of C&C3 are you running? Original disc version? Steam version? Ultimate collection?
  7. I assume there is some sort of technical issue with KW, or some other mundane reason for the delay. I don't see why they wouldn't re-release it too.
  8. A kludgier but easy methods: raise the price to $99,999.
  9. Looks pretty interesting. I dig the oil painting effect. I'm not sure whether I preferred this over crisp pixels, but I'd like to see this in action on a large display.
  10. It's a bit smug and judgemental to go "No, you don't really like this game" isn't it? A better question to ask would be what games have a good reputation even among folks who never played them.
  11. It free-to-play and has high production values (for a mobile game) as well as little competition in the mobile RTS/RTT field, so I expect it to stick around for quite a while.
  12. "S.H.R.I.N.K." is the probably the most obvious backronym I've ever seen.
  13. Here we go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dCErEIjK3adTjIug5DyFpMPgDFfcOaxh
  14. TaxOwlbear

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    Nice one. I love that image of Tsing Shi Tao. That said, what;'s with the Desolator? It seems to fire some sort of radiation beam that instantly kills infantry. Is there anything even remotely like this, or is that complete fantasy tech?