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  1. All ZH mods I've played support widescreen. I don't know how a mod would interfere with enabling a widescreen resolution.
  2. Two things: all EA games perform "below expectations", always. Also mobile vs. battle royale is a false dichotomy - the most watched Twitch game is Fortnite for mobile.
  3. TaxOwlbear


    I can only make general suggestions. Try to reinstall the game, or use the .exe in compatibility mode.
  4. TaxOwlbear


    I can't read Korean, so I can only say so much about this. What version of C&C3 are you running? Original disc version? Steam version? Ultimate collection?
  5. I assume there is some sort of technical issue with KW, or some other mundane reason for the delay. I don't see why they wouldn't re-release it too.
  6. A kludgier but easy methods: raise the price to $99,999.
  7. Looks pretty interesting. I dig the oil painting effect. I'm not sure whether I preferred this over crisp pixels, but I'd like to see this in action on a large display.
  8. It's a bit smug and judgemental to go "No, you don't really like this game" isn't it? A better question to ask would be what games have a good reputation even among folks who never played them.
  9. It free-to-play and has high production values (for a mobile game) as well as little competition in the mobile RTS/RTT field, so I expect it to stick around for quite a while.
  10. "S.H.R.I.N.K." is the probably the most obvious backronym I've ever seen.
  11. Here we go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dCErEIjK3adTjIug5DyFpMPgDFfcOaxh
  12. TaxOwlbear

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    Nice one. I love that image of Tsing Shi Tao. That said, what;'s with the Desolator? It seems to fire some sort of radiation beam that instantly kills infantry. Is there anything even remotely like this, or is that complete fantasy tech?
  13. TaxOwlbear

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Mechs

    Even if we had stuff like that, the question remains whether the walker would be better-suited for its job than a conventional tank, and in most cases, the answer is a hollow "no".
  14. TaxOwlbear

    Version 1.0 of Rivals is the worst version ever

    Well, people who bought lootboxes matching with people who didn't is kind of the point, isn't it? If a player buys lootboxes and then gets matched with stronger players, they lose their incentive to buy more. If they get matched with weaker players, it makes them feel good, and they might buy more. it wouldn't be true lootboxes if it wasn't exploitive.
  15. TaxOwlbear

    Forged Battalion

    Only 15 missions, and all of them recycle multiplayer maps. It definitely feels like the game is incomplete.