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  1. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    Yes, Hummers pack an incredible amount of punch when loaded with rocket infantry. They are fragile, but fast and low-tech. Combine that with powerful planes and dozer hunt frustration, and there's the reason why the Air Force General is the most powerful general in MP, assuming equal skill.
  2. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    I'll keep my expectations low, but looking at Black's Mobygames page, he indeed seems to have worked primarily on RTS games. Of course that only means so much. The project (if it's a new project) could also be a lootbox pay2win Dota ripp-off, or not anything related to strategy or tactics at all.
  3. The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Pardon, I meant indeed TS.
  4. The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    TI is still a mod, and Tiberium Wars has been freeware for years. There's even a link to a specific mod thread in the OP.
  5. Yes, but even commercial software does that clumsily. Youtube subtitles are probably the best free text-to-speech program you can get right now.
  6. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Late to the party, but it's plural according to some official translations of the film's title.
  7. Neat. IIRC, the emerging sand worm is on the back of the box, and looks way cooler than what's actually in the game. I also remember those white cliffs. I think they appear only on a single map in-game. A bit of a waste. Also, this screenshot indicates that the original mentat was supposed to be someone resembling the Dune II Atreides mentat instead of the David Lynch mentat.
  8. Are there any good games left?

    What old games do you like then? Don't hold your breath. There's little reason for Valve to make HL3. The expectations are too high at this point, and they don't really need to develop games any more when they have the money printer known as Steam.
  9. CNCNZ Presents: C&C Radio

  10. 6-mission DOS C&C demo

    I already got it, but thanks for the offer!
  11. 6-mission DOS C&C demo

    Could someone be so kind and upload their DOSBox configuration for this demo? I just can't get it to run properly.
  12. ModDB only has two mods for Uprising: A language pack and a zoom mod. There's a mod that adds the Uprising units to the base game, if you want to count that as modding Uprising. Generally spoken, there's little reason to mod it for most modders because it doesn't have multiplayer and I'm not aware that it adds much apart from new units.
  13. TaxOwlbear Plays Red Alert Mobile

    Not that I know, but if you can get a Java game emulator running on your phone, you can play it on Android.
  14. Which classic PC game(s) is in your pile of shame?

    The original Resident Evil. I don't think there's anything good about it. The story is basic, the acting is terrible, the controls and fixed camera angles are horrific and make most of the game's difficulty. The changed inventory boxes (different in the Japanese version) and the ink ribbon save system only add more frustration. The puzzles are okay. The bad acting is good for the occasional laugh, but I'm not going to play a game for six hours to get twenty minutes of cheesy dialogue. I won't even call the game pioneering. Large parts of it are lifted straight from Alone in the Dark and Capcom's own Sweet Home, and it's also predated by Clock Tower, a superior game in every regard.
  15. As per title: Is it still possible?
  16. Wolfenstein II "The New Colossus" updates

    They could have reduced the radius in which stuff is picked up. Having to hammer 'E' all the time adds nothing and is just annoying. It makes sense in games such as CoD or Max Payne 3, where you can carry only two or three weapons. In those games, picking a weapon is a tactical choice and you don't want to switch weapons all the time unintentionally. Here, it's just busywork. New Order maybe, and possibly Wolfenstein 2009. No other Wolfenstein game had any focus on story. That said, a story focus is no excuse for bad mechanics, especially if it's something that all previous entries did right.
  17. Wolfenstein II "The New Colossus" updates

    So they added a feature that Wolfenstein 3D had when it came out 25 years ago? Congratulations.
  18. Tooth & Tail

    I suppose you mean the final mission of the base game: It's mostly random. If you are lucky, the demon doesn't go for you when you are not ready. If he does, you're done. Save every five minutes, lest the game will crash and you will lose all your progress, which happened five or six times for me when I played this. On topic: I like the idea and I like that there's apparently a single-player campaign. I'll keep and eye on this.
  19. Reverting censorship YR patch 1.001?

    The names can be restored with the unofficial 1.002 patch. See here.
  20. Welcome to Tiberian Dawn Redux! I hope you join me for this Let's Play. We start with the GDI campaign, and here are the first two missions: Alternative links and . The you want to give the mod a shot, you can get it here.
  21. Mammoth tank ASSEMBLED!

    My favourite part about this is that C&C actually acknowledged the issue by allowing commandos to blow up walkers in C&C3.
  22. The Saturn version of C&C1 has higher-quality tracks for sure. The PSX version of RA1 could have better quality to. Frank Klepaki has some tracks on his website, not sure about their quality. You could also get the soundtrack CDs for the older games, which should have better quality too. The C&C1 OST CD also comes with a second disc with remixes from various artists.
  23. Eastern Loong Released

    I played it yesterday. It's pretty sweet, and the modders put quite some work into it. China has its own style, feel, and themes (e.g. antimatter tech and orbital drops). It feels overpowered, but that could just be an AI issue.
  24. I'm asking this more out of curiosity: Do healing effects stack? E.g. if I have a triple-promoted Redeemer with two Saboteurs in it within the repair aura of an Arms Factory, do all those healing effects stack?