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  1. A kludgier but easy methods: raise the price to $99,999.
  2. Looks pretty interesting. I dig the oil painting effect. I'm not sure whether I preferred this over crisp pixels, but I'd like to see this in action on a large display.
  3. It's a bit smug and judgemental to go "No, you don't really like this game" isn't it? A better question to ask would be what games have a good reputation even among folks who never played them.
  4. It free-to-play and has high production values (for a mobile game) as well as little competition in the mobile RTS/RTT field, so I expect it to stick around for quite a while.
  5. "S.H.R.I.N.K." is the probably the most obvious backronym I've ever seen.
  6. Here we go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dCErEIjK3adTjIug5DyFpMPgDFfcOaxh
  7. TaxOwlbear

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Nukes

    Nice one. I love that image of Tsing Shi Tao. That said, what;'s with the Desolator? It seems to fire some sort of radiation beam that instantly kills infantry. Is there anything even remotely like this, or is that complete fantasy tech?
  8. TaxOwlbear

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Mechs

    Even if we had stuff like that, the question remains whether the walker would be better-suited for its job than a conventional tank, and in most cases, the answer is a hollow "no".
  9. TaxOwlbear

    Version 1.0 of Rivals is the worst version ever

    Well, people who bought lootboxes matching with people who didn't is kind of the point, isn't it? If a player buys lootboxes and then gets matched with stronger players, they lose their incentive to buy more. If they get matched with weaker players, it makes them feel good, and they might buy more. it wouldn't be true lootboxes if it wasn't exploitive.
  10. TaxOwlbear

    Forged Battalion

    Only 15 missions, and all of them recycle multiplayer maps. It definitely feels like the game is incomplete.
  11. TaxOwlbear

    Finally I got to play this game that doesn't look like an RTS

    The whole game is geared towards this. You can gain fuel canisters to get loot boxes, but you can only earn so many, then you have to wait. All upgrades are tiny and incremental. This isn't just a game on a mobile platform, it's a capital 'M' mobile game.
  12. Late reply, but monetisation is not yet enabled. However, bogus currencies are already in place (gold and diamonds) and will no doubt be purchasable in one form or another when the games goes love globally.
  13. I don't think you can downgrade the Steam or Origin version, but I've never tried it myself. The easiest way is probably just to buy a physical copy of the game. A quick search shows that you can get the game for under £2, which is dirt cheap - cheaper than the Steam version. That said, you don't need to be that good at micro to beat the campaign on hard with the latest patch. Most missions are just a little harder, some are possibly easier due to the stat changes, and the IMO hardest mission (the final Nod mission) requires a good plan but only moderate amounts of micro.
  14. I know there are at least a dozen Chinese mobile games with RA2 assets, but I don't think any of the other ones claimed to be sanctioned by EA.
  15. Is this actually available somewhere or still in closed development?
  16. TaxOwlbear

    C&C Rivals

    Well, if you are on the Rivals Discord, you probably like the game, so I can't imagine too much negativity being there.
  17. I didn't say that it's high content. Just that there is big enough audience for it.
  18. I think the main purpose of YongYea's channel is to keep his viewers informed about industry news in a convenient way. That said, he doesn't seem be very well informed about C&C, otherwise he would be aware that the most popular C&C titles (in my experience Red Alert 2, Generals, C&C3) were all developed under EA. On the topic of Rivals: It's a mobile game through and through, not just in the sense that it's on Android/iOS. It has a everything that screams mobile: Random rewards, pay to win, bogus currencies, only so much levelling per day to ensure that players play every X hours, even basic stuff has to be unlocked, tiny upgrades that give you the illusion of progress but are meaningless until you accumulate a ton of them etc. I played one match against another human (the tutorials are vs. the CPU). The other guy had a little more experience than me and the game was somewhat balanced... until I build a single Titan, which I had drawn from a reward crate just before the match. The other guy had nothing he could use against it effectively and just lost.
  19. I'll fairly judge it by the standards of Command & Conquer mobile titles.
  20. Tiberium Alliances is apparently good enough to keep the lights on for six years. so Rivals will make money too. Not from angry hardcore fans, but it will make money.
  21. TaxOwlbear

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Grenades

    No idea, to be honest. It looked like a grenade launcher to me, but I never looked into it.
  22. TaxOwlbear

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Grenades

    Neat. I never knew that disc grenades were a real thing. I didn't even know those were supposed to be discs initially, because the German version of Tiberian Sun sill calls the Disc Thrower a "Grenadier". Small addition: Once upgrades with scrap once, the Generals Technical gains a grenade launcher.
  23. TaxOwlbear

    Games of 2018

    Not having to host anything is within Valve's freedom of expression. Active Shooter doesn't "explore" anything, as opposed to games with dark subjects, like That Dragon, Cancer (which is on Steam). Regarding "especially when non-interactive media does it frequently": Nobody is preventing the guy from making this game. He can put it on his own website if he wants to, or on other platforms. Just like not every film about school shootings has an automatic right to be screened in cinemas, or to be featured on Netflix. "Other games are bad too" is no justification. As for Steam allowing the game first and removing it later: That happens because Steam has no quality control in place. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had games that blatantly violate copyright (e.g. that Smash Bros clone with characters from 15+ franchises) or games with no .exe. They publish first and ask questions later.
  24. TaxOwlbear

    Games of 2018

    Steam is a privately run platform. They are under no obligation to host anyone's rubbish (even though they do host a lot of rubbish). That said, the reason why films are treated differently is because there aren't many - if indeed any - films that just show someone killing school children. Taking this list as a sample, films about school shootings focus on exploring the motives of the shooters, the aftermath, social reasons that lead to school shootings etc. Active Shooter does nothing like that. It's just a trash game from some edgelord who thinks he's rad for making a game like this in a time with regular school shootings in America. If this game was like SWAT 4 (i.e. an actual quality game), or an interactive story type game, it would be a different story.