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  1. comander starlin

    So, where has 2021 gone?

    This site has been my life for year expanding the scope to dune and BFME is fine it keeps them all in one main place. We are still the authority in C&C
  2. Updating information limited run Confirmed it has a commemerative release disc plus steam code. https://twitter.com/limitedrungames/status/1237494679333208071?s=21
  3. Yeah it is a bit rough... CD should have been in the $59 pack as well I don’t want any oth the other things just that great CD. And also odd that LRG is doing a steam code not game on CD
  4. Yeah just really expensive for New Zealand customers as to get the main pack with the CD soundtrack it cost $300nzd with shipping. Not happy about that....
  5. 3am New Zealand time just so us kiwi’s know.
  6. comander starlin

    C&C Remasters - Update on The Tiberian Sons

    Quite like the fact that we get some of their remixes in this release .
  7. So coming from a retail standpoint the mobile market is slowing down a bit, just look at Apple and Samsung having to lower their forecast, i think we are in a flux point in the market as we are about to shift mediums again. you also have company's like Nintendo that have eroded away some of that portable gaming market again. plus you also have the quality of game being a big thing as well, consumers are now starting to pick Quality over Quantity and rivals lands half way between.
  8. comander starlin

    Remasters Update: Audio and Soundtrack

    I just hope the put a Toggle that allows us to select form the different soundtracks and also keep the original way of setting the music in the game.
  9. Fantastic news and this is how we should find out information, i do wish they do it old school and just give us screenshots and text based updates.
  10. comander starlin

    Rivals isn't that bad

    So i have play the game since beta and i have officially decided that the game isn't that bad. There is some mad OP units, and i don't like the base rush mechanic, if it was more capture and hold points i would prefer that. as that is a better challenge as it is about timing and unit planing. The lag in the game is nuts, there should be a thing in relation to players that lag the game. as it can be a bit of a nightmare with that. i still have fun with it. but the thing that ruins the game is the Micro transatations as it does setup pay to win in a way! but in all it is a fin little time waster. that can be fixed with a little bit of tweaking.
  11. it would be great for EA if they could open up their archive for us to be able to Archive it correctly and protect this slice of history!
  12. well considering i run my life now on a surface Laptop, it gives me a good reason to Build a PC, but good time frame for me to get it right!
  13. Yes!!!!!! Well Done EA! i am so happy we are getting OG Remasters, these are the 2 best games in the series and i love RA1 too death. i would kill for a Nintendo Switch Port as well. this will be the reason for me to upgrade my PC again. so happy!!!!! And Petroglyph looking after it, lets hope EA Trust them to do the full treatment of the series. Happy Days!
  14. to be honest i wont be playing this till i get a new phone next year and then it it still low on my list of things to do but i will give it a shot but i don't see me playing this for long.
  15. all i want is a Nintendo Switch Port of C&C and RA Classic, it is all i need just good RTS gameplay