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  1. Yes!!!!!! Well Done EA! i am so happy we are getting OG Remasters, these are the 2 best games in the series and i love RA1 too death. i would kill for a Nintendo Switch Port as well. this will be the reason for me to upgrade my PC again. so happy!!!!! And Petroglyph looking after it, lets hope EA Trust them to do the full treatment of the series. Happy Days!
  2. comander starlin

    C&C Rivals to Launch Worldwide on 4 December

    to be honest i wont be playing this till i get a new phone next year and then it it still low on my list of things to do but i will give it a shot but i don't see me playing this for long.
  3. all i want is a Nintendo Switch Port of C&C and RA Classic, it is all i need just good RTS gameplay
  4. comander starlin

    C&C3 Kane Edition on Windows 10

    i know this doesn't help but the Origin version runs fine. and for $25 it isn't to bad although you might run into some bigger issues with the older games
  5. comander starlin

    Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    could always be a new Star Wars RTS like Empire at War - but i do miss the Battle for Middle Earth games as well. i guess we might find out at EA Play
  6. comander starlin

    C&C - RA on PS Vita

    The PS Vita was a great console the only issue is Sony didn't believe in it's potential. if you look at Nintendo and the Switch, when you believe in your product you do better with it. and not all games are Android ports. it is the same games as the PSP and PS1 versions, in regards to hacking a game, not a fan of that, the PSN copies are stable other than the music slowdown.
  7. comander starlin

    GVMERS: Investigating C&C Generals 2

    i always enjoy these. i do hope the Next C&C (not counting the Tencent game) does come out. would be even better if the bust that bad boy to the Nintendo Switch as well. Proper C&C on the Go. And Thanks again Plokite_Wolf and ZEE again for contribution to the GVMERS videos, anything to get C&C image out there in a positive light.
  8. comander starlin

    EA and Micro Transactions

    i do feel that EA do bring it upon them self sometimes. certinly not helping out at the moement with the Battlefront Issue. but yes to patent somthing doesnt mean they will use it. but it also does put an potentual intent there as well. my only issue i see here is it falls a little into the casino way of getting people loose a few times win big then repeat... that also might explain why it is not in use... i just found it interesting. and yes not every one will fall into those traps.
  9. comander starlin

    MARS 2000 - oldschool RTS game inspired by C&C series

    If and when this game goes life is there a plan to Port to the Nintendo Switch as you are already developing in Unity it should make it easier as they prefer Unity Engine for their games. But this is looking Cool so i am down for it.
  10. comander starlin

    EA and Micro Transactions

    So after all the Battlefront II scumbagery that EA did with Micro Transactions some Patents have been found to mess with our game play again. For me i hope that they don't find a way to mess with RTS games. i don't buy Micro Transactions i do DLC when it is story based but Shortcut Kits Skin Packs or even stupid pay to win i don't buy. But messing around with Matchmaking based on buying micro transactions is a D**k Move. this is one of the few times it should be balanced unless in a tournament mode and they you are asking for more unbalance.
  11. comander starlin

    Red Alert Console Gaming Mechanics

    yeah it was a well built game on that system and it played well. i have always wondered if they were willing to give it another go, after games like Halo Wars on other consoles. i think it is a mater of finding the right system and also the right player base again. C&C 3 on the xbox was a bit clunky but it worked i just feel the halo system worked better for it. but in saying thaat touch screen has come in for the switch and for the ps4 they have the touch bar. so that is one system that can be utalised now.
  12. comander starlin

    2017 - A Year in Review

    i always liked these segments as it is a good awy to catch anything that i missed which was nothing this year bar a few new images of canceled games. but thanks for the news feed Polkite_Wolf.
  13. comander starlin

    Red Alert Console Gaming Mechanics

    Sorry my bad Sega Saturn, not sure why i wrote Genesis. but s have just had a fond memory at the time of writing but it did play alright for the time frame
  14. comander starlin

    Red Alert Console Gaming Mechanics

    yeah that is true, i have been on the hunt for the Mouse for a while. not an easy find now but i will get one eventually. the duelshock controller came out a few months after the games but it would have fitted it so well. i also found the Sega Genesis version was a bit clunky as well but still impressive on the hardware for the time. plus the N64, the whole 3d style of feel they went for was something different with the C&C style.
  15. Red Alert Console Gaming Mechanics So for me i have spent a lot of time on theses games over the years, mainly the PS1 version. they are solid games but they all lacked one thing, the joystick support. the interaction is all done via the D-Pad. but don't get me wrong this still works it just requires a different way to think and it is very easy stuff up you group selection. but for the time this was a great way to prove these types of games can work on a gaming console. for the notes the Duel Shock controller didn't arrive until later that year so no joystick support. The base game still feels the same and plays the same, the only obvious drawback i found has been the speed of the game. it is very hard to get the speed right, to get the pacing of the game right you have to amend the games speed. when messing with the games speed the soundtrack also speeds up to more of a normal pace. The graphics are still great and get close to the PC contour part but if you ever wanted the best experience i would say PC in this case. but for the fun experience for the time playing this game on a TV was a worth while and opening it up to friends that have never experienced a game like it before was always entertaining. setting skirmish missions on it's hardest setting and seeing how long you can survive was always a great challenge. and made for some entertaining arguments on how to best defend the first onslaught before you could retaliate (chances of loosing very high). in all i give it a worth a play. but for me i feel we are due a re visit to these games. what i would like to see is the conversion to Unity Engine for the classic games and ported to the Nintendo Switch. i feel this is one way for EA to see how that console will go with something completely different. and also will be a good way to test the market of Command & Conquer fans and build new ones, as the Nintendo Switch is a fast and Growing Market and i am excited to see how system grows. the only challenge to the market will be Petroglyph at this point with 8-Bit Armies but that games has yet to drop so we will soon see. i am open to discussion on any of the topics raised here. and would like this topic to stay in the red alert subsection even if it sways a bit into Switch conversation the topic must keep back on the mechanics and how it could work.