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  1. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    bagging on Petroglyph is stupid, they make good RTS games and they are fun. if EA outsaused to Petroglyph that is fine. they have worked together before. in regards to if a new games is made i am down for it but the issue is the RTS is a Neische product now. it has more sucess on platforms that are protable (Switch) for me i am down for a remaster of the old games for the Switch. C&C needs to be low Budget Great quility to be any kids of sucessful now. it will tank if it gets AAA funding. Indie is where it is at for the series i feel. considering it always felt indie.
  2. CNCNZ.com Turns 20!

    i love that this site has been going for so long and a Big Tanks to Sonic for keeping it alive and i hope he is enjoying his break. let hope we can keep it going for another 20, and maby a few games in between.
  3. Now Playing - Games

    Been Playing Battlefield 1 and .hack//Last Recode
  4. C&C on alternate platforms

    well Petroglyph is working on a port of 8 Bit Armies so it should work well this will be a great test of the system and how it could re invent RTS on a portable console, mite even breathe life back into the C&C series with some ports
  5. 6-mission DOS C&C demo

    i will have a look and see what is going on with it.
  6. nice little fined of some pre relase screens
  7. yeah was not awair that he had ducked out out the time of writing that post, plus when he did leaave i was dealing with alot of work stuff so it was easy for me to have missed it. plus i spend my forum time in the RA/TS/TD pages for support. but hay i help out from time to time. and while Sonic is not arround i need to pitch in.
  8. To be honest i take no notice of the rep system, to the point i had to search the forum to find this comment. chnages i am fine with what is going on in the forum and main page. beecause facebook fills my page with ads i now just used the cncnz frount page more and just view the forum from time to time as news is a little quiet on the EA Frount. although i think C&C should move to the Nintendo Switch I am glad the downloads section is back
  9. Temporarily Stepping Down

    Well Said C&CKing we all have those moenets when we just spiral into a dark place, but having people there to support you is always good. Yeah you did go on the deep end at one point and i did enjoy our lenghly descussions on it, but being a good mate i just looked at it as a debate. I am sorry to hear Dave that is had a bit to do with your Farther passing. but i have admitted you have been more of a positive light in our C&C world again and still a solid defender of old. Sonic thanks for all your support, in the next few pays i will donate to help keep the site going again. you keep it fresh and active in a looking dead franchise. For all the effot over the years with RAZ - TSNNZ - CNCNZ - Petroglyph you have earnt a break look after yourself Chris, when you are ready to come back and have the passion come back. plus look after yourself mate, you are important look after you. Comander Starlin
  10. yeah it has been a long time active. the old TSNNZ site and RA Zone for us Kiwi fans it was more common for us to use the old sites. those were the days. Sonic i support you keeping this sigt going. i will drop a donate in the next few pays to help out this great site and being my home in the forums for so many years.
  11. All good. been going through a phase of collecting old copies and veriants of the C&C games that were release here in new zealand.
  12. C&C reboot?

    To be honest i would say EA would sit on the Reboot untill it was at its 90% completeion, as the issues with developing with Fostbite that some teams in EA are having, is quite big, and also the approch of having to be a AAA title, just doesnt work for RTS games. i just dont think it will happen for at least another 5 years.
  13. New Forums Ranking System

    that is a good brakedown list. i dont need a Vertran Member status to know i am one but it is good to see a list for the new guys
  14. Post Your C&C Collections

    i am Loving those Virgin Interactive Box's is see there they were some of the best big box titles. and great seeing people also collected Lands of Lore and NOX those are some classic games there. i wish both Lands of Lore and NOX got an remaster, but we know that will never happen. but at least we know that there is a looked after collection of these.
  15. if you want i can create a copy of the Sega Saturn Discs if you need it, just to compair the NZ localization of the discs?