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  1. It certainly has its inspiration from EotFS. But SE is more contained to a single planet. There's many similar systems at play, but also some new ones thrown into the mix. SE also plays more like a Wargame. That said, I wouldn't mind a remaster or a remake of EotFS that maintains the same complexity. I'd be all over that like a rash.
  2. Genuine question. Have you played this game? If not then I would debate that point. I've played a lot of Cities mods and such and they still don't reach the complexity and interwoven systems that this game does. Shadow Empire does look rather basic on the outside and at first glance. But the bigger picture is anything but. I've put about 30 hours into Shadow Empire already in the last 6 days and I still do not have a full grasp of it. Those that have played 100 hours still haven't come to fully appreciate everything this game has to offer. Cities with mods that attempt to up the complexity? No. With knowledge of the SimCity franchise and some patience Cities is a breeze by comparison. I have experience with Wargames, even deep experience with Advanced Tactics Gold which is the foundation Shadow Empire is built upon, yet I'm still learning this game and its nuances. So no, unfortunately I would have to respectfully disagree with you on that point.
  3. It's called Shadow Empire. What is Shadow Empire? Yeah, it looks old, it looks like a Wargame. But what is here is an innovative mesh of different strategy systems and 4X gameplay. It's absolutely frigging incredible! A few reviews: https://www.strategygamer.com/reviews/shadow-empire/ https://www.wargamer.com/reviews/shadow-empire/ https://explorminate.co/what-to-expect-shadow-empire/ Some player one liners: This game is complex and as fun as hell. So much so, it has a 349 page manual. I have even sidelined the C&C Remastered Collection because all I want to do is play this game instead. It's hard to explain it, so I'm just going to show it off. This is a decent Let's play of the release version: This is the Steam Page (Coming Soon): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1154840/Shadow_Empire/ Buy Now Matrix: https://www.matrixgames.com/game/shadow-empire Buying now will grant you a Steam Key when it's released there.
  4. You would think so. But I'll remain apprehensive until EA have a bit more of a track record behind them. This has to be across multiple platforms and IPs as well. My concern is even though a good job has been done of this remaster, I don't wanna see it as just a cheap appeasement of the community. I would hope this is the start of a new chapter. But we shall see.
  5. The problem with C&C as we know is that it's suffered from too much boardroom interference. The remaster hopefully can show these business types that if you give developers the run of the meadow and allow their work to shine, you can get a product that gains favourability and can even outdo other games of AAA popularity. I hope this is a lesson, I really do. I wouldn't say no to a TS and RA2 joint remaster as well, but the buck should then stop there and the focus shift towards something new. Or something new then the remaster. I don't mind which way around they do it. RTS isn't dead, and the remaster has shown that neither is the franchise. It just needs love and a bit of care. Along with some adequate funding and time? We might just get there again.
  6. Saracen


    Unbelievable that Joseph is 55 now. I'm 37 and look older than he does. Just proof that you can't age the messiah!
  7. I've heard Origin pre-loaders also get the Map Editor early too. I would hazard a guess that's their little platform timed exclusive.
  8. Saracen

    Smexy MCVs!

    Instead of stuffing this down in the RA2 forum where it probably won't be seen, I'm putting it here instead. These are too good not to share. Dunno who this guy is. But he likes Red Alert 2 MCVs it seems. Beautifully rendered, and very nicely animated too! And also he recently put together a making of video showreel of how that Yuri MCV came together. Stunning stuff. I've subscribed to him in hopes he'll do the allied one next, and who knows, maybe he'll move on to animating other C&C MCVs.
  9. Saracen

    Now Playing - Music

    With the remaster now around the corner. I've been watching /Listening to this in the background several times already. It's strange. Even though I've played these games to death, it feels like a brand new release that I just know is gonna be good.
  10. Saracen

    Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

    Exactly. The remaster has got Nyerguds working for at least another guaranteed 25 years! He just doesn't know it yet! 😂
  11. Saracen

    Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

    This looks fantastic. I will have to give it a try. I would imagine though, after all this work, this TC would fall under one of those projects that would need a full rewrite from scratch to get working on the remastered edition? Shame if that's the case, because I could see it getting a massive amount of downloads from the Steam Workshop.
  12. Considering Westwood always went for readability over realism, I would imagine this is exactly what it is. Tiberian Dawn's Nuclear Warhead was one seriously OP base destroying behemoth when deployed correctly. So the look matches the destruction. Unless of course they have most likely used the same animation for Red Albert's Atom Bomb which was so much weaker by comparison. But still, I see nothing wrong so far. It looks great and is still the same old core game underneath. I'm just happy they're breathing new life into it in any way they possibly can.
  13. That nuke is a thing of beauty. I remember when I was 12 in the summer of 1995 and had the opportunity to build the Temple of Nod. I would save the game when the nuke was ready, and then spend ages sandboxing the hell out of it. The enemy base, my base, testing it on every unit and structure to see what would survive and get wiped out right away. And the animation at the time was a thing of beauty back then too. I just enjoyed watching it cycle, so I'd reload and watch it again and again. Well looks like it's going to happen all over again now I'm 37!
  14. Saracen

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    The more things change, the more they stay the same I've noticed. The Steam Discussion forums aren't exactly a fun place either. At least here still feels like home.
  15. Saracen

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Room for one more? I'm still about too. I think this remaster will see a few more old faces reappearing. Hopefully, might even see a little resurgence in the community altogether. That can't be a bad thing!