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  1. Why are you hiding?

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    Wow...it's hard to believe that this topic is still going! ELO - Evil Woman
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    What's in your Rig?

    Oh wow! I didn't know that the 9600 was already out. Very exciting. Yeah man, forget the 8600!
  4. BWare

    What's in your Rig?

    Nice. Have you looked into the benchmarks for the 8600 though? The 7600 was a great card, but apparently the 8600 is a but underwhelming when it comes to performance. You may want to stick with the 7900 for a while, or look into the 8800 GS which you can get for something like 150 USD (pretty remarkable deal when it comes to price/performance). But yeah, especially when it comes to gaming, Vista can at times be a bit sluggish and unreliable. But you need it for directx10!
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    I know I know...I just don't have it in me anymore. My head hangs in shame. (Though maybe you didn't pick up on some of that sarcasm...?) Haha, you're not getting rid of me THAT easily Sonic! Yes, Red Alert 3 is pretty exciting news indeed... Well, it was you who let his shiny new moderator powers go to his head. It was the impetus for my taking a sabatical, so I think it was a pretty relevant thing to address upon my return. (Also, what rule did I break, exactly?) Yes, by all means, please keep it to yourself! So quickly? My, you are a remarkable judge of character! And if I may say so, your self-righteousness has barely changed at all either! I guess there's something to be said for consistency...
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    Gee, thanks hypno! Well sure I do! The suspension was uncalled for. You got it boss.
  7. BWare

    What's in your Rig?

    If you don't have a rig that can run it, sure Vista can be a pain...but I've had a great experience with it so far.
  8. BWare

    What's in your Rig?

    Ah! Thanks, I knew I forgot something. *edited
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    WHAT?? C&C King, NO! Nobody can replace him! Well Saracen, whoever you are, I'm going to be hanging around for a while this time .
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    Oh yes Fenring. Judgment day is here . I thought I'd drop by and see how everything is going. After getting suspended by an uppity Hypnotist during a somewhat spirited discussion on evolution, I thought I'd concentrate on my school work for a while (plus, of course, my missionary work in Africa). Hypno got to feel like a big man for a little while, I had one less distraction....win win. The forums look great! It's nice to see that everything is going well, and that the C&C franchise is alive and kicking! We finally got C&C Tiberian Twilight!!!
  11. BWare

    What's in your Rig?

    In the past year or so I've made some big revisions to the machines on my little network. Here's where they currently stand... Gaming Rig: OS: Vista Ultimate x64 CPU: Core2Duo OC'd @ 3.66 GHz Memory: 4gb DDRII GPU: 8800 Ultra PSU: 620w Motherboard: Asus 680i Optical: 2x dvd drives HDDs: 2x WD Raptors in a RAID 0 array Sound Card: SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Speakers: Klipsch 5.1 Surround Monitor: 24" Samsung 245BW @ 1920x1200 Mouse/Keyboard: Razer Diamondback, Razer Lycosa Media/Regular Use: OS: Vista Ultimate x32 CPU: Core2Duo OC'd at 3 GHz Memory: 2gb DDRII GPU: Fanless 8600 GT PSU: SeaSonic 500w Motherboard: Asus A8N-SLI Premium Optical: 4x dvd burners HDDs: 2x250gb (system), 1x400gb (recorded tv) Sound Card: SoundBlaster XFi Speakers: Klipsch 2.1 Monitor: 22" Samsung 226BW @ 1680x1050 Mouse/Keyboard: Logitech MX Revolution/Logitech diNovo Edge Other: Single ATSC tuner for free over the air HD (no cable) Server: OS: WinXP Pro x64 CPU: AMD Athlon64 3000 Memory: 1gb DDR GPU: BFG nVidia 6200 PSU: SeaSonic 320w Motherboard: ?? Socket 939 Optical: 1x dvd drive HDDs: 1x160gb (system), 5x500gb (1.36 TB RAID 5 array for network storage) Sound Card: None Speakers: None Monitor: Shared Samsung 245BW @ 1920x1200 Mouse/Keyboard: Logitech wireless of some sort Laptop: Asus EEE PC - 701 Galaxy, HEAVILY modified to include a touchscreen, bluetooth, an additional 32gb of internal storage, and 2gb RAM. This has been a big project of mine lately.
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    Do Aliens Exist?

    Haha, amen King