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well i am a old school veteran for these forums, i have been around since the days of old, and i have been and even older viewer of Sonic's work on the web, so if you sumereise this my favorite games are the classics, RA1 and C&C1 got to love it.


I am Also the author of the Starlin mix sessions, which i work on, and compile a mix of Electro and and VGA in a progressive mix for your liking. (bear with me on these mix sessions as i am also moving up in my company so i am having less time to make these. i will post my mixs as close to fortnightly but even that can not happen)


if you have any questions feel free to PM me as i will reply to you.











You really, really know you've been playing too much Red Alert when a hot chic asks you out and your response is "unable to comply building in progress"