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  1. All good. been going through a phase of collecting old copies and veriants of the C&C games that were release here in new zealand.
  2. C&C reboot?

    To be honest i would say EA would sit on the Reboot untill it was at its 90% completeion, as the issues with developing with Fostbite that some teams in EA are having, is quite big, and also the approch of having to be a AAA title, just doesnt work for RTS games. i just dont think it will happen for at least another 5 years.
  3. New Forums Ranking System

    that is a good brakedown list. i dont need a Vertran Member status to know i am one but it is good to see a list for the new guys
  4. Post Your C&C Collections

    i am Loving those Virgin Interactive Box's is see there they were some of the best big box titles. and great seeing people also collected Lands of Lore and NOX those are some classic games there. i wish both Lands of Lore and NOX got an remaster, but we know that will never happen. but at least we know that there is a looked after collection of these.
  5. if you want i can create a copy of the Sega Saturn Discs if you need it, just to compair the NZ localization of the discs?
  6. cool thanks man, i was just wondering when i last looked at the files i thought they looked fermillair. and yes you are right the Sega Saturn has the same video format as the PC so not much work to do there i just had a look at my copy of it
  7. C&C reboot?

    and iall that game is about is solid gameplay and i dont mind it at all, cant build a multivurse on 8Bit very well. Minecraft is a great example of it, how many years to get a story for it, and then it had to come from another company anyway.
  8. C&C reboot?

    To be honest if EA were going to make another great C&C game, all they need to do is approch Petroglyph again as they have showed they still have the flair with 8Bit Armies. to be very honest it think the series is dead in the water at the moment as EA has bigger cash cows that gerate money on a regulay basis and the C&C model of bussniess doesnt fit how the moden way of bussiness is done in the gaming inderstry. IE DLC. The only way for EA to recover they game series back to its former glory is to just go back to the roots and do simple gameplay that was easy to follow and not over develop it. RA 2 was pusshing it, TS was a better fit or classic RA. I feel that the models dont need to look UHD High Pollish simple and gritty is fine, it suits the fanchise. Fluid game mechcanics, easy to pick up and learn, and not complicate it. A really gripping story with and engaging multiplayer, that makes you want to come back for more. C&C tried to be the next big RTS and stand out above the rest instead of compete with games like Company of Heros, and Act Of War or even Star Craft all they needed to do was just be them selfs, as that is what keept them Unique. I really do want another C&C game but i want one that feels more like a Classic C&C game than these modern RTS games.
  9. thanks Nyerguds, how old are these files anyway based on being made public, as i seemed to have missed the boat on that... good old life getting in the way.
  10. well done TSN.NZ for this many years, thanks for keeping this site alive over the years Sonic.
  11. been running RA on and LG OLED just Beautiful!

  12. give me a few days i will run a test on my system for you. and get back to you with an answer.
  13. Video of the day

    just plain cool, am saving for an atmos set up now.
  14. CNCNZ.com Celebrates 18 Years Online

    well done sonic i might not be posting much now but you are on my vist list every day. well, done mate keep it up.
  15. New Look CNCNZ.com is Now Live

    like the new look sonic, very clean and professional
  16. So if you are a PS Vita owner you might have noticed that you cant play any of the C&C PS1 classics on your vita. there is a fix to make this work. Link your PS Vita to your PS3. Transfer game to Vita from PS3 XMB menu. You should now be able to play the game from your Vita. Note, there is no analog stick controls on any the C&C games, so you will be using the Classic D pad. Hope this helps people out if you bought the PS Vita, and was wondering why you couldn't get the game on the Vita
  17. C&C - RA on PS Vita

    just to update this the work around for this doesn't work anymore, as Sony patched it out. but you can still remote play from your console to the PS Vita
  18. Victory Games to Close - Command & Conquer Cancelled

    i am not serprised that this has happened given EA canceling games, that they dont think will make money, if anything C&C needs to die fore about 5 years and come back with a bang, like a retelling of the original story and combine C&C and RA together in one big story arc. that would be cool. i think the issue is EA has forgotten that the C&C market is about 50% online and 50% offline Story gamers who still love the Lan Party. if they fix that and tidy up the formula EA can Save the Series from the pits of EA's Bassment.
  19. Now Playing - Games

    to be honest i am taking a very slow play of GTA V but for some reason i am playing through Golden sone on my GBA again and also i am playing through Monkey Island. classic gaming Rules!!!!
  20. Desktop / Avatar / Sig Showing Off Thread

    my current desktop with my custom made wallpaper
  21. C&C - RA on PS Vita

    yeah it is a interesting approach for getting it on the Vita, i will update with pics on getting it on for a better step by step.
  22. Windows 8... Again

    at the end of the day Microsoft created something that isnt all that helpful, for the more advance user. what should have happened was 2 OS systems on for Desktop and one for Touch, that way it could work well for both user instead of alienating, it's core user. but hay i am not worried i am going to convert back to Lunix soon. so i wont worry about windows 8, here in New Zealand we will soon see Linux coming to store fronts, so it is about time to brush up on old Faithful.
  23. GameSpy is no more!

    oh well it was bound to happen
  24. Windows 8... Again

    my problem with Win8 is that it just designed for the Tablet generation, as the fact that i have to sell it on a daily basses i am not a fan, it is another WinME all over again. problems i keep getting is when you close a program it is not truly closed and the fact that it has way to much going on, on the screen, i dont like it. i got my copy free from Microsoft and i must still admit it needs to embrace both old and new users not throw out what the old user and stick with the new. to be honest i am sticking with Win7 as it does what i tell it to and it is easy to fix. oh and as a weird side note you can change your theme to the old High Contrast..... that makes no sense to have that being even possible on Win8
  25. going retro and playing RA on my PS Vita, OLED screen with classic RA graphics never thought it could look so sexy :P

    1. Jehal


      Is RA available for the PS Vita, or did you find some way?

    2. comander starlin