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  1. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    there's possibility that the new C&C game will be Pay to Win
  2. they reminds me of Elite Four in Pokemon games
  3. Another indonesian in CNCNZ and check out my crossover ideas

  4. Revisiting EA in a Nutshell video

    Teen Titans Go(2013-now Cartoon) hate train are like this good example of other companies that just as bad(if not worse) than EA are Ubisoft(due to it's PC Games are can't be modded as well Uplay)
  5. CNCNZ.com Turns 20!

    Happy Birthday CNCNZ!
  6. too bad, this studio is closed after C&C4 come out
  7. Another indonesian in CNCNZ

  8. A developer's walkthrough of C&C2013

    the 'cutting edge' that I'm talking about here are just refers to EU General whose real name is named after Ghostbuster
  9. A developer's walkthrough of C&C2013

    actually, I'm talking about the real name of EU Cutting Edge General speaking of he's named after Ghostbuster
  10. A developer's walkthrough of C&C2013

    the Cutting Edge General from 2013 C&C are partially named after one of original Ghostbusters
  11. Unplayable games -- then and now

    So far the only games that I has unplayability problem with are Simcity 4(it makes me quit Simcity)
  12. this reminds me of my days in HTFSocial
  13. Cities: Skylines

    Long ago, before I was even a fan of Command and Conquer, I'm a fan of Simcity starting from Simcity Classic(bundled with SimFarm and SimEarth), then Simcity 2000(I only plays it's Demo version(For PC) and it's gimped GBA version), Simcity 3000(my favorite until I tried any version of Cities Skylines), and Simcity 4(Never really played it as any attempt to run this game makes me left Simcity series and got into Command and Conquer series) the reason I bought new Laptop(that uses Windows 7) is: to play Cities Skylines that I bought from Steam(where it has Steam workshop to get mods) Steam Workshop mods is also to add (zanier) Sci-fi stuff to Cities Skylines if whoever develops this game is refuses to officially add these elements. and what's the mods there that allows Subway Trains in Cities Skylines intersect with Aboveground trains?
  14. Check out my Steam!

    1. jeffnz


      What's so exciting?

    2. Masonicon


      I got Cities: Skylines as well Warhammer 40k games and Wanna play Renegade X with me?

    3. jeffnz


      ROFL 2GB of VRAM recommended for Warhammer ... I've got an AMD "APU" which is basically integrated graphics. I don't know about Renegade X on my AMD A-10 it might not run very well. Let me know if you get 8 Bit Armies though: we'll do a 2v2. For a good laugh I'll play as "Light Bringers" (one of the Hordes factions) That means my "aircraft" are Air Elementals and Phoenixes, and my "vehicles" are Treants (walking trees that can crush infantry).