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  1. Killing You

    New Tiberian Sun: Reborn Teaser Video

    I've watched this video several times, it isn't any less awesome than the first time.
  2. Killing You

    Throwback Thursday for 9th April

    Personally, I always preferred Red Alert 2's Tanya. She had the best characterization out of the three, and felt integral to the story rather than there as a named tool in the commander's arsenal (RA1) or sex appeal (RA3). Looks-wise, RA1 had the best outfit.
  3. Killing You

    Windows 8.1 hates TS and RA2

    After uninstalling and reinstalling, it still doesn't work. My Red Alert 2 keeps blowing everything up. At this point, I guess I might as well forget it.
  4. Killing You

    Windows 8.1 hates TS and RA2

    I don't have the Origin version of anything. My copy of The First Decade is on a physical disk. In any case, now I'm back to square one. After reinstalling TFD patch 1.03, Tiberian Sun has completely broken, and RA2 is still screwing up. I'm going to try reinstalling it altogether, and if that doesn't work I'll be back here.
  5. Killing You

    Windows 8.1 hates TS and RA2

    Well, this is weird. I can't use the menus in Tiberian Sun, and in Red Alert 2, everything I have suicides itself after 30 seconds of gameplay.
  6. After installing The First Decade and the 1.03 patch, I have experienced some issues while trying to play Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. Tiberian Sun/Firestorm crashes when loading skirmish or campaign, Red Alert 2 crashes after a few minutes of gameplay, and Yuri's Revenge doesn't load at all. It's a shame because IMO these are the best games in the franchise. Anything I can do?