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  1. The development teams of Tiberian Sun: Reborn and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising have formed a new group and launched a base of operations, called W3D Hub. The entirety of the teams has migrated there, so you can be sure you'll still be playing the Renegade-derived games you know and love. Discussions relevant to those two mods have been ported to the new forums as well, so you will not miss out on anything. Click here to see their forums and greet them.
  2. Earlier today the W3D Hub team released version 0.7.2 of the W3D Hub Launcher. Featuring many under the hood improvements to the server listings to make them more reliable. The W3D Hub Launcher is your way to play the likes of Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Tiberian Sun: Reborn. Visit the W3D Hub site now to get the updated launcher.
  3. The team at W3D Hub have some new updates about the progress made with Tiberian Sun: Reborn. With the addition of a new member to their talented team, early previews of the GDI EMP Cannon and GDI Radar can be seen. There are new and modified Purchase Terminals for both GDI and Nod. This is part of the visual overhaul for 2.0. And to finish things off, a work in progress look at the Nod Tech Centre. This building provides access to Nod's higher-tier units such as the Cyborg Commando, making this a vital structure on full-arsenal maps. Check out the full update right here.
  4. Its a good time for a new poll. And for this one its a battle of standalone C&C indie FPS games. So we want to know, Which of these standalone C&C indie FPS games do you play the most? Is it the ever impressive Renegade X, classic Red Alert gameplay with Red Alert: A Path Beyond, is the Tiberium universe more to your liking in Tiberian Sun: Reborn, or do you like a touch of Tiberium Wars flavour in Tiberium Crystal War. The choice is yours. To vote in this poll you need to be on the main page of our site, and cast your vote in the poll box on the right side bar. You can also check the the current results in the Poll Archives. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well. Lets take a quick look at the previous poll. Which community based C&C multiplayer services do you play on? The most popular appears to be CnCNet with 29% of the vote, but the leading result, with 50% of the voting, was many people don't play on any of them. Full results can be found in the Poll Archives.
  5. Following the great success of the last one, W3D Hub is organizing yet another game night featuring the latest version of Tiberian Sun: Reborn where you can play and talk with the developers. The event is set to start on the 4th of October (Sunday) at 8pm GMT / 9pm BST, and all you have to do in order to participate is download the game and hop onto the main server. For more information on the upcoming TSR game night read the official announcement. For everyone's time management needs there is also a provided countdown timer located here.
  6. After the recent release of version of Tiberian Sun: Reborn, W3D Hub developers are organizing an open game night event where you can play with the devs. The online event will take place this Sunday (13th September) around 9pm BST / 4pm ET / 1pm PT, so make sure to check if you can make it. All you need to do in order to participate is to install TSR and jump in the official server during the event. The game has been getting quite a few smaller updates since the 1.5 release and it looks like there will be another update coming up right before the planned game night event, so expect even more fixed issues and gameplay optimizations. For more details on the upcoming game night event read the official announcement. For the latest patch info check development updates such as this one.
  7. The well known Tiberian Sun: Reborn just got its newest update - version of the game is now available for download via the W3D Hub launcher. Just in time to help us celebrate Command & Conquer's 20th anniversary. The update includes a lot of bug fixes, map and unit optimizations, and even the anticipated new Enforcer heavy infantry unit. There are also a lot of new developments to catch up with, including TSR's future plans which are moving toward a larger multiplayer gameplay rebalance. For more information, read through the official development update and definitely get in game to try the new version out for yourself.
  8. W3D Hub are still hard at work and they just released a new of Tiberian Sun: Reborn! Sorting out gameplay balance, adding in new units and various game upgrades sure takes time, so this is another progress update of sorts. You can clearly see new experimental features being tested out and some old issues that are getting their problems resolved step by step. You can check out some additional testing notes right here along with a lot of the other informative content on W3D Hub's community forum.
  9. W3D Hub has just released a new teaser video for Tiberian Sun: Reborn! The video features a great action scene recreation from one of the many classic Tiberian Sun FMV cutscenes we all know and love! You might also catch a glimpse of a certain well-known C&C community member!
  10. Tiberian Sun: Reborn has received a couple of extra patches and hotfixes since the big 2015 update! W3D Hub developers are still working hard to make the game as stable and fresh as possible. While some of you may have noticed that certain maps still suffer from some very odd in-game bugs, the development team is fully aware of everything and is working to remedy all noted issues as soon as possible! Some Patch Notes (version Implemented the rest of Fabian's Effects Reimplemented broken deploy/undeploy sounds Implemented missing unit sounds Fixed Silos on TS_Field, TS_Shallows, and TS_GrandCanyon Updated scripts build from b6921 to b6928 Fixed bug where Hijackers lost their crowbar when attempting to hijack a deploying/undeploying unit Fixed missing sounds Slightly nerfed hack time for engineers Check out the full version of the latest changelog right here. Additionally, you can take a look back at the big 2015 comeback update in TSR development blog 23 over at W3D Hub in case you've missed all of the juicy details on what's to come! Still not enough? Then jump in and join everyone in game - download TSR via the Launcher on the W3D Hub Forum!
  11. Tiberian Sun: Reborn is alive and kicking hard! The developers at W3D Hub have really stepped up production with various updates and exciting new features coming your way! The game has received quite a few fixes and improvements - some of which include upgraded unit veterancy, improved gameplay balance system, a new GDI anti-vehicle infantry unit, an updated Nod Chameleon Spy and the long awaited Juggernaut! You can also expect to see new HD weapon textures, updated maps, the inclusion of Visceroids and other new features such as Engineer hacking! If you're still not convinced about giving Tiberian Sun: Reborn another look then take a look at this new revamped Titan vehicle model: Make sure to check out the rest of TSR development blog 23 over at W3D Hub for the full feature overview and all of the provided details. Don't forget that you can start playing Tiberian Sun: Reborn online via the updated launcher right now, just download it via the W3D Hub Forum and enjoy!
  12. Bluehell Productions, the official home for Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising and Tiberian Sun: Reborn, has been given a completely new look. Visit the Bluehell Productions site now to see it for yourself.
  13. Bluehell Productions has released patch for Tiberian Sun: Reborn, which was mostly conceived as an update to make GDI vehicles more useful in combat. Here is the changelog.... GDI Titan: Increased armour and damage GDI HMRLS: Increased damage and added a secondary AA cluster shot GDI Mammoth MkII: Increased armour, speed, damage, SAM damage and self repair speed. Larger projectile hitbox GDI Orca Fighter: Increased damage GDI Component Towers(all): Increased armour GDI & Nod SAM Sites: Increased max. vertical tilt and damage. Larger projectile hitbox GDI Ghoststalker: Increased damage and larger projectile hitbox GDI Disk Thrower: Made bouncy shot primary, new anti-vehicle secondary fire Nod Harpy: Reduced damage Nod Cyborg Commando: Larger projectile hitbox In order to update the game, simply run the BHP Launcher and do it from there. If you haven't played a Bluehell game before, you can download the BHP Launcher here.
  14. Bluehell Productions has released a visuals patch for Tiberian Sun: Reborn. As its name says, it does not address any gameplay issues - it only fixes certain graphical annoyances and adds new visual effects. Replaced scopes for Umagon and Toxin Trooper with improved, less green, versions Updated idle sounds for the Buggy, Bike and Sub-APC Updated projectile impact explosion visuals for the Ghoststalker, Cyborg Commando and Mammoth MkII New range indicators for the MSA and MSG which should produce less lag New projectile for the Confessor Updated various other emitters and visual effects In order to obtain the patch, just run the BHP Launcher and update it from there.
  15. It has been a long time coming, after many long months of hard work the first public release candidate of Tiberian Sun: Reborn has arrived! Tiberian Sun: Reborn Release Candidate 1 includes the following.... 11 maps Almost all vehicles 7 buildings for both factions Dynamic, deep, rich and a Tiberian Sun atmospheric feeling A full and improved infantry roster 3 Bluehell Productions servers up and running at launch So how do you download Tiberian Sun: Reborn? That's easy. Download the new Bluehell Productions Launcher, you can then download the game via the launcher. It is currently still in active development and as such there may be a few rough edges in the interface and functionality, but it will be updated it as time goes on. It also includes an auto-updating feature, so you will never need to manually download new copies of the game again. Bluehell Productions Launcher Key Features Self-updating Download and install BHP games such as RA:APB, TS:Reborn, and RA2:AR Download updates to your installed BHP games Repair your installed BHP games if files get broken or go missing Server browser (currently does not include live player counts) Setup your settings for all games at once (does not support all settings yet) More information about this release of Tiberian Sun: Reborn and the Bluehell Productions Launcher can be found right here.
  16. Bluehell Productions has finally decided to release the first public beta of the long-awaited Tiberian Sun: Reborn standalone mod for Renegade! The download link is scheduled to be released to the public today and the bug tracker has already been opened. Keep in mind that some features from previous pre-release footage will be absent in the first public beta for gameplay reasons. Click here to stay tuned on the release information. UPDATE: TS Reborn has been released through the new BHP Launcher, a universal tool for downloading, playing and updating games by Bluehell Productions.
  17. Bluehell Productions has released a new Tiberian Sun Reborn trailer, showing off most of the units and announcing that as the release date comes closer, more trailers like this one will arrive. Judging by the looks of the mod and their slogan "2030 Starts 2013", we can expect that to finally happen this year! The team states that all remaining issues will not take long to repair (except for the Juggernaut, which will be excluded in the first public release). Bluehell Productions also wishes to create a launch event with various community members and site owners when the time comes. Click here to see more information in the TS Reborn blog.
  18. Work is progressing on the Tiberian Sun: Reborn mod for C&C Renegade at Bluehell Productions. Check out this new intro video, made by Kalle Bowo, to be incorporated into the full release of Tiberian Sun: Reborn. It was first posted a few weeks ago. http://www.indiedb.com/media/iframe/806937 You can read more about Tiberian Sun: Reborn on their IndieDB page.
  19. Recently, CNCNZ.com spoke with Chronojam and Wallywood from the Bluehell Productions team in regards to the acquisition of Tiberian Sun: Reborn under the Bluehell Productions name. We also asked them several other questions about their work in general. Here's part of the interview. Check out the full interview by clicking here.
  20. A brand new Tiberian Sun: Reborn dev blog has been posted on the BlueHell Productions site. This latest update covers the GDI Mobile EMP Tank, GDI Radar Installation and some new staff has been welcomed to the Tiberian Sun: Reborn team. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/hNGLp.png ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/8WAjs.jpg You can read the full dev blog right here.