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  1. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    The third episode in my Construction Complete series of videos:
  2. I really hope any form of DRM doesn't interfere with (hopefully) future LAN integration. I want the remasters to stand the test of time even if EA, the platforms, servers or anything else connected to it dies off in the future in some way. If the game can't survive on its own like all the other classics, then it has definitely been shot in the foot before even starting the race. It can still run the race, but will eventually bleed out if not patched up. So it is my sincerest hope that the lifespan of the games is not tied to anything but the games themselves.
  3. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    It's been a bit rough, but I've continued working on videos in my free time, and have started a series about experiences in game development meant to motivate creativity in smaller bursts. Each little video contains some hopefully thought-provoking bit of information on some smaller game making topic. I've started with some thoughts on TS mission design, but might move over to Dune 2000 and some other experiences as time goes on, to better illustrate different topics and keep it entertaining. There are two videos in the playlist so far, so check it out if anyone is interested:
  4. AZ-Stalker

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    I really dislike big game-related corporations throwing historic stuff away (without even considering the fans). The Westwood locker was sent to be DESTROYED. That hurts. So I'm happy about the people involved that saved all that Westwood treasure and stored it away. My primary interest is seeing Tiberian Sun FMVs and anything else that can be dug up in higher quality, so I'm hoping that too will see the light of day at some point.
  5. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    Another inspirational review!
  6. AZ-Stalker

    Is Bibber done with C&C?

    Anyone have the good tools and fixes he had on his site saved somewhere?
  7. Post some more pictures if you can from various angles. I've never seen this version.
  8. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    I just published a YouTube video that showcases Tiberian Sun in a very positive light as a less technical review of sorts, focusing more on the atmosphere, style and emotional experience the game can often inspire. I've also put some jokes and nostalgia in there for good measure, so feel free to check it out! Enjoy!
  9. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    The Kane Lives scene was amazing as well, no argument there! To me it felt like the first big story payoff after the initial setup. You feel like you're really committed to the Nod story arc once Kane steals the show.
  10. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    I made a little something to start the decade off. It holds special value to me as I was initially inspired the most by Tiberian Sun's introduction growing up. Best wishes to you all in 2020 and this cool new decade!
  11. AZ-Stalker

    Returning After 2 Years

    I'm still curious to find out the reasoning behind that whole incognito rival "C&C365" news site stunt that happened around Sonic's departure. That made no sense and was very puzzling at the time. Would be cool and enlightening to hear about it openly if the person involved would like to clear the air a bit.
  12. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    I've published another video recently. It's not really about C&C, but considering my background and preferences you can find some C&C content sprinkled in there, as you can already tell from the video thumbnail. If anyone is interested in this type of content or would like to support my work - feel free to give me any feedback, join the community (Facebook / Discord), and/or leave some likes/comments on the videos themselves up on YouTube. It really helps a lot and I appreciate every bit of your support! So thank you!