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  1. I have some very important news to announce about my friend and retired C&C community member Zee Hypnotist / Rabbit, who many of you already know a lot about. Please read up on the news over here: https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/444819-important-news-about-zee-hypnotist/ Moderators feel free to move this topic elsewhere if more fitting. Take care of yourselves. And thanks.
  2. AZ-Stalker

    25 Years Online

    The fact is the online climate has changed to be more centralized at more general all-purpose hubs like Discord and Reddit due to sheer convenience of those services. This is a natural evolution, so individual fan sites must now change to be more landing pages to find timeless information at a glance, as well as archives than interactive hotspots. Just the way of things these days. The C&C community however is still alive and well, just not on its own platforms. And community efforts to cross-connect everything are always ongoing and making great progress. We don't need to consider C&C as a big deal any more or spend hours of our days with it, but just trust that all of us are still around coming back to C&C when able - it's the people, not the games, that make up the wider community. We've done a lot to adapt over at W3D Hub for example, and the fact that we're people oriented as a community and staff roster, regardless of EA or the games, keeps us highly motivated and very much connected. Let your relationship with C&C evolve beyond the games themselves, to anyone reading, and use it as a launch platform as well as a social bridge if you need to. C&C won't go anywhere, but understand that things evolve. Happy 25th CNCNZ and everyone around these parts!
  3. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    What is success and how to avoid failure? Insight presented as curiously inspired by the game Crying Suns.
  4. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    Why staying focused on your goals is so important.
  5. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    Read the video description if you find this next one confusing. If you can't see it, it's because it's blocked in the US/Germany/Italy/other due to a strange copyright claim and you need a VPN to see it.
  6. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    The third episode in my Construction Complete series of videos:
  7. I really hope any form of DRM doesn't interfere with (hopefully) future LAN integration. I want the remasters to stand the test of time even if EA, the platforms, servers or anything else connected to it dies off in the future in some way. If the game can't survive on its own like all the other classics, then it has definitely been shot in the foot before even starting the race. It can still run the race, but will eventually bleed out if not patched up. So it is my sincerest hope that the lifespan of the games is not tied to anything but the games themselves.
  8. AZ-Stalker

    AZ's YouTube Videos (skorvion.com)

    It's been a bit rough, but I've continued working on videos in my free time, and have started a series about experiences in game development meant to motivate creativity in smaller bursts. Each little video contains some hopefully thought-provoking bit of information on some smaller game making topic. I've started with some thoughts on TS mission design, but might move over to Dune 2000 and some other experiences as time goes on, to better illustrate different topics and keep it entertaining. There are two videos in the playlist so far, so check it out if anyone is interested: