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  1. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    As far as I know, Plokite_Wolf as the top news poster seeks permission from sources when the situation calls for it and makes a note if something was given courtesy of another site. Just wanted to mention that that's how a healthy community operates.
  2. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    This is not hostility but decisions made based on a lot of consideration and thought put into it after careful examination of everything that has transpired. Hence the delayed response, because Zee doesn't just jump the gun on things. It's not just a matter of Sonic doing something that some of us don't agree with, but a matter of the wider implications for both this site and the entire C&C community. Sure, emotion is also involved, we're human after all. No sense in being super business-like on a community site. Sonic seems to put on one face and "set of values" publicly, while displaying another in private. This disconnect is damaging to everyone, and as a result his inconsistencies and contradictory decisions are being shown in full light more and more. If one does not own up to who he/she is or what he/she does, but instead often pushes it aside hiding behind a position, site, disclaimers and one-sided views of how something outside oneself is the cause of a negative reaction, then that just naturally leads to other people noticing your lack of honesty, integrity, and personal growth. What comes of that doesn't need any particular explanation. This is not an attack on Sonic, it never was, but people speaking up about the deceitful and non-well-meaning practices Sonic seems to put in motion every now and then.
  3. CNCNZ Presents: C&C Radio

    Even the superiorly iconic and ever-popular C&C 4 OST.
  4. Remember folks, CNCNZ is C-aNd-C-aNd-Zee now!
  5. My gift to you for still being alive

    The Tesla coil looks like a dancing stick figure man in a spin shake motion, while the tank's cannons look as if they're its mouth going :V
  6. C&C LEGO: The Expansion Pack - Skirmish

    In fact, you quite literally have to keep or leave something off an actual table. Meta joke.
  7. Tooth & Tail

    Last time I fought with animal armies from an RTS perspective was back when I played Impossible Creatures and S.W.I.N.E.
  8. C&C LEGO: The Expansion Pack - Skirmish

    Brickarmed Conflict pretty much is what a Generals series would be, only modded with extra factions and an interesting story.
  9. Coming Soon

    I may or may not know some stuff. Exciting time to be alive.
  10. Coming Soon

    Is that Santa?
  11. Letting Go of CNCNZ.com

    I haven't always agreed with how you did things around the site and presented yourself and the team here publicly, Sonic, but you have my respect for creating all of this from 90s early C&C scratch and keeping it running for two whole decades. That's a big achievement and it's yours to keep and look back on as a long learning experience, full of interesting memories. Thank you for keeping the site alive for as long as you did. Means a lot to so many of us. I realize things have been hard with the larger community having to detach from EA and keep itself going on fumes at times, but you kept us online regardless. Hopefully your personal situation changes for the better soon, and that you find it a welcome change of pace and lifestyle being on the (somewhat) outside a bit and seeing how the site and C&C community further evolves. Sounds kinda relaxing, right? Good luck in whatever new stuff fills out your time!
  12. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    No doubt same with W3D Hub which was also working in the background to help out in any way we collectively could from over there. It's really nice to see everyone helping each other stay afloat!
  13. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    We'll reach the third decade online yet!
  14. Sonic, at the very least, everyone, no matter our differences and wishes for the site, would really like it if the vast content we have on the forum and site would stay up as a viewable archive (as a final option, if we can't do more). Just look at all the people who are pitching in to help.
  15. So what happens to the site / forum content? Decades of content. Just gone after a few days with no solid deadline to which we have time for making backups? This is a very abrupt turn of events. I'd hate to see everything lost just because of a sudden shutdown decision. More so for people who don't visit on a daily basis.