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  1. Banshee

    Rivals isn't that bad

    You don't understand the seriousness of the fault you've just mentioned if you think that the hate for it is way over-the-top. It comes to a moment that this fault you've just mentioned makes Rivals ends being a fun game to become simply a cash cow gamble. Most of us want a fun game to start with.
  2. Banshee

    Jim Vessella's Update on C&C Remasters

    No, not at all. PPM is even less regarded by them than CNCNZ.com.
  3. Banshee

    Jim Vessella's Update on C&C Remasters

    I don't think that these dealings that you had with them is the reason behind you not being invited. It is probably a mix of lack of famous C&C players and not enough popularity for their standards. But I think you are still doing well on their list and would be one of the next names for it, if they ever decide to invite more people.
  4. Company of Heroes 2 is free on Steam until monday 10am in Pacific Time Zone. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/coh2_giveaway_weekend/
  5. They are not desperate. They wanted to do that for eons already.
  6. Happy birthday, CNCNZ! And Wolf, that's a great choice for a birthday present :).
  7. I think you've made this post in the wrong place. This is not a giveaway. You can play it for free on the next 16 hours, but you'll have to pay for it to play it after that.
  8. He has also done something similar few days ago on OpenRA forums and on CnCNet forums. No big deal. I guess he just want people to keep the discussion flowing.
  9. No. The game that will be remastered will be..... Command & Conquer Sole Survivor, of course, due to its amazing sales and outstanding success with the public.
  10. Banshee

    Which game series should take a break?

    No way. Mario is too awesome to stop and there is a lot to be done with it.
  11. Banshee

    CNCNZ.com Has Moved To Croatia

    It's just like the distance between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Around 5 to 6 hour drive or a 45 minutes flight, which ends up being considered to be close anyway.
  12. Banshee

    CNCNZ.com Has Moved To Croatia

    Then, it is CnC Near Zagreb 🤣
  13. Banshee

    CNCNZ.com Has Moved To Croatia

    CnC and Zagreb
  14. Banshee

    CNCNZ.com Has Moved To Croatia

    Unfortunately, the old GDI servers used to respond much faster than the new Nod ones... at least for me. But the good thing is that the site is alive and kicking ;).
  15. I was interested at the story. And yes, I was definitely disappointed with that.