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  1. Revisiting EA in a Nutshell video

    Most people here doesn't care as much for other companies as they care for EA, mainly because of the C&C franchise. But it is true that many other companies have policies as bad as EA's (or worse) or simply produce a bunch of trash.
  2. It worries me to see legislators that try to legislate into things that they don't know about. Let's get started with this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambling The person who buys loot boxes wages for digital goodies on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning better performance conditions in a game (Star Wars Battlefront II, for instance). If the person knows they won't get any money or material goods, then it is not gambling. Let me make something clear here: the loot box system is something extremely unethical and must be boycotted by players. But it is no gambling. What is done there is seen in certain free games like Fire Emblem Heroes, but the execution is worse, since the person buys the game and must pay for the loot boxes (at least originally). For comparison purposes, on FEH, you get heroes form an event with an uncertain outcome, however, you are not forced to pay for it. Of course that those who doesn't pay for it will have a much harder time to find the heroes they are looking for... and in that game, 5 stars heroes are tremendously better than anything else... and getting non-5 stars heroes to become 5 stars for free required an absurdly annoying amount of effort to say the least. In any case, this kind of game is abominable. But I think that constant bad reviews and strong internet noise works much better than laws created by legislators who doesn't know what they are dealing with and that will only create means to get more censorship, make games and their localization more expensive (due to increasing legal costs) and break other games due to misuse and misinterpretation of badly written laws.
  3. That is true for everything in the game. Therefore, while a statement of fact, it is not an argument against microtransactions. I disagree with you here. I think it is a valid argument against almost every microtransaction, unless the microtransaction is just a mean to buy story related content that is playable offline.
  4. My point is that, it becomes gambling if there is a chance that the player will get money with that. I.e.: if you buy loot boxes and use it to your advantage in ranked competitions with monetary prizes, then it is gambling. If there is no chance that the person will get money with that, then it differs from gambling, in my point of view. Of course, it still motivates lame players to pay to win and it is a very lame and stupid thing, but it is just a worse version of collection of figurines, because, at least with figurines, you could exchange the ones you didn't need with your friends.
  5. Gambling usually involves the client spending money to win money. Are you (player) able to get money with Battlefront II with loot boxes? Of course, that doesn't make loot boxes good in anyway. I've never spent cash with pay to win games and I still plan to keep not spending a single penny for them. That's the best thing users can do... and of course, a big noise in the web to scare the hell out of these companies who insist to do this kind of crap. I agree with Nmenth here when he says:
  6. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    @AZ_Stalker: I am not questioning Plokite_Wolf's news posts. I'm sure he works within good moral principles and with healthy community standards. I agree that a healthy community works like that. @Zee: Smaller sites did rip content from PPM. I didn't go ballistic on public forums at them. I simply gave them no attention. That is my point. By the way, I think that Sonic has hidden that ripped C&C section of his site and replaced with a 'Command & Conquer 365 Progress Update' post. And finally, at this moment, every section of that site links yours. Of course, I do understand that it doesn't mean any kind of acknowledgement that their content was extracted from your site, but it is better than nothing.
  7. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    Ok, fair point guys. I just want to call attention to one relevant detail: content plagiarizing. As you may know, sites like Google and Internet Archive (Wayback Archive) also plagiarizes your content (and even PPM's). They won't warn you that they'll do it, they won't care about your privacy policy and in Google's case, they even receive cash with advertisements when your content is displayed to their visitor. And what they do is the same as Sonic: organize content about subjects. Wait: there's more. When anyone post a news, from any other place, this person is copying (partially or completely) the content generated by the place it took the news from and adding more redundancy to the internet. It is not necessarily a bad thing. I do understand and fully agree with your concerns regarding the public image of CNCNZ.com and its staff about this incident. I just think you guys are being a bit unnecessarily aggressive regarding the content copying. Specially when it clearly damages much more his site's reputation than yours.
  8. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    True, but... you don't need to be hostile to him because of that. It won't do any good for you, CNCNZ.com and Sonic. He is not your enemy. Anyway, I hope this is just placeholder.
  9. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    Changed? Actually, he has made a decision that he probably regrets doing it, which was to transfer the ownership of the CNCNZ.com to Zee Hypnotist. Don't take me in the wrong way, I don't think is a personal problem with Zee, he would have regretted transferring the site to anyone else. He had a mental breakdown earlier in this year and he underestimated the value of 20 years of CNCNZ.com by almost closing the site. Now he is probably recovered from that, but the harsh actions were done and they were legitimated by him and CNCNZ's community. The problem is... how to undo the crap he just did. Treating Zee like a puppet or starting a new clone of the site from scratch are definitely not the way to do it. Trust is something that you earn with a lot of effort and you can loose with few screw ups. Zee has no moral obligation at all to transfer CNCNZ.com back to Sonic. I'm not against Sonic starting new sites, but it is clear that he is trying to build CnC-365 to replace CNCNZ and, if that is his objective, he will fail. He should return to CNCNZ instead of building a new site. It has 20 years of hard work, a well established community that constantly produces content, lots of already generated content and recognition on other community sites and search engines. You can't compete with that on your own, specially when you create a site that hides its own staff and it has no forums, in short, no community interaction. And don't go saying that 'oh, we have Facebook, Twitter and other social networks', because the community won't use these tools to generate interest and content for your site, in your domain. I do understand that Sonic has generated a lot of content for CNCNZ.com, but its community and other (ex-)staff members have also generated a lot of content as well in these 20 years. If he has a different objective with CnC-365, then go ahead with that. Regardless, of EA's awful treatment to Command & Conquer franchise. But cloning content from CNCNZ won't do any good for him. One of the problems is what Zee's said: the legal section from CNCNZ, as written by Sonic, clearly states that text and images from CNCNZ site content belongs to CNCNZ (and not the authors of this content) and it requires permission from the webmaster (currently: Zee Hypnotist) to reproduce it outside, and he has no such permission at all. The second problem is that, even if he had permission, he is simply cloning CNCNZ's content. He is not building something new. It ends up being bad for the reputation of his site as well.
  10. CNCNZ.com Turns 20!

    Happy birthday, CNCNZ. And congratulations for this achievement. 20 years keeping a site with this kind of activity, full of content being constantly generated and keeping the site interesting for all this time.... it demands a lot of effort and a hell of a motivation (specially when those responsible for the covered subjects, aka EA, doesn't help at all for a couple of years already). Congrats!
  11. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    Stop calling it PPMSite. It's PPM, which stands for Project Perfect Mod.
  12. It was a youtube video, similar to this one:
  13. It's nice to see this place alive with this kind of event shaking CnCnZED dot com ;) (although I'd always pronounce Zee instead of Zed as well :P).
  14. The game isn't that bad, honestly.