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  1. Doctor Destiny

    Returning After 2 Years

    In my long absence from this place, I started gender transition, started working hard towards being a full time web developer and have found a super wonderful boyfriend who I'm working on seeing (he lives in the UK and I do not). I should be getting a legal name change this year too. Besides that, I'm still a C&C fangirl and collect PC games and I have quite a collection.
  2. Doctor Destiny

    Been A While, eh Lads

    Almost a year in and it's getting... different. I expect year 2 to be a lot more productive. Well yeah. I'm just out of my mind pretty much. xD
  3. Doctor Destiny

    Been A While, eh Lads

    What is up, my dudes! I've had a long hiatus from roaming around these parts. Life's been keeping me busy, especially work. What with my silent promotions to ecommerce project lead and to the one remaining web developer on staff. But the big change is that your dear ol' Doctor D is undergoing gender transition therapy! So yes, I am one of those people. So whutchu people been up for the last year? Waiting for the Remasters no doubt. Cause I sure as hell am.
  4. Multiple times in fact. :p And it probably won't be, but acting like it's bad in an alpha state is just poor form.
  5. What? A pre-alpha game isn't fucking perfect? Someone stop the presses. Let's all bitch about a game that's not even RC worthy! I don't like the game and won't play it, but I'm not going to act like it's going to be abysmal based on the alpha. ALPHA! Not even beta. An alpha.
  6. Doctor Destiny

    This is happening too soon for 32-core CPUs!

    You can have 128 cores but it won't mean a hell of a lot unless the software uses it. It's cute that they think the number of cores means a hell of a lot.
  7. Doctor Destiny

    Microsoft wants to buy GitHub

    I doubt Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub will change anything. They're getting too invested in it. When they got LinkedIn, guess what changed? That's right. Sweet fuck all changed. I don't even use it much and it was the same as it was 8 years ago when I used it actively. Microsoft is trying to get into open source. Hell, they have some of their own products on there and they've committed to Linux quite well. Ballmer is gone and Gates really doesn't do much anymore. Their product quality is actually on the rise. I don't use Windows 10, Office 2016 and Visual Studio because they're bad. Far, far from it...
  8. Doctor Destiny

    Games of 2018

    I never said Active Shooter did anything other than be faux edgy for the sake of being edgy. It's tasteless, but that alone is not a justification for a game removal. Nobody is going to bother with anything on some random dickhead's website and probably for the best. Being on Steam makes it a tad more legitimate, even if it's a shitty game. Steam has lots of shitty games but lack of quality is not a reason to remove any game. Valve leaves countless poor quality, tasteless and edgelord games on Steam. Whether or not they have quality control isn't relevant to this point. Violating laws is really the only legitimate reason to remove a game from my perspective, but Valve will do what they need to do to keep their business healthy. I don't fault them for that but I can still disagree with their choices.
  9. Doctor Destiny

    Games of 2018

    Then that should be the reason, not the shitty ass game or the game content itself. While this much is true, it should be a platform of free expression, even if we may find the subject matter distasteful. Not everyone likes the same things and any game, regardless of subject matter, should be available on a widely used platform. If the creator is a thief, or doing other unseemly things, by all means, blow them away. However, subjective metrics lead to issues and it paints games in a poor light. Not being able to explore dark subject matter is limiting, especially when non-interactive media does it frequently. Being an edgelord supreme does not mean the game cannot have at least some merit. While this one likely did not, that's not the real issue with it. There are plenty of tasteless games on Steam that don't get bothered. Steam is being coerced. Just not by anyone with authority, only by people with an overinflated sense of self worth. The fact is that the dude is a known shitbiscuit is the only valid reason to boot the guy. Fortunately, he is and it removes his bullshit from Steam. Acting like the game is tasteless, which it probably is, is the worst reason to do a damn thing. Had the guy been an unknown publisher, I suspect they might not have removed the game...
  10. Doctor Destiny

    Games of 2018

    To be honest, I'd rather Steam not remove it. Not because I wanted it, but because we really shouldn't pick and choose what game content is acceptable. If it was a movie, no one would bat an eye. Video game? Crime of the fuckin' century. To be fair, there wasn't anything redeeming about this and it wouldn't be anything special. However, that should be the focus, not the content itself.
  11. Doctor Destiny

    The best free PC software

    Vivaldi is better than Opera in just about every single way.
  12. Doctor Destiny

    Just how bad can loot boxes and other microtransactions go?

    Loot boxes aren't going anywhere. The fundamental idea is fine. The implementation, however, has been atrociously bad.
  13. Doctor Destiny

    This next Call of Duty could suck big time

    Instant fail? For a small number of people at best. It's made for multiplayer now. Saying this Call of Duty will be bad just because of that is a severe misstep. The only downfall for this on PC will be the Battle.net requirement with no way to purchase and launch through Steam. This, however, can mean good things still. For example, cheaters actually getting motherfucking banned. If they use Blizzard servers, those are top tier. Never had a single issue in any game of Overwatch or Starcraft 2 or any Blizzard title. It will be a mixed bag but I feel, in the end, Battle.net will be a net positive when cheaters get banned and the games run smoothly. However, time will tell on this one.
  14. Doctor Destiny

    Has anyone tried the new Vivaldi browser?

    It's based off Chromium entirely so it's Chrome with a different skin. It's better than Chrome though. It's my secondary browser and one of my primary ones at work. It's not a bad browser though. I prefer it over Chrome. It doesn't eat RAM quite as badly and it's fast.
  15. Even if they did, good luck getting a suit filed in the US to do anything to an Asian business. Tencent is massive and even if the suit did go anywhere, it wouldn't make a dent in their profits. I'm not excusing them mind you. Just balking at the idea of suing a massive media conglomerate. From China.