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  1. Doctor Destiny


    The last anime I've really had any interest in was Azur Lane. Wonderful shipgirl waifus~
  2. End of the world? Not really. This will be a temporary roadblock that will eventually pass. It's nothing compared to previous pandemics, at least in terms of deaths. Diseases happen. Some spread like wildfire like this one has but it will get to the point that most people are either immune or are tempered against it. It's why the 1918 flu, which was H1N1 by the way, hasn't come back to haunt us. A century's worth of exposure will do that. With the advent of vaccines, the pandemic can potentially be stopped in its tracks once an effective one is delivered. I'm not too sure about overreach as much as some are claiming. The quickest way to lose an argument is to overstate it and I think that's happened here. In fact, these are functionally identical measures that sprung from the 1918 flu pandemic. Admittedly, the economic shutdown is more drastic and somewhat unnecessary if people at large aren't fucking idiots. Unfortunately, we all know how absolutely moronic the public at large really is. Regardless, I don't see this stifling of the world's economy as being beneficial any longer. Unless something changes drastically, I don't see it actually getting all that much worse, even if we reopen. That said, fuck the office. I can work from home until this shit isn't gonna fucking murder me. Let's hear it for being in the "increased risk" section of the population. Hooray for heart conditions (not).
  3. Doctor Destiny

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Fair enough but I really haven't changed names in a while. Just sticking with those two. What else you been up to? Aside from not having a house, touring and being a stooge? o.o
  4. I wonder if that applies to all non-English copies of the game. I have French and German discs. Worth a check I suppose.
  5. Doctor Destiny

    Now Playing - Games

    Mainly the new MW. The Damascus grind is real.
  6. LRG having delays? That's a shocker. Even without a virus rampaging around, LRG has a stunningly bad track record of delivering in a timely manner. Everything I've bought from them has been delayed so this is no surprise.
  7. Doctor Destiny

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Actually, I've not changed my name in quite a long time. I really only go by Doctor Destiny and The Astronomer these days. Since I've been, more or less, not around for a long time, I started gender transition, started working a full time job in 2015 and have moved from the bottom level of support to leading a department, among other responsibilities like bailing out gen tech and being the only web dev on staff. Stress from that kinda caused me a lovely psychotic break this week. So there was that too.
  8. Doctor Destiny

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Confusing is a good word. I mean, I'm a girl now. Among other things. lol
  9. Doctor Destiny

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Woah. Crazy seeing you around again.
  10. Doctor Destiny

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Ya girl is still floating around too. I'm always lurking... hiding in the shadows...
  11. Doctor Destiny

    Returning After 2 Years

    In my long absence from this place, I started gender transition, started working hard towards being a full time web developer and have found a super wonderful boyfriend who I'm working on seeing (he lives in the UK and I do not). I should be getting a legal name change this year too. Besides that, I'm still a C&C fangirl and collect PC games and I have quite a collection.
  12. Doctor Destiny

    Been A While, eh Lads

    Almost a year in and it's getting... different. I expect year 2 to be a lot more productive. Well yeah. I'm just out of my mind pretty much. xD
  13. Doctor Destiny

    Been A While, eh Lads

    What is up, my dudes! I've had a long hiatus from roaming around these parts. Life's been keeping me busy, especially work. What with my silent promotions to ecommerce project lead and to the one remaining web developer on staff. But the big change is that your dear ol' Doctor D is undergoing gender transition therapy! So yes, I am one of those people. So whutchu people been up for the last year? Waiting for the Remasters no doubt. Cause I sure as hell am.
  14. Multiple times in fact. :p And it probably won't be, but acting like it's bad in an alpha state is just poor form.
  15. What? A pre-alpha game isn't fucking perfect? Someone stop the presses. Let's all bitch about a game that's not even RC worthy! I don't like the game and won't play it, but I'm not going to act like it's going to be abysmal based on the alpha. ALPHA! Not even beta. An alpha.