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  1. LastC


    Yahoo! The list for the anime Winter 2020 is here! Finally, now let me set the rules: Watch the animes listed there [ But of course you have your freedom and feel free to vote ] You can only vote 1 anime per genre If you realized that some anime are missing or out of balance, feel free to PM me for; and Finally Enjoy your experience as to view their anime on links https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfW9KIw1yz3NCHsb4e93a_ELdaIfBvIhQxOek7nLY4ejcjrqw/viewform?fbzx=6906451589771638321 - Visit this to vote your favorite anime
  2. LastC


    Actually this topic is Japanese Animation in short 'Anime' the Japanese really focused on 2D on the other hand, the Westerners focused on CGI/3D animation, so yeah animation is animation but for us Anime weebs/Otaku's Anime is Japanese Animation and Cartoons are only for the West and therefore, this topic is where you will see and reply related to anime Ohooooo, actually if you like Azur Lane then I recommend you this anime: Kantai Collection/KanColle or Haifuri, those anime was related on WWII Warships and I love their animation and the content Yahoo! So anyways, I will be releasing the Winter List 2020, it's been a while since my motivation starts to run e.e Plus I will catch and release my recommendations later, so I hope that you will vote on my created survey!
  3. LastC


    Yahoo ! It's been like 2-3 weeks I'm offline due to power shortages e...e yeah my street has no power by 2-3 weeks so oof No worries! The poll will be ready soon and I'll get some 2-3 recommendations if I have enough sleep, ~ehe And since my profile limits me from using 10 mb of attachments, probably I wont gonna use some photos/gif's here anymore, but I can send links which you'll be probably more interested ! So yeah need my sleep now, be sure to wait for more announcements !
  4. LastC


    Ahoy ! 1st Anime Recommendation for this week! Anime: Yuru Camp/ Laid-back Camp Summary: [Spoiler on Ep 1] Why Recommend? - It's best for starters on Slice of Life due to the very relaxing setting and location near the Mt. Fuji or Fuji-san! New adventure awaits as they set locations to camp and of course to see their cute faces and such!
  5. :welcome:   Ahoy !    :welcome:


    My new thread will be released depending on my boredom meter, ~ahe

    But I promise that I will submit new threads ~ahe ;) 

    So yeah me wish that you will be interested ! <3

  6. LastC


    Since this topic was posted during the Spring of 2020 I will submit a voting survey on Winter of 2020 anime's this year! This will be a great feat for those who are new to anime and who loves on anime In a matter of days I will start a survey for those who watch many anime's in one season, in Winter 2020 of course Voting on the best Winter 2020 Anime will begin in a few days of course And of course I will post most of the anime of Winter 2020's information and their genre's to peek your utmost interest <3 So stay tuned for more updates!
  7. LastC

    Returning After 2 Years

    All of a sudden I somehow shed some tears reading those threads .--.
  8. My turn to introduce! Oi, Oi, Oi my name is LastC, call me Last. 17 Yrs. and still growing desu! as you all know I love to watch anime's playing C&C games such as Generals and Red Alert Series and other more strategy games I'm a bit immature if you ask me but I'm looking forward to chat with you guys in this community! Oh, I'm a bit of a toxic so please don't mind me spilling some anthrax on some posts Btw, I love to share some of my anime's that I recently watch, message me if you want some suggestions
  9. LastC


    Oiii ! This topic is only intended for: Anime Voting for the best anime per season Questions relation to anime; and For Anime suggestion Note: No NSFW Allowed
  10. Ahh, if the world economy fails, possibly WWIII will soon be aflamed, so goodluck there soldiers IRL And many people are heading to the far right, so I guess they're building a wall and someone's gonna pay for it
  11. LastC

    Best Anime Of All Time

    For me its 1. Violet Evergarden 2. Yuru Camp 3. Kimetsu no Yaiba 4. Dr. STONE 5. Love is War Oh, Watch some anime to satisfy you not to bore you
  12. LastC

    Animation age ghetto?

    Too old bruh, I rather recommend Violet Evergarden and Non Non Biyori for Slice of Life Genre, Angels of Death and Gakkou Gurashi! for Horror, Overlord and Golden Kamuy for Adventure, Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo and for Romance and Harem, The [email protected] and K-On! for Music, Strike the Blood and Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou-kun for Ecchi, Durarara!! for Mystery and other more things, but of course if you need some anime suggestions, just ask me, I'll help And of course I'm not bragging but to influence you guys to anime
  13. I recommend Command and Conquer: Generals - Rise of the Reds mod, where the mod has 5 factions/countries to choose from (Namely: United States of America, Global Liberation Army, People's Republic of China, Russia Federation, and European Continental Army. ROTR is too vanilla (too classic) but you can formulate many battle plans, strategies and of course, create fun. And it's LAN capable. If you want the AI behavior too different I recommend to you the Project X mod, where you can choose 3 battle plans, new AI behaviors and etc. But the Project X mod's AI can't build superweapons since the mod is new and has many problems but the mod still works as the soviet's Grinder Tank goes Vroom vroom