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  1. It's an update module, so he should have a specialpower module in there. And yes, the dispatch is completely unnecessary.
  2. A few mod questions

    You need to add the name to the string hash table. WrathEd in it's current publicly available version doesn't do that automatically, so you have to do it manually.
  3. Check the campaign maps. It's all there.
  4. Jonwil said that a lot wouldn't be possible, a mod sdk for KW for example. Stuff like that is pretty easy if you read yourself into it. I also worked on an apt editor myself, but I don't have a public version available.
  5. I'm sorry to say that you're completely wrong.
  6. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AuGWwjATR_55ib9vAkLHZ6JAbLyLYw https://1drv.ms/f/s!AuGWwjATR_55nj6AfM3H2q29p2a4
  7. EquivalentTo might fix that.
  8. The format of the ui files is actually apt now. It's a lot more complicated as it's basically flash. I think in the sdk extras which jonwil made ( http://cncmods.net/downloads.php ) contains the apt2xml and xml2apt programs. Currently they're the only publicly available ones to make changes to the ui. It's not pretty, and there are some bugs here and there, but it gets the job done. You basically download the C&C3 UI source files there too and copy the desired file in a new folder, use apt2xml on it, edit the xml, use xml2apt, and copy it into your mod.
  9. CNCNZ Updates - September 2017

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  10. It's simple. You already have the CNC3_english_1.0.SkuDef and CNC3_english_1.9.SkuDef files at the least. The game looks for the 1.0 files to be able to select a language. So you need a CNC3_french_1.0.SkuDef. Just create one in any way you see fit (like copy the old and make necessary changes). Then in the Launcher folder you want to also have a french.csf (the string files for the launcher). Now you can just change the language (if you only do the 1.0 skudef file make sure to click on check for update).
  11. Ashes of the Singularity

    Ashes is basically 100% macro, even more than SC2. CnC is basically 100% micro. Even though Somethingspam (seeker, scorp, bikes, etc) is quite popular in CnC you cannot just A-Move like in SC2 (which works for a critical amount of units like the Toss Deathball quite well, even in Diamond leagues). In CnC on higher levels of play there's so much harassment that it's not untypically to duke it out with 10-20 units.
  12. Ashes of the Singularity

    I would say yes, but it's as far from CnC as an RTS can be.
  13. Which is why I just install the steam/origin version and copy the Kane Edition stuff from my OneDrive. Also my Kane Edition disc has a huge scratch.
  14. That really depends. Are you left or right handed? What is your grip style (palm/claw/fingertip)? What kind of software are you using the most (do you need precision or fast movement)?
  15. A developer's walkthrough of C&C2013

    He's talking about the name - Egon Schuller. Damn you're the dense one sometimes PW. Don't fall on your butt on the way down from your high horse.