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  1. Sounds like you for whatever reason switched to a reasonably newer or older version or the files were corrupted.
  2. There's still an issue with motion blur affecting the outlines. Also when the flare is shot at 1:27 the texture blend is wrong, you just see two quads. Often the image, esp in the night time shots, is blurred so much you can't really make out anything at all. It looks good in RTS mode but the FPS mode looks dysfunctional with all the visual clutter going on.
  3. The necromancy is strong in this one.
  4. Idk why, could be the way to extreme motion blur, but the graphics look off.
  5. Maybe because it was a point release?
  6. How about not relying on them in the first place? It's 2018, not 1998.
  7. Ion Maiden

    Looks like a DN3D reskin, I don't get it.
  8. Do you read anything that doesn't begin with "pc" (as in pcgamer etc)?
  9. That there was a portal in the first place was weird. In TW you escape with your mothership, you don't park it first and then take a portal. In TW it was pretty much a huge teleporter, TT it was just weird instead. This fiction is weird, and I'm glad they changed the image from some photoshopped stock image to a fancy big stupid jellyfish.
  10. I would think so, converting software into a submachine gun sounds pretty hard.
  11. WarCraft III patch 1.29 supports 24 players

    The 24 players is for custom maps, usually those maps with a higher number of players are hero only stuff like Arena maps or Hero Defense.
  12. The latency problem with modern PCs

    Also A-Move. Quite important.
  13. The latency problem with modern PCs

    Were you insulting my Mammoth Tanks?
  14. The latency problem with modern PCs

    The old system uses interrupts while for USB the buffer is polled... I'm not sure you can even type 125 characters a second.