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  1. Bibber's extra CNC3 files...

    Wait, when didn't you see him angry?
  2. What is your actual issue? From what you describe it would be quite easy to just do a "connect" special power.
  3. The mod sdk does not require TW, it just checks for some registry entry. I have my mod sdk on my onedrive and usually make a local copy in a fresh install even before installing TW itself.
  4. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    You still have to defend it for 5 minutes. In that time the game could easily be over.
  5. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    Well if you let an SW happen that player deserves to win. SWs in Generals were really poor in performance, as that difference in unit/eco spending was huge in Gens/ZH, even for Alexis.
  6. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    Yes Humvees+Rocket Inf is huge damage, that and Search and Destroy is the strongest US tactic. You just have to adopt though, throw in a tank or two as a meatshield and humvees for dps. Oh no, SW Gen builds a SW and then has to wait 4 mins to do something with that. For that cash you can just crush the SW player esp as all units are more expensive. Also in TS the point is to crush your enemy before they're even able to tech to a Cyborg Commando. Usually you have 20-30 light infantry units in your base before you finished the Tech Center.
  7. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    Disc throwers are useless. The disc travel time is way too high vs someone who spreads out and micros, light infantry is a lot more cost efficient. (Similar issue in TD, though the Grenadiers at least do more damage when they hit something). A Cyborg Commando has only 4x the health and can only kill 1 light infantry unit at a time. It fires once each 3.3 seconds. It needs ~50s to kill all of them. Assuming 16 light infantries (with money left over) do 128 dps, it would take them about 5 seconds to kill the Cyborg Commando. So even a few dying, coming late to the party, or whatever would overwhelm a Cyborg Commando with ease. In TS all units in a higher tech level have this issue. Sure they do more damage and have more health, but they also cost quite a lot more to produce. Additionally the time and credits invested in tech invested in more inf/rax/hon increases that discrepancy. Tanks that can crush them in TS are also not fast enough to crush enough of them. There is a reason Superweapon General was never big in competitive play: aside from Aurora Alpha they got nothing. Everything else is just basic and a lot more expensive, sure AA are op in 10 min no rush games, but please that's your fault. Quad Cannons OP? Wut? Sure if you only go Inf/Humvees.... Tanks kill them with ease because they don't have a lot HP, sure if you let them upgrade the weapons they become a monster, but again that's pretty much your fault then. They have to scoop something up, which means a tank has first to die, then being still alive and not immediately destroyed afterwards. I believe you speak from the point of view of someone who doesn't like to rush?
  8. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    My rating on most to least fav cnc game would be: KW, YR, TW, ZH, RA2, Gen, Ren, RA3, FS, TS, TT, TD, RA My focus is mostly on gameplay. TW just works and combines the classic cnc elements excellently with newer gameplay mechanics. YR gets a huge boost because of its wacky units, and still has excellent gameplay in SP and MP, RA2 vanilla is also pretty close but misses the mark. Gen and ZH have excellent balance and unit diversity, but it's plagued with bugs. RA3 is nice, but the difference in gameplay is a turnoff. FS/TS spamming light infantry is king, poor balance and bugs. TT could have been much more, enjoyable RTT but not a good cnc. TD really great for its time, but aged poorly (imo still better than SC1 though), as with TS spamming light infantry is mostly king (5 can kill a mbt with ease, a few more even a mammoth tank). RA was mostly just a reskin of TD and I didn't much liked the setting.
  9. Board/card games

    Five Year Mission - LOTS of fun, cannot recommend it enough. There's also Star Trek Catan hidden behind some deck boxes.
  10. Board/card games

    That's a part of my collection:
  11. If I didn't think it's a good effort I wouldn't have pitched in but instead would have just laughed about it.
  12. Reading some of the stuff this guy needs quite some help from someone who actually modded the game. Esp reading the wiki about the commandbar stuff was pretty hilarious because he doesn't seem to have a clue what the game is actually doing there while it's super easy. I gave him a hint on his irc.
  13. Star Trek: Discovery

    #notmystartrek also if it's about Section 31 it would be okayish, if it's not it's a missed opportunity and utter crap.
  14. It's an update module, so he should have a specialpower module in there. And yes, the dispatch is completely unnecessary.
  15. A few mod questions

    You need to add the name to the string hash table. WrathEd in it's current publicly available version doesn't do that automatically, so you have to do it manually.