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  1. Ashes of the Singularity

    I would say yes, but it's as far from CnC as an RTS can be.
  2. Which is why I just install the steam/origin version and copy the Kane Edition stuff from my OneDrive. Also my Kane Edition disc has a huge scratch.
  3. That really depends. Are you left or right handed? What is your grip style (palm/claw/fingertip)? What kind of software are you using the most (do you need precision or fast movement)?
  4. He's talking about the name - Egon Schuller. Damn you're the dense one sometimes PW. Don't fall on your butt on the way down from your high horse.
  5. The USER_17 is the result of BreakAway Games or the live team (which existed for exactly one patch of KW) having no clue what to do. It's a workaround to have this animation without the TempModelCondition. The unti has a FireWeaponNugget which fires BehemothBuildAnimationWeapon after 0.1s of its creation. The weapon has an AttributeModifierNugget which triggers the AttributeModifier_BehemothBuildAnimation which sets USER_17.
  6. Stuff with CrusherLevel 2 would still be able to crush it then.
  7. I recommend not to use TibEd. You can just add another entry in that file.
  8. Not that bad? What? I rarely felt I've wasted money as I did with this game.
  9. If it's not there it will be created at (0,0,0)
  10. RIP Flash (1996-2020)

    I haven't installed either flash or java for over a year and I'm quite happy with it. Esp for my laptop as it doesn't get bogged down by a badly coded resource hogging emulator (java).
  11. I can't see why it wouldn't work, you only need the values in the draw. Maybe the thingy in the weapon is broken if it's not 0d, or you're using the wrong draw.
  12. But but but they made it moar tower defensy! I guess the other armies will be released as dlc here too. Also ingame tutorials are features now? Edit: Damn I haven't seen/used one of those (awesome) emotes in quite a while.
  13. RIP Flash (1996-2020)

  14. There's Paint 3D which includes Paints functions.