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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Modders, I literally made an account just for this. I have been sitting on this for a while, it is the AI Schema .xml files for WrathEd. I finished making it last year since no one is able to mod AI due to missing Schemas in WrathEd and since I recently saw a question of how to mod AI, I decided to release this. The schema is based of the Tiberium Wars .xsd files that came with the SDK, so there are no Kanes Wrath Exclusive elements or attributes if there are any. Extract the folder and put it into the schemas directory "...\WrathEd\Tools\Games\Kane's Wrath" Changed: Extract the folders and put it into the schemas directory "...\WrathEd\Tools\Games" I have only used to fix AI bugs (such as BlackHand wanting to use NodEngineer instead of BlackHandEngineer), so I have not done any extensive testing so there may be issues that I am unaware of. The only issue I am aware of only relates to the viewing of the .xml files using BigView (which still may affect compilation), type; AIStrategicStateDefinition where the UnitBuilderSimpleUnitCap Entry will show 80 if any value other than 0 is used and 0 when no values or 0 is used, I think (AIStrategicStateDefinition:CM_1_4_UnitCap_Hard UnitBuilderSimpleUnitCap = 14 according to PurpleGaga KanesWrath XML file. BigView shows 80) (I noticed this with TibWars aswell). The biggest problem is I have no idea how to solve the issue. Problem Solved: Thanks Lauren Hopefully, you should be able to mod almost anything regarding the AI and see new great potential; potential I have been sitting on (I would be curious if someone was to make a new faction with fully working AI, something seemingly impossible in TibWars). Update 1.4: If you have downloaded before 1.2, I would recommend replacing with this version. Additionally if you have downloaded 1.2 and 1.3 are interested in viewing Tiberium Wars Definitions for AI in Tiberium Wars .big files using BigView, I also would recommend replacing with this version. For those who have downloaded 1.3 and you do not want to Re-download and replace follow Patch Guide 2 below as it is a simple fix: For those who have downloaded 1.2 and you do not want to Re-download and replace follow Patch Guide 1 and 2 below as it is a simple fix: Self Patch Guide (1.2 -> 1.3 -> 1.4) Open AIPersonalityDefinition.xml file in the SkirmishAI folder, from Lines 80 to 83 there is an Entry with id "Side" under Asset "AIBuildDelayRange". Delete the Entry. Open AIStateDefinition.xml file, from lines 854 to 859 there is an Entry is id "Budget" remove IsAttribute (basically set it false). Patch Notes: 1.1: An Entry to EntryRelocation 1.2: Changed more Entry to EntryRelocation 1.3: Removed Entry that was not supposed to be there in AIBuildDelayRange which caused BigView to crash when looking at AI Personalities and potentially causing Compilation Errors (Thank you Boxhead78 for pointing out the crash). 1.4: Fixed AccountShare in AIBudgetStateDefinition -> Budget. Can now be viewed in BigView and be properly compiled. Added Tiberium Wars Schemas (To view AI in Tiberium Wars) SkirmishAI_1_4.zip
  2. TheKnight105

    AI on skirmish is so hard

    Hey guys, I'm writing this to state my opinion on the AI's in Skirmish (Zero Hour), i've been playing C&C for over 4 years, and believe it or not, i haven't been able to defeat Medium army or the Hard army AI's, no matter how hard i try, i can't imagine winning against them, and the Easy is so weak, so i came to a conclusion that they should add an AI which should be weaker than Medium but a little stronger than Easy, or maybe a Mod, anyone else having the same problem with the AI's?, and if someone can tell me an a advice about how to get better at this game, i always go to the supplies at the start and the oil, but it seems i still can't win , humans can't multitask, like them. And the worst part is, i watched someone who were able to beat them at a 1v7, i tried to copy him, but it were the same .... Thanks for Reading.
  3. Hello, Maybe I done some mod mistake which I dont found myself in "AImd.ini". Firstly, Im using C&C AI Editor. Secondly, When I'm using standard "AImd.ini" It's work perfectly fine. The Prob : I done Task Force,Script,Team for All Flags(Sov,All,Yur). Well I don't finish all the Trigger yet, but at least I done the Allied Flag. So I tried it (using "LaunchBase") on the game. All the AI uses Allied Flag Nation cause like I said only done all on Allied Flag. On the game, They DIDN'T PRODUCE/CREATE ANY unit except Chrono Miner [No infantry, No Vechile. Only Chrono Miner(Harvester)] Thanks for your time. I really hope your help! Cause Any other mod, I dont like them especially adding a new unit. [This is my VERY FIRST modding anyway] Added : My Really Concern was in the 'Trigger' types Which make the Mod didnt work.
  4. After a couple of recent games against the Scrin, I realized the Scrin AI tents to place multiple Growth Accelerators on the same spot. Not sure if thats an old TW bug or related tot my recent changes to the building, but I was kinda wondering if anyone has an idea to stop that. :S
  5. Sometimes in my mod the AI would rather build another attack force rather than sending the one it previously created. The 1st attack force just sits outside my base without attacking. Skirmishes are often just the AI building attack forces repeatedly causing a glob of idle units lagging the game. How can I fix this? Is this a result of having large attack teams with low number TeamDelays?