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  1. TheHostileNegotiator

    Problem with infantry running sounds

    You use LargeGroupAudioUpdate module. You were on the right track, can you show what you did with that module?
  2. TheHostileNegotiator

    Changes from TW1.09 to KW1.00 Info Dump

    I'd say so, if it was only TW Its a new bug exclusive to KW gameplay, they did it to other abilities aswell.
  3. TheHostileNegotiator

    Changes from TW1.09 to KW1.00 Info Dump

    Lets see, without including the new stuff Outdated UI Desync that occurs when playing against a brutal AI with 2 players on level Unfair Advantage. Desync that occurs when engaging Firehawks with Seekers Desync when Venoms attack a Plasma Missile Battery that is detecting an invisible unit Bugged Animations for Tech Lab Is the confessor 50% Rate of Fire bonus bug or feature? Broken Space Command Uplink smoke effect Attack Bike Launch Bones MCV Unpacking when in ReallyDamaged mode not showing the correct texture Composite Armor and Tiberium Infusion removing extra GUN damage vulnerability to Missile Soldier and Militant Rocket Broken Team Colors for Neutral Structures due to Shader Changes And don't get me started on the new stuff
  4. This is a dump of information of changes between the latest version of Tiberium Wars to the release Kane's Wrath that I have found. Yeah, there were balance changes, bug fixes and quality of life improvements done for the release of Kane's Wrath which still has implications to v1.02. Interesting to note that some the changes were mentioned in the proposed 1.10 patch for Tiberium Wars. This list will not include mentions of new units and faction changes or gameplay design exclusive to KW (Upgrades in different structures, Defense Turret upgrades, etc.). Think of it as if it was a patch to Tiberium Wars. In the same presentation from EAs TW patch notes. ================================================================== Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Version 1.00 Patch Notes - March, 2008 ================================================================== <Bug fixes> · Fixed an error where the Signature Generator ability required an active Tech Lab to be used after upgrade. Also added Signature Generator upgrade icon to the Unit Portrait UI. · Fixed an error that allowed Raider Buggies to EMP Drone Ships that are taking off. · Added ground impact effects for Railgun, Lightning and Shock Trooper weapons. · Fixed an error that prevented Devourer Tanks to fire charged weapon while moving. · Fixed Firehawk Stratofighter thruster effects. <Balance Changes> /General Balance Changes/ · All Structures repair rate reduced by 40%. · Tiberium Silos: No longer creates units when sold or destroyed. · Engineers will take 3 seconds to capture a building, giving players extra time to react and counter. · Harvesters: Resistance to CANNON damage increased by 15%, Resistance to MISSILE damage reduced by 20%. · Power Production Structures: Now requires Tier 2 Structure to upgrade instead of Tier 3. · Veterancy: Bonus has been increased for all levels. Level 1 Attack Bonus increased by 5%, Health Bonus increased by 10%. Level 2 Health Bonus increased by 10%. Level 3 Attack Bonus increased by 5%. /GDI Balance Changes/ · Missile Squad: Resistance to GUN damage reduced by 50%. · Grenadier Squad: Grenade speed increased by 20%. Weapon no longer damage allied units. · Sniper Team: Rate of Fire increased by 25%. Attack Power reduced by 20%. Range increased by 4%. · Zone Trooper: Range increased by 4%. · Harvester: Health reduced by 47%. · Rig: Speed increased by 44%. Adjusted locomotion for more responsiveness, increasing acceleration and deceleration rates and faster turns. · Orca: Health reduced by 20%. · Firehawk: Weapons no longer damage allied units. · Surveyor: Build Radius reduced by 33%. · Guardian Cannon: Rate of fire increased by 85%. Attack Power reduced by 50%. Health increased by 25%. · Composite Armor: Units with composite armor no longer take extra damage from SNIPER type weapons and does not grant extra protection. · Orca Strike: Support Power cooldown time reduced by 70%. /Brotherhood of Nod Balance Changes/ · Militant Rocket Squad: Resistance to GUN damage reduced by 50%. · Black Hand: Weapon no longer damage allied units. · Fanatic: Attack power reduced by 50%. Explosion radius reduced by 20%. Weapon no longer damage allied units. · Attack Bike: Speed increased by 14%. Resistance to ROCKET damage reduced by 10%, Resistance to GUN damage increased by 25%. Rockets are now fired in burst instead of simultaneously. · Raider Buggy: Cost/Build time increased by 25% to 500/5s. Health increased by 6%. Resistance to GUN damage increased by 25%. Rate of Fire without Laser Capacitor upgrade increased by 40%. Attack Power without Laser Capacitor upgrade increased by 20% · Harvester: Health reduced by 20%, normalizing its health with GDI and Scrin Harvesters. · Flame Tank: Weapon no longer damage allied units. · Stealth Tank: Cost/Build time increased by 20% to 1800/18s. Attack Power reduced by 10%. · Avatar. Health reduced by 12%. Main weapon's attack power reduced by 32%. Flame weapon no longer damage allied units. · Beam Cannon: Now requires Operation Center instead of Tech Lab. · Emissary: Build Radius reduced by 33%. · Tiberium Chemical Plant: Now will be considered to Tiberium Based. Therefore it will take extra damage from Catalyst Missile and will be revealed to a Tiberium Vibration Scan. · Confessor: Unit attack power increased by 100%, Range of main weapon increased by 30% so it can fire at max range of Militant Rocket Squads. Range of Hallucinogenic grenade increased by 25%, grenades take 66% less time to throw. Now Grants Armor bonus of 25% and Rate of Fire bonus of 50% to affected infantry squads. Affected infantry will now be tinted red. · Tiberium Vapor Bomb: Attack power reduced by 25%. /Scrin Balance Changes/ · Shock Trooper: Added slight pre-attack delay for firing Plasma Disc Launchers. · Gunwalker: Rate of fire increased by 100%. Clip size increased by 1. · Harvester: Health reduced by 47%. · Devourer Tank: Cost/Build time increased by 14% to 1600/16s. · Corrupter: Health increased by 20%. Weapon can damage Neutral objects. No longer creates Visceroid from dead infantry. · Stormrider: Health reduced by 30%. · Explorer: Build Radius reduced by 20%. · Devastator Warship: Range decreased by 18%. Damage type changed from GRENADE to CANNON. · Growth Accelerator: Health reduced by 66%. Resistance to CANNON and GUN damage reduced by 25%, Resistance to ROCKET damage reduced by 50%. <Other Changes> · Added ambient sound effects for dead infantry collapsing. · Added ambient sound effects for Grenadiers and Confessors throwing grenades. · Added ambient sound effects for Commando and Zone Trooper Jetpack. · Changed effect for Devourer Tank Conversion Beam Laser impact. · Added ambient sound effects for Rig packing and unpacking. · Added new visual effects for Avatar when sustained heavy damage. · Added ambient sound effects for Orcas, Firehawks, Venoms and Vertigos Landing or Taking off. · Added ambient sound effects for Firehawk swapping weapons and dropping bombs. · Added ambient sound effects for Doors opening and closing from Barracks, GDI and NOD Warfactory. · Added glow to the Airfield windows when maps are set to night. · Added ambient sound effects for Airfield Doors opening and closing and when Damaged. · Added new unique sound effects for each upgrade.
  5. Some xml files that were excluded from the SDK CnCXml file. Enjoy Path has been provided in the zip file. Was originally reverse engineering these files from WrathEd, but I discovered on the Xbox version; non compiled xml files for the campaign AI. So I used those and made changes from Wrathed Viewer to match the current 1.9 AI. That's also why there is commenting in the files Campaign AI.zip
  6. TheHostileNegotiator

    Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

    Update in regards to compiling Audio Files (does not necessarily pertain to commanderKW issue)
  7. TheHostileNegotiator

    Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

    Can you show me what you are trying to compile? The xml in particular.
  8. Missing Schemas in the Global Stream, probably of most interest the Audio Stuff SETUP: In the xml file "WrathEd\Tools\Games\Kane's Wrath\Includes\Base", add the following Assets if they are not there already (Friendly reminder to back up the schema folder, but don't leave it in the original directory) <Asset id="AudioEventInfoRef"> <EntryReference id="BaseAudioEventInfo" AssetType="BaseAudioEventInfo" /> </Asset> <Asset id="AudioEventInfoRefList"> </Asset> <Asset id="RealRange"> <Entry id="Low" AssetType="SageReal" IsRequired="true" IsAttribute="true" /> <Entry id="High" AssetType="SageReal" IsRequired="true" IsAttribute="true" /> </Asset> <Asset id="IntRange"> <Entry id="Low" AssetType="SageInt" IsRequired="true" IsAttribute="true" /> <Entry id="High" AssetType="SageInt" IsRequired="true" IsAttribute="true" /> </Asset> Download the ZIP file, Extract the folders and put it into the schemas directory "...\WrathEd\Tools\Games\Kane's Wrath". Now you can edit sounds and change LOD settings As always, let me know if there are any issues in regards to this. Update 1.2: It turns out that WrathEd 1.08 had there own Audio Schemas (not all of it) and AudioFile.cs. The files have been changed based on them this should allow proper integration into 1.08 If you already have v1.0 or v1.1, replace AudioEvent.xml and add or replace AudioFile.cs Patch Notes: 1.1: Added AudioFile.cs in package 1.2: Changed AudioEvent.xml and AudioFile.cs in package to match 1.08 GlobalStreamsSchemas_1.2.zip
  9. There are no art files that come with the Mod SDK If you want the files you will need to extract them from the Static Stream In regards to the second post, just make another texture based on the green tiberium and change the hue
  10. ObjectsNODIonHull would only be used for the Railgun Accelerators as base Railguns use ObjectsNod Shaders. I assume because they wanted to add Scrolling Mask if you notice the FXShader in railgun subobject, that's why I made the shader. Should not be used for Adaptive Armor as their base shader is ObjectsGDI. The AlienIonHull shader is really just the base shader with a scrolling additive texture (IonHullTexture) over the top. That is how the new shaders were designed.
  11. In Kane's Wrath, when units utilise Adaptive Armor and Railgun Accelerators (swapping models or subobjects), the Model uses ObjectsAlienIonHull shader file. Because it use an Alien shader, this causes the diffuse texture to be darker and the HouseColor extremely bright and pulsating. Therefore, I made two new shader files so the units will retain it's original look and style. For reference a video showcasing the differences (Because its hard visualise ObjectsGDIIonHull with just images) First part shows adaptive armor using ObjectsAlienIonHull.fx (with fixed Specular Texture), Second part shows the new ObjectsGDIIonHull.fx What should the shaders be applied to? ObjectsGDIIonHull.fx for Adaptive Armor ObjectsNodIonHull.fx for RailgunAccelerator subobjects How can I use it in my mod? Download IonHullfxo_1_0.zip, extract the fxo files and in your mod directory, put it in ../YourMod/Misc/Shaders/Compiled. Then any models that you want to use the new shader on, reference it in the FXShader section of the Mesh Source: IonHullSourcefx_1_0.zip *These files were from the mac version of TW, modified to be used in KW for IonHull shader purposes only
  12. TheHostileNegotiator

    Kanes Wrath Skirmish AI Schemas

    New Update 1.5
  13. TheHostileNegotiator

    Official Kane's Wrath Schema xsd files?

    The only xml pack I am aware of was that Black Friday release which only contained the xml files, no schemas.
  14. TheHostileNegotiator

    Kanes Wrath InGameUISettings Schemas

    Your not really editing the images, what I have shown is how you can change the color of unit ability and special power icons for each faction. So you could have Scrin use dark blue with a tint of red, Reaper17 with green and Traveler59 with purple icons. I am not entirely sure what is changed with the fonts Maybe I'll work on something, not sure about adding new buttons. I believe changing the faction names is already possible using the mod.str file. As I stated, I mainly did this on request of someone (Also I thought WrathEd already had this schema for KW).