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Found 2 results

  1. In Kane's Wrath, when units utilise Adaptive Armor and Railgun Accelerators (swapping models or subobjects), the Model uses ObjectsAlienIonHull shader file. Because it use an Alien shader, this causes the diffuse texture to be darker and the HouseColor extremely bright and pulsating. Therefore, I made two new shader files so the units will retain it's original look and style. For reference a video showcasing the differences (Because its hard visualise ObjectsGDIIonHull with just images) First part shows adaptive armor using ObjectsAlienIonHull.fx (with fixed Specular Texture), Second part shows the new ObjectsGDIIonHull.fx What should the shaders be applied to? ObjectsGDIIonHull.fx for Adaptive Armor ObjectsNodIonHull.fx for RailgunAccelerator subobjects How can I use it in my mod? Download IonHullfxo_1_0.zip, extract the fxo files and in your mod directory, put it in ../YourMod/Misc/Shaders/Compiled. Then any models that you want to use the new shader on, reference it in the FXShader section of the Mesh Source: IonHullSourcefx_1_0.zip *These files were from the mac version of TW, modified to be used in KW for IonHull shader purposes only
  2. Hello Community, I need some help understanding how to use the DirectX9 shader. there is an image below. the Yellow box is what I need help with and am completely lost at. The Red Elliptical is the two textures being used as shown to the right. the Red circle is where the textures are suppose to be applied. as far as i can understand, the base texture is suppose to be played on a loop aka a scroll map in conjunction with the scroll map (the first texture shown) and the light (the second texture shown) is suppose to be what is used. my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to Basic shaders is what is holding me back, if anyone could A, directly help me in this endeavor to help me understand this better, it would be highly appreciated, aka short skype chat. B, link some information on how to use the shader properly and explain its workings so i can gain perspective. Either would help tremendously and would be highly needed to push this project back into full development. Thank you for you're time sincerely Fandore.