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  1. Hello, just wanted to offer anyone still interested in learning how to mod/create assets for tiberium wars a helping hand from anything to shaders/model asset creation to mappings and or other things like bone making and model attachment for animations. i am a asset artist only and generally only mess around with scripting so i wont offer too much help there. if you need help on anything asset related, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. i check my mail daily. (sometimes i find it easier to simply have someone teach you what you need then read/bang your head against the keyboard to learn things. this is what im offering. nothing less, nothing more. and creators, keep creating!)
  2. Fandore

    C&C reboot?

    First off, lauren, wtf? Seriously, do you normally talk **** behind people's back? I reached out to almost everyone here with only minor response. Secondly I personally don't believe that our mod is "The Best thing sence sliced bread" but I can say that our mod has been 100% reworked. And yes, we are technically a mod but all great companies have a humble beginning. I along with my whole team have worked very hard to produce high quality work on not only our own time but our own budget as well. We do it because we love the CNC series. Now jist is a little exited because we did get a chance to make somewhat of an impact. But that does not mean I nor my members should have the right to brag. That I can agree with. We did indeed attend GDC and it was a very nice thing to be able to do. I learned quite a lot but to be honest, we plan on moving into a LLC way before we become anything "BIG" if that, I'm thinking small with a we'll developed team. That will happen sometime from three to two months away. I personally never thought this mod would become what it is now. Heck there where many times where I was just going to quit. But I stuck to it and just kept going. Though we have a fairly large team, most of the graphics work tends to fall on me. I have even redone people's works and still credited them even though I had to fix it."problems with sage or texture mappings where off so the whole works needed to be redone". I don't believe that I am better then anyone here and I have always been open to help others if needed. So please, leave people out of this convo that you don't even know, not cool! And as always, if you need help or have a question, please send me a pm and I'll get back to you.
  3. alright then Raven. Keep me posted, i'd like to know how the development is going!
  4. P's plug in is fine but you will have to do clean up in areas that dont look good...
  5. yeah, it was the actual plug in, something corrupted in the .dds plug in and caused the texture files to corrupt... i uninstalled it and reinstalled it, that fixed the issue.
  6. ztz 2019, I can help you if you want, send me a message on our moddb sight, Tiberium secrets. i can show you how to deal with normal and spec maps and other maps... just an offer out there, i like the model but could use a normal and spec map. also, what format are you saving the art assets as?
  7. ok i got half of it working, however, i think i might not be saving the textures in the right format... im trying to save it as a .dds, if you know the proper settings, it would really help!
  8. no thats not it, the shaders i use always show up... i dont get this one.... it says it compiles right and seems to go through... i think its my settings, is there a way i can change the settings back to default in max.... i even tried exporting the thing but that also did not work
  9. i am having a problem when i save this particular model, the crab drone. i rigged it up and tried exporting it, i exported it as a XML hierarchical animated model as normal, it did not show, i deleted the skin and went back to just the basic model, exported it via hierarchical model and tried this, it did not work... nothing seems to work, i have the textures and all but i cannot see crap... this normally does not happen and everything works fine. i checked the log to see if anything was out of place... nothing... i dont get it.. i even checked if the geometry was being exported through the 3ds tools, yep, it was checked... is there something messed up in max that could cause this? what the heck am i doing wrong?
  10. different style of gate... its close to the thought but could use some work... the tower style of turrets are nice... any idea where you can find the mod?
  11. my apologies then, i guess i did not see the 'answered' mark on the topic and just thought that if the person needed help, I have commie on my team so i put a shout out his way. did not mean to bring up an old subject in that means. please mark the subject as answered. =)
  12. it took me time to figure this one out, i got it down though, i went back and looked into the viewer and found the settings, i messed around with them till i got it and figured out how to make the shaders right.
  13. i have given some thought on this and im looking into maybe seeing if i can get this to work trying to manipulate how the gate functions. heres some clues to how i was thinking about going about doing this 1) put a weapon on the gate that triggers the opening and closing of said gate 2)have two states of said gate, one value True one False. aka, 2 gates 3)gate one (false) has no affect in path finding allowing players units to move about freely, harvester finds path through gate as if gate is not there, (visual) 4)gate two (true) is a actual gate that locks up when enemy units approach, this obstructs the natural path finding and would have to be controlled manually this is as far as i have gotten with the overall thought but i have not really attempted it quite yet.
  14. well its just as it says, i need to weight some verticies as they are too static. i need some of the verticies to move but not as much as the others... does anyone know how to fix this?