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  1. The latest versions of Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection were published with new executables, which naturally caused incompatibility with several community tools, among them the irreplaceable GenPatcher and GenTool. However, their developers were quick enough to develop tweaked builds so everyone is on the same page. GenPatcher, the one-stop patching tool for fresh Generals and Zero Hour installations, received three versions by now - 2.07 beta, 2.07b and 2.07c. In addition to the new TUC releases being supported, the tool is no longer falsely detected by Malwarebytes, registry and serial key issues are adapted for the Steam version, and includes Windows Media Feature Pack among its redistributables that are installed if not found on the system. As for GenTool, the quality-of-life improvement tool for Generals and Zero Hour, version 8.7 brings the following changes: New Features Added compatibility with Generals and Zero Hour The Ultimate Collection (Steam, EA App) Added warning message popup for non-x87 compatible generals executables Fixed game version mismatches for various compatible executables Fixed missing hashing of scb files for game version hash generations Fixed C&C Online login kick by generating random ergc game keys when so required Added -showFrameCount command line argument to draw frame counts Fixes/Improvements Fixed severe performance degradation with Steam Overlay (GameOverlayRenderer.dll) Fixed crash on application boot with Windows XP 32 Fixed dysfunctional GenTool Updater in Windows XP Fixed theoretically unsafe code with Windows XP Fixed minor inaccuracy of FPS counter and FPS limiter Fixed incorrect terrain draw distance after changing camera height Changed Upload Player ID generation by adding another salt Improved game version names for uploaded txt files Removed forceful disabling of Origin In Game (IGO32.dll) Updater: Improved patch file formats and capabilities Updater: Improved the maps patcher for future map releases Updater: Removed the replacement of the Zero Hour no-CD game.dat Updater: Removed the replacement of the Generals Origin generals.exe EDIT (30 March 2024): GenTool was bumped to version 8.8 to fix a slowdown issue on Windows 11 related to the framerate limiter. To keep your installation of Generals and Zero Hour as up-to-date and stable as possible, download GenPatcher, then GenTool (as the former currently includes the previous version of the latter).
  2. Updated: 23-01-2012 Recently (12 August 2009) I installed from TFD, Generals Zero hour for some old good fights after i saw in you tube the Generals Trailer 1 at E3 that made me wanna revisit that game. Now i am running Windows 7 x64 and after installation the program didn't run. so here is what you should do to make it run Make sure you have the latest Direct-X 9.0c installed, you can Google it or get it from Microsoft make sure you have windows 7 service pack 1 at least installed! make sure you have the LATEST Graphic Drivers installed for your VGA Card and that meets the game's requirements! make sure that both Generals and Zero hour its on its latest patch version! TFD should be updated! (must be a clean installation no other MODS etc!) into your "user" directory (named with your user account yeah you know there where you see the folder my pictures, my music etc) in there go to "My Documents" well there after trying to run the game you would see a Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data folder. open it. right click and create a new empty .TXT file and rename it options.ini (make sure you see the extension .txt and you don't end up having a stupid file named options.ini.txt!) if you dont know how to see the files extension in windows 7, Google it or get an Xbox to play now copy the following lines inside and Save it! **warning in the resolution section put your resolution********* ***also some LOD settings may not work with your VGA card! remove those lines if you cant run the game!**** AntiAliasing = 1 BuildingOcclusion = yes CampaignDifficulty = 0 DynamicLOD = yes ExtraAnimations = yes GameSpyIPAddress = Gamma = 50 HeatEffects = yes IPAddress = IdealStaticGameLOD = Low LanguageFilter = false MaxParticleCount = 5000 MusicVolume = 55 Resolution = 1366 768 Retaliation = yes SFX3DVolume = 79 SFXVolume = 71 ScrollFactor = 60 SendDelay = no ShowSoftWaterEdge = yes ShowTrees = yes StaticGameLOD = Custom TextureReduction = 0 UseAlternateMouse = yes UseCloudMap = yes UseDoubleClickAttackMove = no UseLightMap = yes UseShadowDecals = yes UseShadowVolumes = yes VoiceVolume = 70 then Right Click on your Generals / Zero Hour shortcut (if you don't have make one), in Widows 7 most games make there shortcuts into the "GAMES" menu in Start Menu and in the Compatibility Tab just select Windows XP SP3 and click "Run as administrator" option too (if you are not an admin) that's it go inside change your settings and restart the game. other alternative simpler solution: windows 7 x64 SP1 (service pack1 is crucial!) clean install of the game and patch to latest versions! change compatibility of the main .exe to Windows XP sp3 (so that the main menu shellmap works ok) run the game for 1st time and during this run go to setting and change everything you want! (besides resolution) then exit game and locate the options.ini i told you before in your Documents\Generals Zero Hour data\ folder change there only the resolution line to your screen's native. (ex Resolution = 1366 768) save and rerun the game. you are done! Have fun that's an order!
  3. After a successful first version, GenPatcher 2.0 has finally arrived. As before, this tool streamlines the installation, patching and configuring process for C&C Generals and Zero Hour on modern systems, implementing multiple fixes at once and tackling pretty much all known causes for problems in setting the game up. This new version, which had been in beta since November 2021 and downloaded by 3000 users, introduces new fixes and also incorporates optional downloads such as GenTool, ExiLe's Control Bar Pro, GenLauncher for mods, Leikeze's hotkey preset, Adriane's modified Worldbuilder, and over 100 maps. Whether you're playing alone, casually with friends or competitively, this tool is an absolute must have. It comes in online downloader and full offline bundle versions, so you can even plan offline LAN parties like in the good old days. Full information and downloads are available on the author's website, Legi.cc.
  4. How to install mod destructive forces in general zero hour
  5. The dev team behind The End of Days mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour has just posted an update on the upcoming 0.97 version. This "Drone Warfare update" goes further in depth about the new Drones/UAVs for each faction, detailing how they function in the game. Each faction has now access to drones, but they will all have different game mechanics tied to them. You can read the entirety of the 0.97 Drone Warfare update here.
  6. HI, I finish C&C generals campaign with no problems (no bugs nor crash) & now i come to ZH campaign. on USA Mission 4 the 3 bridges are missing, mission 5 same (the bridge on northeast of the map), i manage to pass through this bug (chinook). But now i'm stuck on the mission 1 of GLA, i open the mission map with world builder, bridges appears. i don't understand, i uninstall the game & reinstall but no change... I havent found this issue on internet.
  7. I've recently picked up work on an old project of mine, a game mode for Zero Hour modeled after Battlefield's conquest, in which you drain your enemies 'tickets' by capturing objectives. Scripting the majority of the mode is done, it works basically as intended. Among other things, some more work needs to be done to balance the Toxin and Infantry faction, by replacing their specialized Toxin Rebel and Minigunner units with their vanilla counterparts (at least for the early game), and also by revealing a small circle around the objectives in the fog of war. For the unit switch: 'Chem_GLAInfantryRebel' becomes Buildable (No) Command button: 'Command_ConstructGLAInfantryRebel' is added to all objects of type 'Chem_GLABarracks' in slot number 1 (1-12). And... 'Infa_ChinaInfantryMiniGunner' becomes Buildable (No) Command button: 'Command_ConstructChinaInfantryRedguard' is added to all objects of type 'Infa_ChinaBarracks' in slot number 1 (1-12). The first part of each script works, as the button for those units are not present, but the more important second part doesn't seem to be doing the job. As for the map reveal: [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob1' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_0'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob2' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_0'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob3' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_0'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob4' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_0'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob5' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_0'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob6' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_0'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob1' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_1'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob2' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_1'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob3' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_1'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob4' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_1'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob5' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_1'. [???]The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob6' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player 'player_1'. The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob1' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player '<Local Player>'. The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob2' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player '<Local Player>'. The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob3' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player '<Local Player>'. The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob4' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player '<Local Player>'. The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob5' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player '<Local Player>'. The map is revealed at Waypoint 'Ob6' with a radius of 100.00 feet for Player '<Local Player>'. Been at it for a good few hours today, without much luck. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello, I am a map/mission maker for generals and ZH. I am currently working on a mission for ZH and it is finished except one problem. In the start of the mission, I have removed capture building, and build USA airfield so the player cannot build aircraft. However, when the mission starts, the promotion window (3 blinking stars in lower right of command window) the player has the option to build stealth aircraft (1 star promotion) and I want to remove this button so the player does not waste his/her general promotion points since they cannot build the airfield anyway. I do not remember how to do this, any help please? Game on! Update: I am aware of the removesciencestealthfighter in the remove command button script, but it is still available in the promotions. I want the button gone for rank 1 promotions. The problem is, what object do I remove it from? Even tried removing it from object America (all) still shows in promotions, is this an ini edit?
  9. GenTool, xezon's extension for Generals and Zero Hour, has received a new update, version 8.0. Here's what's new: New features: Added Replay Controls bar at bottom of the screen in Replay mode Added feature to set a Time Pause (JK) in Replay to Fast Forward (F) to Added Mod support for player colors in multiplayer.ini that will work with Money Display Added censorship of IP addresses for Replay and Text files uploaded with GenTool Fixes / improvements: Fixed a crash on game launch with Zero Hour The First Decade installations Fixed an issue where GenTool notification popup would never disappear after game launch Fixed an issue where game controls would freeze at match start Fixed an issue where Generals would freeze on shutdown Fixed an issue where WindowZH.big and Window.big could no longer be patched Fixed an issue that would log file names incorrectly in gentool.log file Fixed an issue that would generate images for upload after game session was completed Fixed an issue that would break Upload Mode when toggling its menu option Removed LastReplay.rep functionality in Upload Mode Removed the ‘You are using a cracked binary’ GenTool message Added Display (Menu) options 19, 20 Changed Frame Step (O) replay functionality to no longer turn off Fast Forward (F) Changed font type and size of Ticker and Event message(s) Changed MDS+ Text to no longer show when GenTool Display (Menu) option is turned OFF Changed MDS Popup to display player names with player colors Changed MDS Popup to longer show button information Refactored replay parsing code If you already have GenTool installed, you can update it by simply running Generals/Zero Hour and exiting. If you want to do so manually or you do not have it installed yet, you can download it from the GenTool website or from here at CNCNZ.com.
  10. TheKnight105

    AI on skirmish is so hard

    Hey guys, I'm writing this to state my opinion on the AI's in Skirmish (Zero Hour), i've been playing C&C for over 4 years, and believe it or not, i haven't been able to defeat Medium army or the Hard army AI's, no matter how hard i try, i can't imagine winning against them, and the Easy is so weak, so i came to a conclusion that they should add an AI which should be weaker than Medium but a little stronger than Easy, or maybe a Mod, anyone else having the same problem with the AI's?, and if someone can tell me an a advice about how to get better at this game, i always go to the supplies at the start and the oil, but it seems i still can't win , humans can't multitask, like them. And the worst part is, i watched someone who were able to beat them at a 1v7, i tried to copy him, but it were the same .... Thanks for Reading.
  11. Hello I am searching everywhere.... I need an update or mod for zh that make me able to send and receive cash with allies.... I have many ideas for improving zh gameplay... making tactics and army formations in command center... making air support to be automatically bought to battle ground when assigned previously... I need to communicate with developers of new mods.... we need new gameplay and new way of control not new units that make the game seems like star wars!!!.... We need new Command and Control. Please share and help
  12. GenTool, xezon's extension for Generals and Zero Hour, has received a new update, version 7.8. Here's what's new: New features: Added new ranked maps to GenTool updater Added custom map list size patching to GenTool updater to list up to 1200 maps Added player money display in replay and observer modes Added text size toggle on [Numpad +] and [Numpad -] keys Added player name and player id information in uploaded replay txt file Fixes / improvements: Fixed tick threading issue that would cause wrong timers Changed folder structure in uploaded data to separate online and network matches Changed text in GenTool menu Improved code in Upload Mode If you already have GenTool installed, you can update it by simply running Generals/Zero Hour and exiting. If you want to do so manually or you do not have it installed yet, you can download it from the GenTool website or from here at CNCNZ.com.
  13. When ı open both of the games the logo pop-up and closes inmideatly after 1-2 seconds no errors just closes Im runing the game iwth windows 98/me compatibility mod other wise in Xp (service pack 3) or Xp (Service pack 2) the logo window goes black and when ı press the black windows it says game.dat not responding in Generals and generals.exe not responding in Zero Hour My windows is 10 and before this update the games work perfectly fine after this update on win10 the games stoped working and giving a headache to me ı cant play with origin version becouse origin version is german ı dont know german and the whole game is censored so ı use my old cd wich works perfectly fine before ... The Start Menu is when ı start the game with Compatiblity with Windows XP service packs and others. just nothing at all The right of the settings is the generals it shows nothing ... The black one is with no compatiblity,pure win10. it shows not responding in task manager and when ı press it ıt will crash And the logo one is with the Windows98/me and windows 95 Compatiblity. but this one closes himself after 1 seconds This is my Computer information The Generals is 1.08 verison and the Zero Hour 1.04 Latest ...
  14. GenTool, xezon's extension for Generals and Zero Hour, has finally received a new update, 7.5 to be exact. Here's what's new: New Features 7.5 Enabled reveal of random colors and start positions with Random Balance Enabled extra camera height in singleplayer missions Enabled low camera pitch values in singleplayer missions CNC Online: Added 2v2 ladder scoreboard and points preview Added menu display option to disable ticker/event/ladder displays Added support for chain loading other d3d8 files (d3d8x.dll, -proxy custom.dll) Added MDS checks for detecting maphack with buildings during replay playback Added support for custom camera heights in mods and custom maps (singleplayer, online) Fixes/Improvements 7.5 Disabled GenTool initialization in WorldBuilder Changed scroll speed value steps in GenTool menu Changed the ini file validation to accept the modification of a variety of UI related files Improved the screenshot feature to allow taking images without limitations (F11 button) Improved Anti Cheat Improved MDS performance Improved internal memory management and performance Fixed a bug that caused wrong ticker event times for American time zones (UTC-x) Fixed potential crashes Refactored major parts of code You can get it from the official GenTool website, or here from CNCNZ.com.
  15. On Friday, W3D Hub posted a pretty intense update on what they've been doing behind the scenes lately. Apart from a new intro that goes with their logo inspired by Westwood's 1998-2003 orb logo and a run-down of what they've accomplished from their 2018 roadmap, they've announced that the W3D Hub launcher now supports the regular C&C Renegade with the option of installing the latest version of Scripts, an announcement for the W3D Kit that will accomodate many needs of Renegade modders, a new wiki for W3D engine development called the Tacitus, and last but definitely the most, the first public release of W3D tools for 3D Studio Max 2017 that is meant to support model formats from C&C Renegade, C&C Generals/Zero Hour and the Battle for Middle-earth titles. More details can be found in their official post.
  16. Hey guys, i've found a Site, which starts a Generals Tournament. They want to connect the CnC Community more. It's only a Just for Fun Tournament and Multilanguage. This Tournament is for 16 Players and actually there are 6 Players in the Tournament. If you want to Join the Community and the Tournamend, then i can give you a like to it. Most People in the Tournament are German, the Site is German too. But it can be switched to any Language you want. The Tournament will begin at 18th January and will end at 28th January. I hope you take a look :)
  17. PATCH v1.06 by the H2 Clan Here at CNCNZ.com, we value community contributions, particularly those which improve existing games. Thus, we support unofficial patches by the community. The Zero Hour 1.06 patch was made and tested by the H2 Clan (Yumi, Sparky, AngryHan, j4m3sb0nd, Tr][ky, lionheart, Star Ocean, ReLaX, bliNd-, ^spAmmAAjA^, spalding; with AngryHan credited for the INI coding and ReLaX for maps). This patch was made in order to fix bugs and resolve balance issues that remained in 1.04 (the last official version) and the 1.05x series of unofficial patches that preceded it. In CNCNZ.com game nights, this will be the selected patch for multiplayer (unless mods are used). Below are the links to the latest build from 22 August 2008, mirrored at our website, as well as the full changelog (verbatim). Mirroring of files and information done with explicit permission given by Sparky. Download links: Original thread CNCNZ.com mirror - ZIP CNCNZ.com mirror - installer Installation procedure: 1. Extract the ZIP/RAR file (containing the Patch1.06.big file) to: Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data Windows Vista and later: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data 2. Create a shortcut to your generals.exe (the one in the Zero Hour folder, not original Generals). If you do have a ZH shotcut already, copy/paste it and rename it. Locate this ZH folder somewhere inside the TFD folder or where you placed it along the "advanced user" installation (in the case of). (Note: One can have as much patches one wants simultaneously, by making an analoge procedure. Just make sure you have the proper .big file and a correspondent shortcut. Each shortcut can point to each of your patches). 3. Open shortcut properties. Add this line to the Target box "-mod Patch1.06.big", without the quotes. The final result should be like "<path to ZH folder>\generals.exe -mod Patch1.06.big". 4. And voilá! Use the shortcut to play ZH 1.06. Make sure to go into options to see if the right version is properly loaded. Play fair and tough.
  18. Hi,I'm Pasha, I like to play zero hour AOD maps. I made a website to share my AOD maps (3 GB) collected since 2005. I classified AOD maps according to number of players, map makers and types like Air, race, AOA, Compstomps etc. You can start to download maps even now. I already uploaded more then 440 aod maps. Uploading continue. Visit website periodicly to reach new uploaded maps. You can sent me your AOD maps to upload and share with AOD players. I can add you map maker list if you made more then 5 AOD maps. website address: http://www.pashacnc.com e-mail address: [email protected] Pasha NOT: ı posted same topic in Zero hour forum too. I do not know which place is better. I do apology if i made mistake. You can remove which is in wrong place.
  19. Alright, so this week I just found a photo of what is supposed to be Jarmen Kell as the actor. I'm not entirely sure what hes name is but this is just an update of the photo I found. This is what I found: If you find more updates, please let me know. Thanks .
  20. https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Thyme OmniBlade is currently developing his own SAGE engine custom framework, much like chipgw (?). Pity development goes super slow, its 2/3 guys doing all the handy work. Duh wish I have had learned C++ to help out. Anyhoo what happened with chipgw's same project?
  21. Hi All. I have been making gameplay video's on YouTube on and off since 2010 and a few years back I started a Let's Play of Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour as the USA (my YouTube username is Bucha563). I covered the first 3 missions and may start it back up again in the new year. Below is a link to the first episode if anyone is interested in watching. If any of you watch be sure to tell me what you think and if I should re-start the series. I have also covered other pc and console games on my channel. Hope to see some of you there. https://youtu.be/ScjRTM_jwHk
  22. Sometimes, the community just surges and there are many things to cover at once. This is definitely a good thing, meaning there are still people who find C&C games interesting as they are and/or as modding platforms. So here's a roundup of recent community news: The 1.16 version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age has arrived, and has already received a day-one update to version 1.1662, bringing new units, a new singleplayer mission, two co-op missions, new multiplayer maps, multiplayer auto-saves every 2 minutes, and so much more. The team behind the Tiberian Sun Rising mod for Tiberium Wars has broken their silence that lasted since January, posting three new screenshots. Our friends at the German C&C Saga are continuing with their series of interviews with mod developers, this time with W3D Hub considering their long-standing standalone game Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Read it here - it's available in German and English. In more "domestic" news, we are now using the space that used to be reserved for conventional ads to advertise projects from within the C&C community (and nothing else, so you won't see any funny stuff!), and have created a poll for our next game night. Upcoming tournaments: Yuri's Revenge: December Holiday 2v2 Tournament (December 10th until January) Zero Hour: November Ladder Wars (in progress) Kane's Wrath: November Ladder Wars (undecided), Christmas 3v3 R12 Tournament (December 10th), BikeRush's Christmas 1v1 Tournament (December 17th) Red Alert 3: November Ladder Wars (December 9th)
  23. In today's Throwback Thursday, we feature the unit with possibly the biggest drawback in a C&C game - General Townes' Laser Tank from Generals: Zero Hour. This modification of the standard Crusader Tank was armed with a more powerful laser cannon, but not only did each Laser Tank drain 1 unit of power, they would all completely deactivate once the power of their owner's base went down, much like Robot Tanks from Yuri's Revenge. Considering this is Townes' only front line vehicle apart from the ever-present Humvee, players seem to be discouraged from massing Laser Tanks. The unofficial 1.06 patch prevents them from shutting down in low power situations, but retains their power requirement. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  24. For this Music Monday, we bring you one of two Zero Hour-exclusive GLA themes - GLA Anthem by Mikael Sandgren. A mix of ethnic Arabic music and heavy metal, this track fits the sneaky but hard-hitting GLA forces. A new track will be posted next Monday. And as always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hashtags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday. Also be sure to follow our new C&C Radio feature on the main site for more C&C music!
  25. The Tiberian Dawn Redux mod for Generals: Zero Hour was updated to version 1.44 recently, and with that release, all campaign missions are finally present in the mod, after 10 years of development. Much attention was given to making the maps and missions as close to their 1995 originals as possible. Also included are balance changes and tweaks to fix some loose ends from the previous version. Download patch 1.44 by clicking here. If you're new to the mod, you'll need the full release of version 1.4 before patching, and optionally the cutscene pack.