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  1. i never understood why the silos had "poop" or mustard inside them! because this is not "gold" lol. now in HD looks even more strange hehehehe they look like poop recycling silos
  2. 1) Explosions need remastering 2) Some building models look tooo shinny and clean not realistic enough, looks too reflective.( like Terrans in sc2 beta and then Blizzard made them more griddy) definitely excited about it.
  3. its wonderful! it keep's the old style with new a bit more colored icons, and moderns GUI from RA2. i just don't remember if the bottom of the power energy bar should be red, then yellow then green :/
  4. wow thats so nice and brings back so much memories with SuperAuto cards i can do that "easily enough" as a software engineer i have done way more complicated softwares. well i may luck some animation skills but i will get it in a similar way and in a much higher resolution. the only "problem" is i need someone to help out extract all the unit data from the latest official versions and give them to me in a particular format i will ask them. then some graphics of the units..... and i can have this done in few days i do not know thought if there would be anyone interested.... with some extra work i can even write some netcode and do it play in multiplayer mode with another player, LAN or WAN (ok WAN will need even more work f the user has no idea how to open ports in his router and we will need to host a server....omg i am getting this toooooooo far away i think...... but still is possible). p.s i would not do a CnC4 version thought sorry. hate that game
  5. we are getting out of topic, but seriously Grey Goo, is a nice game, just he goo function a bit tooooo wierd, and that the fact there is no other RTS game out there besides starcraft 2 now, makes it even better. AoA was promising, but doesnt have any "soul" for me, as the CnC series did. so since EA keeps holding hostage that IP, we will propably never see a great CnC game ever again.- if only Blizzard decided to make another modern warfare RTS game like sc2.............. not w3. oh boy.....
  6. i lost interest after seen the word "mobile" lets go back playing some Grey Goo RTS games
  7. Johnnyxp64

    Renegade X 5.13 Patch Released

    http://renegade-x.com/news.php?id=76005 Patch (Hot-Fix) 5.14
  8. Johnnyxp64

    EverSpace needs you!

  9. its sad, and i do not get it. why they just sell the damn IP to someone that is willing to do something. if they are not using it, and they are not making money of it, sell it and let it go. > i miss the old cold war days Starcraft or Warcraft vs CnC or RedAlert
  10. Johnnyxp64

    Tiberian Daylight

    oh cool... so its gonna be like 1 per week or so?
  11. ...keep throwing money at screen....
  12. Johnnyxp64

    Tiberian Daylight

    did i got spoiled and i am waiting for the 10th days now?
  13. Johnnyxp64

    Tiberian Daylight

    you forgot to update post1! and as i said , people will miss that ;-)
  14. Johnnyxp64

    Tiberian Daylight

    rolf! brilliant! i like the guys reaction next to the grenader. p.s maybe the background blur is too blurry? maybe..
  15. Johnnyxp64

    Tiberian Daylight

    Thanks for listening i think you should make a nice wordpress blog just for your series. i f you need help, hosting, and all the backend stuff done, i can help you with that for free on fast server farms (USA & UK). just P.M. p.s i hate and i don't use FB