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  1. TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    Oh God, you just blew my mind. I never thought of that, gonna try that now. Thanks for that tip!
  2. TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    Seems I have to catch up then. I only recently (6 months ago) upgraded my WinXP machine of 10 years to a Win10 x64 machine. In those WinXP years TFDUP served me wonderfully, I think it's time to keep up to date. As for Tiberian Sun, if you install TSPatch on top of TFDUP, the Firestorm missions break but the menu glitch is fixed. Having only TFDUP doesn't fix the menu glitch. Thing is, TFDUP installs itself to all games (through the .bat it runs automatically) and you aren't able to pick specific games to patch.
  3. TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    The no-cd option in TSConfig.exe was already ticked. I messed around with compatibilities and still the menu was glitched. Anyway, in order to not go completely off-topic, can those patches on the list completely override the use of TFDUP and be used instead of it?
  4. TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    Does the list still apply? What I mean is can I install all these patches on top of the already installed TFD Unofficial Patch 1.03 rev4 without having issues? Most notably the one I highlighted which explicitly states not to install it on top of the unofficial patch as it destroys the Firestorm missions but fixes the main menu glitch that TFDUP doesn't. I did manage to patch Tiberian Dawn on top of TFDUP 1.03 with Nyerguds' patch 1.06c revision 3 for Tiberian Dawn, since TDUP has the revision 1 included. All other games work with TFDUP 1.03 on Win10 x64 flawlessly except for Tiberian Sun menu glitch. And for those details, I think a future TFDUP 1.03 rev5 is sufficient enough to be final with the multiplayer fixes included.