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    I like to ask questions and etc. I like playing Command and Conquer Generals a lot. But.. Sadly I missed my cousins so I can't play without them :/.

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  1. Who acted as Jarmen Kell?

    Can't find him. I looked for him of these actors :/. His Arab/Arabic for me ._.
  2. Who acted as Jarmen Kell?

    Sorry :/. Didn't meant to.
  3. don't listen to az-stalker, he is completely incorrect

    1. AZ-Stalker


      shut it, this isn't just about who voice the guy - this is the convergence of truth seeking and political correctness in tandem with international gaming law

  4. Nothing. Just chilling I guess...

  5. Who acted as Jarmen Kell?

    Who acted as him? And how he looks like? How much old is he now? Is he dead or alive? Is he a real terrorist/isis/racist? Was he a actor or? Answer these please. Hes my favorite :/.