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  1. You need English version of Windows MapCompStarter.exe may be needed. Put it on your ModSDK folder. You need to run it with administrator permissions. MapCompStarter compiles the maps inside ''C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps'' folder. You need to write the name of the map before compiling it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/v09gbrqt33w91t7/Rain+Files.zip
  2. If they will make a good RTS with the money they earned from the bunch of cheap RTS they made lately, I can support theier decision. Because they failed hard in Grey Goo and thay cost them a lot.
  3. Luvaskot

    w3x viewer

    It is 3d model viewer, it won't show you the textures.
  4. Yeah, it is not working anymore I guess.
  5. I like C&C games because of their fast paced multiplayer, not because of the story of them. I like the scenario too but it is a minor thing for me. C&C is much more volatile and quicker than SC.
  6. Well, most of the EA:LA staff hired by Blizzard instantly after they left EA. These people was part of the SC2 development team. They made C&C3 and RA3 in like 10 months. They spent 3-4 years to develop SC2. I gave SC:BW example to show how multiplayer affects the lifetime of the game and EA should focus on exact same thing.
  7. Anyone can just play another genre of games than RTS, to play single player and campaign if who is interested in scenario. There are plenty of adventure games with epic story and singleplayer. How come you rate EA:LA C&Cs lower than TA where you just can make 1 production facility of each kind and even no fog of war. Buggy game play, etc. 2D C&C games were wrecked pretty hard by StarCraft both in story and multiplayer. I don't understand that being a Petroglyph fanboy either. They are not the Westwood spirit. Maybe the coffee boy from Westwood is at Petroglyph and the music composer, that is all. Most of the ex-Westwood staff are now working for Blizzard, not fot the Petroglyph. Why they need to rip off things EA does while they are always claiming to be Westwood. Take some of those concepts like pitbull from cnc3 - but make the model a lot crappier/blockier and texture it with 1 monotone color and lets call it a day. Even in game voices are EA rip-offs. Is that Westwood spirit? Or this:
  8. I don't think that he could leave Blizzard for just a crappy mobile game. We would at least see remastered version of an old C&C game. It could be either Generals or RA2 remastered.
  9. Previously I saw couple of projects tried to implement SAGE 3D. None of them succeeded unfortunately. Maybe these can be helpful. https://github.com/feliwir/openSage https://github.com/feliwir/sage
  10. It depends on the dps of the strong unit has, + position of them. If we give an example from C&C3, you can imagine your oppoent has mass scorpion tanks and attack bikes. If you have mechanical units, attack bikes are way to go and kill first. However if have infantry mass, you need to kill the tanks first before they crush your whole infantry. If your opponent has many predator tanks + juggernauts. Juggernauts are needed to be killed first ofc since their area damage. But if they get railgun upgrade then preds are way to go. To sum up, there are many different situations, you just need to adapt to it.
  11. 8 was bugged on my computer, 7 works better I guess.
  12. You need to use 3dsmax 7 and download some plugins for it.
  13. There are some models already converted in 3d archieve. You may use them. Other than that I don't know how to do it.