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  1. Thank you all for your kind asnwers. Also about RA3, yea Egozi I heard that but in RA3 mod one player only can build another take control of the units I want both can build and control armies. @Mjjstral I just looked the Meta Mod of yours. That was just amazing, well done Lots of interesting stuff inside it.
  2. Hi, I was wondering about if it is possible to allow two players take control over a single army and battle against an enemy duo in C&C 3. Like in StarCraft 2's Archon Mode. May anyone help me about this? Regards
  3. Hi, After yeas I have been working on this project, expecially converting Kane's Wrath assets to Tiberium Wars and compiled them was really hard to do, finally I managed to release the stable version of it with an installer. Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack brings new maps to the game. Apart from new and unique Tiberium Wars maps, map pack also includes some converted versions of popular Kane's Wrath maps. You can download the map pack from ModDB: Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack RC2 Installer Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack RC2 Uninstaller I will update it with new maps in next versions. I can also delete some of the maps if they won't suit Tiberium Wars game-play or ones which does not give variety of game of game-play. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to all people who helped me to learn using Worlbuilder and ModSDK. Kane's Wrath convertions were made from the original maps and also maps of Preadtore, CyristalNova, Mirza, Mr. Davidoff and Chris. New maps were made by myself. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RC2 contains 50 new maps: Hope you enjoy it! **PS: There are some low-economy maps which I uploaded just for fun and see if people like them. Since I had lots of 1v1 maps and more than I need had the Tournament Rift kind of game style I changed some of their economy a bit. I will delete them in next versions if you want me to do. I would also delete most of these Tournament Rift style maps in next versions if community want me to do.
  4. Hi, Maybe some of you already know, Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars uses TCP ports 28910, 29900-29901 to establish the player-server connection and UDP ports 8088-28088 to get peer-to-peer connection between the players Kane's Wrath also uses UDP ports 8088-65535 between players which range slightly better comparing to vanilla game. Today, main problem that prevents players to play the game online is these port-range limitations. After players connect to revora servers they cannot get connection between each other since their ISP does not allow them to use these Port range. Most of these players does not want to talk to their ISP only because of this problem, neither they use any VPN software. About VPN softwares, they always make in-game lags and ones with less lags are not the free ones that is why most people doesn't want to use them. The third party LAN emulators are even worse to play multiplayer. Tiberium Wars have lost at least %95 of its player base because of that. I have opened and searched all the .big archieves and the files inside them of the game but still cannot find any working information to fix that problem. Please help me about that. Any help will greatly affects the number of the players positively. Kind regards Luvaskot
  5. Maybe you need to change the .xml codes of your air tower too.
  6. Why C&C4 was a bad game?

    I didn't remember the exact source I got that information since it has been quite a time passed since the C&C 4 came out. However I searched it on the web after you asked me that and found this interview where Greg Black stated that '' C&C4 was never meant to be a true Tiberium universe canonical game, but rather an experiment in online play. It originally started as out an Asian market online-only version of C&C 3. '' https://www.gamereplays.org/redalert3/portals.php?show=news&news_id=633194
  7. Why C&C4 was a bad game?

    It was first planned to be a F2P game for asian market as an alternative of C&C3. Then EA completely changed their plan and turned it into C&C4, forced EALA to hurry etc etc.
  8. Wow finally they did it. Thought they stopped working on it, and it became a dead mod. That was a good surprise.
  9. I will try it, thank you for that.
  10. Hi, I saw that C&C3 Worldbuilder supports maps up to the size of 750x750. Is there any way to increase this limit?
  11. Only if Blizzard buys C&C Saga
  12. Designing the game meta is not easy as most people think. They need to have good game designers, who are also competitive players in RTS games. Most of the people working for Petroglyph are casual gamers, and that is the problem of them. You can try very hard to make the RTS good, but if you cannot play the game well enough at the end you see game will suck. Best example for this case are Act of Aggression and Grey Goo. Staff from Eugen and Petro really tried to patch the games. Act of Aggression had really good graphics and atmosphere. But designers did not even understand the the game meta they created. So after all of their work, both games are not played in today. I saw the official stream of Grey Goo 80.000$ prized tournament final. It was being watched by 80 viewers on twitch.
  13. -Map design looks so choky with lots of mountains. It will probably be same when game release too, like they did in Grey Goo. -Units are not responsive. -Units are too slow comparing to C&C. -Game play will be campy as it seems. The game just looks like Grey Goo with different visuals + slight different economy system ( they were like using RA3/KKnD eco system in GreyGoo now it looks like Tiberan saga). Petroglyph needs professional gamers/balance designers. They cannot success with their noob-friendly games. EA:LA just did a great job in C&C3 and RA3. They had great blance designers/mappers like Greg Black. That is why after EA:LA shutdown most of the balance/game design crew was hired by ​Blizzard for working on SC2. Universe at War was the only RTS game I love from Petroglyph. I had great hopes about Petroglyph after they released that game. But now, I see they are just making some 2nd quality RTSs.
  14. Thanks for your answer. Sorry to hear that
  15. Hi, I add some new capturable units for my map pack. I need to address their name, desctiption and type in .str file. How could I do that. prepared the .str file. Since I do not compile it as a mod I cannot add the .str file correct location. How could I address the .str file? Regards