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  1. Hello, I am a map/mission maker for generals and ZH. I am currently working on a mission for ZH and it is finished except one problem. In the start of the mission, I have removed capture building, and build USA airfield so the player cannot build aircraft. However, when the mission starts, the promotion window (3 blinking stars in lower right of command window) the player has the option to build stealth aircraft (1 star promotion) and I want to remove this button so the player does not waste his/her general promotion points since they cannot build the airfield anyway. I do not remember how to do this, any help please? Game on! Update: I am aware of the removesciencestealthfighter in the remove command button script, but it is still available in the promotions. I want the button gone for rank 1 promotions. The problem is, what object do I remove it from? Even tried removing it from object America (all) still shows in promotions, is this an ini edit?