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  1. gerpardeichel

    Generals/Zero Hour Win10 Problem

    But it works on my laptop wich is win 10 but and older built of it such a unnecessary think is this ?
  2. gerpardeichel

    Generals/Zero Hour Win10 Problem

    And ı would Like to add somthing ı tried options.ini file solution so dont tell me that becouse ıve seen it 10000 times before writing this topic ...
  3. When ı open both of the games the logo pop-up and closes inmideatly after 1-2 seconds no errors just closes Im runing the game iwth windows 98/me compatibility mod other wise in Xp (service pack 3) or Xp (Service pack 2) the logo window goes black and when ı press the black windows it says game.dat not responding in Generals and generals.exe not responding in Zero Hour My windows is 10 and before this update the games work perfectly fine after this update on win10 the games stoped working and giving a headache to me ı cant play with origin version becouse origin version is german ı dont know german and the whole game is censored so ı use my old cd wich works perfectly fine before ... The Start Menu is when ı start the game with Compatiblity with Windows XP service packs and others. just nothing at all The right of the settings is the generals it shows nothing ... The black one is with no compatiblity,pure win10. it shows not responding in task manager and when ı press it ıt will crash And the logo one is with the Windows98/me and windows 95 Compatiblity. but this one closes himself after 1 seconds This is my Computer information The Generals is 1.08 verison and the Zero Hour 1.04 Latest ...